Anyone else just feel like they’re in sort of a hump? Like I’m supposed to sit here and do this job for another 30years+

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Work is just 1 aspect of life, sounds like it would help for you to increase productivity and engagement with the other non-work aspects in your life.
Work to live, don’t live to work.


Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Like, is this really all there is to life? Just feels like we collectively went wrong somewhere along the way...


Instead of dreading the next 30 years of doing this job, you should be hoping against all hope that you enjoy that degree of stability. Think more about how you can improve your skills and grow in this profession than in wishing for something new and invigorating. Your work life should be stable and consistent. Your personal life is where the excitement and invigoration belong.


Just for another perspective, most adults will work in 5-6 different careers in their lifetime. Those don't have to be with different companies, and they can be in related or different fields. But what that really means is that the answer to your question is "no"! You're probably NOT going to stay in the role you're in now for 30+ years. Very few people really do.

As an example, I've worked for my current employer for about a decade. I started as a Java engineer. Then I moved into cloud - first dev, then DevOps, then solutions architect, then multi-cloud architect. After that I went into project management, then portfolio management, and now I'm in senior leadership, creating strategy and regularly making technical decisions that impact over 5000 people in the company.

You could say I've had multiple careers over that time. It's been anything but static or boring.

Each step along your career journey, look for skills you can build that will help you move into the next opportunity. And keep your eyes open for those opportunities. They might be a step up, a hop sideways, a pause, or even a jump down for a bit. And those are all ok, as long as you can find the learnings in each.

If you'd asked me five years ago (when I was a cloud architect) if I would be where I am today I would have looked at you as if you were nuts. Yet the steps I took to get here all made sense and led me directly to my current role...


Maybe you are in the wrong field if the work is not interesting or challenging?


That is called depression. I would suggest seeing a therapist and trying to find meaning outside of work.


Yeah I've been thinking about that more often. That's why I've started really diving further into my hobbies to take away from the monotony of all this. Trying to find ways to make money grow


If that’s how you’re feeling, consider leaving. Don’t ever let an employer waste your time or control your career. Make your career your own.


I have been thinking this lately. Just trying to focus on the fun aspects of life and not get too caught up in work.


And then you will be appraised. You will be told what you need to improve. Your rent goes up, mortgage adds up, kids, kids’ education/health…you need more money. You need to have that bigger paycheck…you work…you are appraised…you work more…and more

Agree that work is just one aspect of your life and can’t be fulfilled from it alone. Join clubs, learn new hobbies, meet new ppl, travel.

I also have felt like this before and it can definitely be dependent on your project and the day to day work you do. There is plenty of cool software work, no shame in moving to something else to see if it interests you more.


The solution is to create your own business. If you like to try other opportunities, I was fortunate to be connected to some very successful people that were able to create another stream of income. They don’t have to worry about writing software for the rest of their lives.

My LinkedIn profile is


Creating your own business is a great solution for some. That path is not for everyone though. I prefer to be an intrapraneur instead of an entrepreneur, but then, I have a company that enables and encourages me to do so.

That’s when you get an executive MBA.


Yes! I’ve changed my profile picture on Microsoft Teams to Stanley from The Office because that is who I’ve become.


Nearing the other end of 30+ years, I'm finally looking at things like "what do I want to contribute to the world?" Besides the thousands and thousands of lines of code I've written, most of which are abandoned and gone already. I don't have an answer to my question. I don't expect to be the next <fill in legendary hero> -- I'd be happy if my epitaph isn't "Took up space and breathed valuable air."
And I'm also looking much more at "what makes me happy?" I've become quite sedentary since remarrying; I don't dislike it, but I find I'm just not doing much in my free time, so I'm working on that, a little at a time.
Even if your job isn't closely related to "what you want your life to be about," you may decide that your geographic location needs to change, or any number of other life choices, which in turn might impact where you work and what you do for a living.
If you hate software development, then by all means change careers. There's nothing wrong with doing the same job for 30+ years; there's everything wrong with doing the same job you can't stand for 30+ years. Good luck!


Welcome to adulthood.

I want to do things, but money and gate keeping keep getting in the way. The mean time stretches are a drag. The wage gap between CEOs and the people that actually make the products is vast and stupid.

Start thinking about the future. Consider how much you could save by the time you retire. Make sure your earnings stay above the social security maximum. Max out your Roth IRA and 401(k) and HSA.
Run some scenarios based on rates of return and annual draw.
It might encourage you to think this won't be your whole life. The sooner you start squirreling money away the sooner you can quit your career and do what you want.

I had this same feeling when starting my first job out of college. I started as a full stack engineer. I left that job, and then began as a FSE at my current company. I was feeling burned out a bit already and just telling myself I don’t want to sit in a cubicle and code all day for the rest of my career. In both jobs I had done a bit of product management work and felt drawn to it. My current company had an opening for a product owner and I applied to that and got the job. I had been a FSE for about 2 years at the point. That was truly the best thing I could’ve done career wise for myself. I really enjoy the work as it is very dynamic and makes you really think, but differently than you would as an engineer. Having the technical background that I have with the prior jobs has been very helpful in the position. I have the perk in my current position to still dive into the code to figure out problems, review pull requests, and read up on technical documentation when writing stories, so I still get to scratch the technical itch that I have, but don’t have to actually code on a daily basis.

Maybe software engineering is not what you are destined to do. There are plenty of related fields that might be of interest to you if you feel unhappy in your position. Take some time to think about what you may want to do in your career and where your interests lie. Make sure to have good work/life balance and use your PTO as much as possible to get out and enjoy life.

Life is just a pretty big hump.

Wait until you've done your 30yrs....and have to start looking for a job at 58....
Can't retire....and a lifetime of bad choices
No hope....
No future.....

Stick with your job
Get a side hustle....put every $ into retirement that you can......

Thank God your not me.....

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