Anyone here a long term IQVIA employee? How have we dealt with economic downturn? Do we have yearly layoffs like Big4?

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I haven’t been at IQVIA for super long but yearly layoffs at Big 4 aren’t a thing (atleast not like an intentional pre planned regular thing.)

If you are worried- I wouldn’t stress about the recession as far as IQVIA goes. This recession is an anomaly. Plus IQVIA seems to be growing still so I imagine things will stay their course :)


Thank you C1


You get laid-off.
Ari and his leadership team only cares about the stock price and runs the company accordingly.

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Dear All

YoE: 5 years 9 months
Ctc: 17.5 lpa

One of my seniors told me that since my current ctc is 3x lakhs of YoE I shouldn't wish for more.

I should always follow 3x rule and don't try to get more than that ..else I might become overpriced asset for org and they might layoff that true?


Layoffs ke posts dekhke dimag kharab ho raha…I have already resigned and set to join accenture after 2 months. Kuch panga to nai hoga na? Will they revoke my offer due to slowdown/recession?

If you are worried or anxious about potentially losing your job, then hopefully the perspective I’m sharing will help. My perspective (in the comments) is based on having survived two painful layoffs in my career.


Hi fishes,
Has coforge fired any employees in 2022?

Confirmed: layoffs @ L.E.K. Europe (U.S. not affected)


Soft layoffs at ProServe today ?


If you weren’t a creative what job would pursue? I got laid off in April and have only had 1 interview :/


I have joined nagarro and it has been one month and I am currently on bench as a java developer associate staff Engineer, will I get fired ?


Need advice, I am going to get baptized tomorrow. But I don’t think I am in the right space to do so. I recently got laid off and haven’t found a job yet, the stress and increasing competition have led me to be upset with the Lord for my prayers being unanswered. I don’t think it’s right to get baptized right now but everything is already finalized. What should I do?


I was recently laid off and I am actively search for a new role. I am mainly targeting ScrumMaster, Product Analyst, and Business Analyst jobs, but I am open to others.

Must be located in Austin, Texas or fully remote.

5 Mo- Business Analyst 3
1.5 Y- Venture Capital Associate
1.5 Y- Strategic Planning Analyst

Specialist Accounting and Finance
Specialist Business Intelligence



How is job security at Qualcomm ? Any earlier or recent layoff or firing news?


Is PwC AC doing lay offs?
Especially from Tech Consulting (Insurance/Guidewire) practice??


I have awesome creative work from a client that has fallen into scandal. Specifically, they were a recently acquired beverage company who’s CEO was in a sexual scandal and then the company went into layoffs and rushed get more investor money to try to salvage the business. Needless to say, it didn’t work but the brand got sold to some super conglomerate.

All this to say, do I put the good work in my portfolio? Do I keep it password protected? What would you do?


Meta layoff :

My friend was about to join Meta on monday.
Now , he is jobless.😞


I have been laid off going on 3 months now and I’ve never felt so discouraged in my life. This job hunt for me has been frustrating and draining. It really has taken a toll on my mental health and maybe even confidence. I feel like I’m losing momentum. Any advice on staying positive throughout this journey? It’s so hard to stay upbeat and motivated at times.


Has anyone recently been laid off for returning to the office? My mom was recently laid off from HDR in Fort Worth after declining to return to the office. My sister, who she lives with, works at a hospital with COVID, and both (thank goodness) have survived the disease. Is there anything she can do? She’s filing in a Texas for unemployment, I just feel as a older employee (63) with a grand record of Hispanic relations she wouldn’t have been let go without refusing to return to the office.


Hi everyone...

My role was impacted as part of the layoffs in my last Org.. bitter truth to digest. So I am looking for a new role and I would appreciate your help and support.

Can anyone share Hyderabad or Remote based PM/ Sr. PM jobs.

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Anyone interested in PCS work? Please DM!


Need some recommendations on Red Wines from Wine & Spirits under $30. I tend to favor bitter over sweet flavors more. Please give me some to try these next few weekends!

Which are some good business schools in Europe where we cam apply with a 710 score?


Which branch of the military is the best?


What are your thoughts on Pfizer? Good idea to buy now?


Any idea what the annual salary is for a Client Success associate at Gartner?


Sometimes it's okay to not talk to me even though we got on the same subway car.


Can the labor market test be conducted prior to meeting my experience requirement (asking for EB-2)? For example can the market labor test be conducted 6 months prior me hitting my 5 year experience mark?


I love teaching art but am having to teach remotely to 1150 kids, k - 5. Have about 54 amazing elementary art teachers in my district that share SO much! I could retire (34 yrs), but just don’t want to because I love what I do! Feeling like my students aren’t getting what they should because I am struggling with Zoom, Microsoft, safe YouTube, bitmoji, embedding, downloads, editing, etc. Anyone else feeling this way?


6/18/22 check in🙌🙌. I’m done with my AM ride. What are your plans today?

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How much should I ask for Walmart SDE III.
Your 3.5 Yrs


Anyone here from the Mastercard Advisors, India? Wanted to know a few things regarding the Consultant role.


I have an offer from KPMG global with consultant in tax, team name is tax - ignite, anyone one know about this project? And how is the work life balance?


Does Accenture blacklist people for not joining after acceptance of offer letter ?? If yes for how much time period ?


Hey guys I’m graduating from computer Science this year fall can anyone help me out with the job process To how to find one. Thanks


I wasn't working out at all, so committed to just start doing 10 body weight squats and 10 pull ups every mornining. I'm up to 30 of each a month in


Getting a new monitor for the wfh setup - any recommendations?


Additional Posts in IQVIA

Recently joined from Big-4, we need a place to discuss the firm, let’s get this going


To all fellow IQVIANS, how is it going?


Anyone know the salary range for Manager in Strategy for IQVIA


Hi, Looking for a referral at IQVIA. I'm a Bio PhD with extensive customer-facing experience. Interested in consulting roles. TIA.

Hey folks, what's the growth opportunities at IQVIA? I may be interviewing for Business Analyst (Software Implementation) as an experienced hire. Would I be coming down in terms of title? What's next after Business Analyst?


Anyone in the strategy consulting group? How’s it going for you?

Does anyone know how much salary an associate consultant at IQVIA should request with 2.5 years of prior experience in consulting?

Happy Friday everyone!!
Any fun plan for the weekend?

Hi! I’m interviewing for the Associate Consultant position under Value & Access Strategy consulting practice in the Health Care sector. Does anyone have any tips or advice for the case interviews or would you be able to connect me with any folks that are currently in the position? Really appreciate any help!

Hey folks, I am starting soon as a Manager. How is the best way to blend in with people? Is there anything I will need to know, or pay attention to about the IQVIA culture? I am excited, but I also want to meet the people with the right attitude.
PS - Joining one of the North America offices in consulting. (Suggestions welcome. Thanks very much.)


I was asked for a mailing address in order to get a employee referral, is that legal?
I have never been given a mailing address for a referral to a job

Anyone have any tips on prepping for the consultant role in healthcare and strategy consulting?


Hi there! Do you know what salary to ask for or the average salary of a Consultant position in IQVIA Belgium?
I have a PhD and 1 year experience as a consultant.


Really interesting perspective on aging from McKinsey institute of health

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Anyone here from IQVIA that have had their green card sponsorship done here? What was your timeline like?


IQVIA new joiners, which iPhone are they giving you? I'm bored of the age old iPhone 7 I am currently using here.


Hi Fishers, I wanted to know what is the salary for Associate consultant in Med sci at IQVIA USA? Also, do employees get fixed (7-8%) annual bonus every year? Can someone please let me know?

Can anyone provide insight into medical affairs? Would love to learn more about the day to day as a senior consultant

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