Anyone know who to contact at KASTNER & PARTNERS ?

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works at
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Save yourself the trouble unless you're really hurting for a paycheck. You won't get anything for your portfolio there.

like Need a digital designer there now


@ACD good tip, I’m really just looking to get my foot in the door somewhere in LA.. on unemployment right now 😐

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PwC Tax - How's WLB ? Is it better than Deloitte & EY ?


Hi, can anyone please share the first day at Barclays pdf. Im not able to download it from the portal… Also anyone please tell what formalities have been done on the first day (physical joining)

I have 2 offers.

Disney+Hotstar - Base Pay- 2,344,803

Target Performance Incentive/Bonus - 155,197

7000 USD worth of stocks vesting over a period of 3 years. 

Location - Remote

Team - Cutting edge streaming technology - Player Team.

Intuit - Base Pay - 28,00,000

46,000 dollar spread over 4 years

10% variable pay over 28,00,000

Location - Bangalore

Team - Payroll - Quickbooks.

Which one should I choose? A bit biased towards Hotstar , because of the player team. I have 2.4 yoe.


How long does it normally take for a Google recruiter to confirm a second round? For context, had the phone screening last week just before thanksgiving.


I have a offer from Cognizant in operation, can some suggest should I join or not, currently I am working with Genpact.


Has anyone interviewed with Lumen Technologies (formerly Century Link)? I completed the HireVue one-way video interview two weeks ago but was curious how long I should expect to wait to hear back.


Anyone here working in Colgate?
Need some advice about work culture etc, comment on this post please!


How much bonus does a manager in PwC usually gets?


Can anyone tell me about EY India ( Not EY GDS) ? Pros and cons

Curious. Is anyone here from Microsoft? Would like to talk to you.


Hi, I have attended my managerial round for TietoEVRY last week but haven't heard anything from HR till now. Even though I contacted them via email still no reply. Usually how much time this process takes?
Am I rejected or are they taking time in evaluating my interview?


Hi Sharks,

Globant or nagarro
YOE 3.8
Java microservices stack
Offering same package of 22 lakhs

Please help me asap !!

Globant India Pvt. Ltd.
Nagarro software


Hi fishes,

Could anyone from
Roland Berger India let me know about consultant salary range, wlb, culture and project Roland Berger


Anyone know about sedulous company


I have an offer from TCS is it good to stay in Capgemini if they offer the same package?

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Request for advice: Parked car on Monday at the hotel valet. My car gets rear ended by an uber while the car was parked in the hotel driveway. They got the Uber’s info but don’t let me know until Thur


Looking to move on, M 35 in NY if any F interested in hanging out DM me


I work at an Engineering company as a Transportation Management Specialist but I would like something better that pays more than $60k a year. What other jobs can I apply for with the skills that I have that’ll pay me more than $60k???


FASHION ADVICE PLEASE - Have a wedding to go to - date is wearing a red dress , I'm wearing a dark grey / slightly blue (right on the edge of those two colors) suit - white shirt - can't decide what color tie


Went full Mr. Autumn Man with a summer watch

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Cross posting: Is it stressful being an Airbnb host? I have the option to rent out my place for about $3k a month (guaranteed on long term lease) or potentially airbnb it for about $8k a month (assuming 2/3 of a month capacity) not guaranteed. Wondering what I should go for with the least time/stress required to manage - assuming renting it out, but is it worth losing out on more than double every month?


McKinsey coach for non-evaluative prep session cancelled and won’t respond to reschedule. How to proceed?


Does anyone have experience working for Connections Academy or another virtual academy? I am very interested in teaching from home, but most virtual jobs I have reviewed still require you to come to an office/ school building. I want to know what it is like, specifically the work load. Would you say more or less than public? How does classroom management, amount of grading, and freedom of curriculum differ?


Good Morning! Today 6pm onward in the basement of The Flowershop (107 Eldridge St) all you NYC'ers to meet others in the city on the first bi-weekly basis through the Advertising Industry Happy Hour.

Has anyone tried Noom? 3 months in and to get to my goal weight strictly by diet and step count by the holidays and then get into toning/shaping muscle only after. Is this the best way to not have to account for gaining muscle weight?


Salary for Customer experience Quality Assurance Director: All the data I can find for QA Directors are coming up with data for Engineering QA, which I have no experience with unfortunately. Any insight what I should negotiate for QA in a Customer Experience role? I’d be doing process improvements, NPS, CSAT monitoring, feedback loops etc. thanks for any insight!


If anyone needs a referral for Kyndryl. Let me know. I am happy to refer.


Does anyone know the criteria used to determine who is selected to be laid off due to COVID?


Hi Folks, I have recently joined Thoughtworks as applicable developer consultant. Currently I am having 2.7 year of experience. Just curious to know following information 1. Hike cycle and average hike percentage 2. Criteria for promotion to senior consultant 3. Average Hike percentage during promotion

Thank in advance for the reply ☺️


Anyone affected by the binance hack?

I have almost $200,000 in cash and I’m not sure what to do with it. I started out saving the extra money I didn’t need to pay of my almost $190k in student loans (gov’t 5-7% interest) while payments were paused, but now that I have enough to pay them off I’m not sure that would be the best use of the money or if it would be better to use it on something else like a down payment. My distaste for non-dischargable debt is definitely a factor. Anyone ever been in a similar situation?


Hey everyone! I am currently working as a BA 3 on market expansion and I want to pivot to financial services. I’d love to do strategy, internal consulting, or BA. Downside is that I don’t have a business degree, I studied healthcare admin. Is that a big deal, especially considering my experience?

Would love any advice on how to break into a new industry!

Business Analyst 3 (FT) (Recruited for this role)
VC Assoc. (PT (UNPAID))

Healthcare Strategist (FT)
VC Assoc. (PT) (UP)


I got a job in-house 6 months after working at a law firm. I really love the work I’m doing (a little bit of everything) but am not getting the mentorship and training I should be getting. Do you think I should try to get a job at a law firm and then try to go back in-house in 2-3 years? Or just try to switch companies to get better mentorship?


Additional Posts in Job Board - Advertising

Senior Account Exec or Account Supervisor level roles in South Florida? A buddy of mine just got laid off and I want to give him a hand.

Any production artists out in LA looking for a freelance gig? Must be able to come into office in Santa Monica!


anyone have any good tips for getting noticed for a google role, other than to know someone?


Looking for a paid media generalist. Competitive salary, fully remote.

Primarily paid search, but a good amount of display and social.

DM for details. Thanks!


Where can I find some freelance HTML5 developers?


Anyone in NYC looking for an Associate Strategist? Asking for my mentee, she has 2 years ad tech start up experience.


International jobs, what's the best way of finding one?

I'm English/Spanish fluent. No intl visa. Currently a Snr. AD in NYC.

Willing to go just about anywhere, ideally Europe or Mexico City.


Are there any agencies in Dallas worth looking at? (Besides TRG)


Anyone with a in at Mullen LA, willing to get my reel to the right person (Integrated Producer).

It would mean a lot to me and I’ll be in debt to you

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Small (10 ppl) CPG branding and packaging firm in Lakewood NJ looking for designers with experience in CPG design and or print design.

If ur interested please drop ur portfolio in the comments and we will reach out to you.


Considering a switch from a mid-sized Midwestern in-person agency to a mid-sized Midwestern remote-optional agency.

What questions should I ask in my final round interview next week to make sure the new agency is legit?


copywriter jobs in Toronto?? so unhappy at my current agency.

Anyone have opinion or info re: working in advertising around coastal South Carolina?

Anyone on here know the hiring manager for Spawn Ideas in Denver? Specifically for the Content Manager role?


Senior copywriter looking for freelance contract work. Have plenty of time at the moment and would love more work. DM for my book or any openings!


Is anyone looking for a FT producer in Seattle? I’m only seeing freelance gigs. Thanks!

Duncan Channon in SF is looking for two analytics heavy weights to join our growing internal analytics practice. Currently full remote. Plz submit apps and check out full job descriptions on LinkedIn

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Is anyone hiring or looking for freelance video editors? Just relocated from Austin.

Looking for a Sr. Account Executive or really experienced AE or early Account Supervisor! DM me.

Has anyone used aquent for job search?