Anyone from CISCO bangalore Finance team. Looking for an employee referral.

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Good Morning! I’m also looking for a remote position as well! Anything in the administrative field that is 100% remote. Thanks in advance and have a great Sunday!


Any referral in USI Kolkata?


Hi I am holding an offer from both Bdo rise and wellsfargo and the package is same 14 LPA. I am bit confused as the role eat bdo rise offering is quite good but not sure about the culture and other wlb in bdo rise Can anyone suggest which one will be good wellsfargo or bdo rise..


I made it to a third round interview for an operations manager position at JP Morgan Chase. I’m meeting with the director and a couple other members of the team. I was told the third interview is the last and final interview before an offer is extended. Has anyone ever made it to the their final interview and not been offered the job? I know anything is possible but I’m pretty anxious.


Hi Amazonians,

I got selected in Amazon for Business Analyst role. Can you help me on how much CTC I should expect for this role

YOE : 3.5 Years
CCTC :12.5LPA + 3L stocks


Hi! I have a quick question and could use some advice:

I have 1 job offer that is an hour away and pays 45k, after negotiations (Research Associate Position at a University) .

I have just interviewed for a position closer to home and a base salary of 65k, but haven’t heard back from them in about 2 days (He said he would make a decision by yesterday and I’ve reached out).
I have to decide on the first offer by Thursday but I haven’t heard back from the second yet. Thoughts on next move?


Hey guys,
Hope you all are doing well
I'm writing this post to get a referral for company switch from TCS to MNC or any start up as a Python developer.
I'm well versed in Python, web development using django, AL and Data science.
I'm still improving my skills at my best.
Please do let me know if u have any opportunity suiting my profile.
Feel free to ping me.

Thanks in advance.


Looking for Guidehouse referral


AMERICAN EXPRESS India is hiring for below role:
Software Engineer- Hadoop, Pyspark- (Req ID -21029748)

JD screenshot is attached. Kindly DM me if interested

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I recently interviewed with DTIC and completed all the rounds and kind of felt it was done linently and kind of confused now if it is good to join? I am from Kolkata and have to relocate to Bangalore for it.
I also have an offer of EY but want to consider DTIC as it is a Product based company but am quite concerned about the future in it. Please help understanding if it will be a good decision if I join DTIC?

YOE - 5.7
Role offered - Azure Administrator at DTIC


Anyone hiring in tech policy/government affairs roles. I have tech policy experience in Fed Gov (Obama White House) + EU tech startup.


Contemplating jumping from insurance defense to claims examiner for Sedgwick. I currently like most people I work with but there is one unbearable supervisor. I meet my billable rqmts(2000) but it’s never enough. I’m up for partner but have no clients and no idea how to get clients. Despite being perceived as a valuable attorney, I know the client development weakness will become a bigger problem over time. This position comes with a pay bump, vacation days and wlb promise. Is there a catch?


Does anyone here work at Ameriprise financial? If so, would you recommend it? What is the work life balance like? I have an interview for a Advisory trading specialist role. Thanks!


Hi All,

My sister is searching for a job. She is currently working as PMO in Infosys from last 2 years (she has only 2 years experience). Can someone please provide referral for PMO role in Capgemini Pune?

Thanks in advance... 😊


I need help in negotiating a sign on bonus for senior level position please


Hey guys
I'm being offered a new grad product development engineer 2 position in AMD Canada
Can someone help me out with the salary range for this role?


Expected salaries for marketing manager / marketing specialist position in Denver and Amsterdam?


Deloitte India (not USI) or Protiviti - SAP Technical Consultant Role. Which one is a better choice.

P.S. - Proriviti is paying 1lpa more than Deloitte India.



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job interview tips for neurodivergent individuals who have a hard time with communication, auditory processing, and taking things too literally?


Looking for illustration agencies in NYC/NJ to help out with some product illustration. Any recommendations ?


Not that many people will be in the office but.. has anyone tried a desk peddler? Worth the money?


Expected salaries for marketing manager / marketing specialist position in Denver and Amsterdam?


Hi all - I have a BYO alcohol venue and trying to figure out how much alcohol would cost for 200 guests. My wedding planner said it would be aroun $3600 (just for alc) but that felt high to me? Any thoughts?


Hi. Are there any consulting opportunities for media professionals? For the past 7 years - I have been working in mainstream media. Looking to transition to consulting roles.


Has anyone interviewed with Lockheed Martin?

Best dating app for a relationship in Atlanta? Hinge? Bumble? Something else?


5+ years of public accounting tax experience. CPA, MST and graduating law school soon. Plan on taking the bar. What are the best post-bar opportunities? Option to stay at my current firm (big four).


Can someone please explain the pay schedule? If I start the 11th, will first paycheck be 21st or 6th of following month?


I left a small shop for a big shop and I’m feeling invisible and kinda lost. This isn’t my first time at a big shop but it kinda sucks to feel lost in the crowd again.


Hi. I am about to join PWC India in next few days. What's the onboarding process since haven't received any mail as of now regarding laptop. The HR is on leave as well. Any idea when will I receive onboarding mail and laptop?


CTS vs Qualcomm Same CTC , in Qualcomm it's inclusive of RSU. which one to consider Qualcomm Cognizant


How soon should Perm and i-140 be filed after changing a location or changing an employer? Current i140 has been valid for more than a year. My visa expires in 2023.


Applied to a few jobs at Legal & General and curious to see how quick there HR team moves? Applied about a week ago. 6 YOE in Operations and Sales Legal & General


Anyone here from EY consulting? Moved recently from NYC and there is no PwC office here apart from Hallandale beach. Considering moving to EY.


GT NY Folks- Tax A1 here, any insight on round tables for first year’s? People have said they generally never fire A1’s, is that true? Utilization is low so a little concerned.


Congrats Hideki! I love when a group thrives despite others pulling them down.


When Accenture planning to return to office this year. I heard it might be June. What's the actual date?

Does anyone happen to know the PwC discount codes for Hilton and Marriott hotels...asking for a friend

Additional Posts in Cisco bowl

Generally what percentage of variable pay based on company and individual performance is paid out to employees ?

Hey guys.. i joined cisco recently.

I would like to know where I can find the detailed compensation like other companies..
It just has three rows

Base pay
Target bonus

Could not find where i can check house rent allowance.. food coupons kind of detailed compensation...


Has anyone joined recently at Cisco. Is the onboarding virtual or do we need to go to office ?

Hey guys .. would like to know if anyone has joined with non compete clause with previous employer?

Please dm me..

YoE = 11yrs
Is Grade 10 right fit for this experience? Also does G10 resolves to Software Engineer IV?

How good Cisco is for finance professional? I mean in terms of growth opportunities.


Hi Fishes, I have 6 year of experience in networking at a package of 12 LPA as a base and 1 LPA as a variable in Cisco as a Consulting engineer. I always heard that Cisco pay scale is better than most of companies. I thought that I am underpaid, please clear my doubt on this and let me know how much CTC will be suits for me as per market standards ? Thanks in advance !!!!


What is salary for 7.5 exp devops engineer in Cisco? Also do they provide Stocks?

Is it possible to take transfer to Gurgaon office after 1-2 years?

Hi all, I'm an experienced Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Can someone please refer me to a job posting? I can share the job ID. It would be very helpful. Thanks!

Can anyone give me review of appdynamics?

What is the salary range of G8 with 7.5 yoe as business analyst ?


Can anyone help me with a referral at Cisco?
Thank you.


Do cisco provides external monitors on desk while working from office?


Hey guys.. understand that the hike and bonus were awarded yesterday..

Thought to check what's the hike Percentage ? I know variable pay was around approx 80 percent of assured variable pay..


I will be joining cisco bangalore soon
Can anyone share with me the holiday list for oct 2022
I need it to plan my travel
Just need to know if there's diwali holiday or not



Hello fishes!

Is Cisco India a good company to join? Especially for a Software Engineering role.

TIA :)


Hello Guys,

What would be the expected salary for a Technical Consulting Engineer(HTTS Role) 6+ YOE in Cisco. I am currently holding an offer for 15L(13 fixed)+1.5L Joining bonus in Infosys.

Trying to negotiate an offer with Cisco. Kindly advise.

Can any please let me know if there was any joining bonus ?

I am expecting a grade 10 position..

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