anyone want himself to be refereed in Deloitte USI contact me.
Opening for All profiles almost

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

I would like to


DM me

Any opening for sap abap or s4 hana Consultant


Yes there is opening for you DM me

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What type of the below companies would you most want to work for and why? 1. Digital health company (ex. Livongo) 2. Consulting firm (for healthcare) 3. Payer 4. Start up 5. Large tech company in a healthcare role (ex. Fitbit/google) 6. Others?


Hello people. Anybody from Bain & Company? Why is it mentioned they want folks from Tier 1 college I need referral there Thank you
Bain & Company


Hello all! Is anyone interested in referring or suggesting entry level jobs as a reference? I have been applying to jobs , but expanding my network would be more helpful. Please feel free to comment any contracts/side projects anyone has in mind as well. One can also send PM to know know about background, education etc. Thank you! 🙏


I had a final 3rd managerial round in Cerner for Software Engineer IV position. I was told that it should be project discussion, but it was not so good. Is there any chances to hold/ reject my profile?

I accepted a position within AFS on Friday, and I was told there would be quite a few approvals needed before I receive a letter. How long does that process take within AFS?

I am a clinical research coordinator working in Austin, Texas. I have my Masters in Cell & Molecular Biology and have a year of laboratory research experience.

I’ve been in my position for 5 months now. I make $27 hourly which amounts to about $51,000 yearly. Am I being under paid? Are all coordinator positions hourly? As a laboratory researcher I was salary :(

How do I go about asking for a raise or should I explore other companies or medical schools that have clinical research?


Curious how many people in HR that received further education, masters in hr management or graduate certificate. I have been thinking about it because I really want to learn more. I have a bachelor's is psych and 7 years in the field. My last job didn't prepare me for a manager position so I feel behind ☹️


Currently working as an estimator for Progressive. I work from home 100% of the time from the Boston area. I am looking for any in-site into other work from home insurance jobs. I’m starting to explore new companies but places all tend to have their own wording for what they call a position. Looking for ideas on what they pay as well. Let’s be real, nobody likes wasting time on a application and interview to get a lower offer. Thank you.


Accenture India I am trying to apply for an opening in Accenture portal and I am getting some issues in applying for an opening. can you help me out to correct my profile to apply for the opening and I have added the screenshot below CID: C9175059
It is saying like your candidate is closed.

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Can anyone provide referral for Accenture ?


Hiring for the below open positions.

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Lead

Pre-sales Architect

Technical Architect: Big Data

Senior Software Engineer: Big Data/Java

Senior Software Engineer: Big Data/Python

Big Data Architect

GCP Engineer/Architect

Senior Lead/Lead Software Engineer: Big Data

Senior UI Engineer

If interested, comment below

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Have a meeting w an indie P&C agent who has his own shop. He also has several agents under him. Best way to approach the meeting? Should I just say straight up I'm looking for a 2 way referral stream?


Hello all, anyone please suggest .... I have received the offer letter from HSBC for Feb 22 and now HR is asking to negotiate with current organization to relieve early and join them atleast a month before as per hiring manager...what does that mean will they cancel my offer letter if not joined... please suggest


I’m currently looking for a new paralegal role. I’m the only paralegal at a startup personal injury firm. Looking to steer away from litigation and focus on transactions/corporate/M&A. I have over 5 YOE. If anyone has any leads in NYC and/or remote please DM me.


Consulting firms that are still hiring for PEPI type work?
Seems everyone’s freezing up

We’re hiring for Mechanical Engineering interns for our Concord, MA office. In-progress BS/MS in ME needed. Come join a lovely consulting firm. DM to discuss a possible referral 💥


Is EY fdd hiring? Nyc senior level. Also salary expectations for s2?


Does anyone know the average salary for a public relations manager position with the NBA G League? Is it any different than the salary the major NBA teams’ public relations manager receive?


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Does Salesforce accept H1b transfers?


Hello Fishes,

What will be my monthly in-hand salary ?

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Hello there! I have an upcoming interview at Boston Children's Hospital for a Research Assistant position (entry level, molecular biology protocols/lab techniques). Although I have had interviews before, I am super nervous abt this one. I would love if you can share some tips/advice on how to nail the interview!


Hey fishies, looking for some help with the below

I have 4 lots of data categories which are assigned a code in the adjacent cell
Cell A2= 'xyz' Cell B2 = 'w1'
Cell C2= 'ghi' Cell D2 = 'x1'
Cell E2= 'plm' Cell F2 = 'y1'
Cell G2= 'mhn' Cell H2 = 'z1'

The combination of the 'W','X','Y' and 'Z' codes identity a specific trend
I am extracting data which includes multiple combinations of these codes. What is the best way to show frequency of the codes against the category it is assigned to


Anyone have a watch they want to sell me??


Anyone a former AA that broke into consulting? Need some tips and helps navigating into that field. TIA


Has anyone done visa re-validation or stamping in Canada recently? What was the process and experience given COVID restrictions?


Do most in-house positions cover bar fees and CLE costs? This is with respect to a Fortune 50 company if that helps.


What's the best consulting firms for H1B folks who have studied masters in STEM here? Got a cousin graduating this fall and he needs to know H1B/GC policies.


Is Kroll a reputable FDD shop?


F🐠: What underwear do you wear with leggings? I usually wear lululemon aligns or wunder unders but can’t find panties that don’t look weird... thongs always roll down and bigger panties have lines 😢

I am in a tech IC position. One of friends switched to FAANG by converting the profile to consultant profile. The friend who might have less tech knowledge than me is now in FAANG and earning more. If the end goal would be that the friend might one day be a product manager and me an engineering manager taking instructions from the same friend, isn't consultant profile an easier path to growth. I had been practising DSA for years and the competition is only ever growing.

What’s the best rep range for fat loss? I swear no matter what I do, I gain mass (not necessarily fat).. but I just end up looking bulky


Pencil dipped in paint and shoved in my new electric sharpener.

There are acts of destruction daily in my classroom. Most of my classes are 25 kids in a small room. When my attention is taken for a second, someone does something like this. Gluing things to counters. Hiding paintbrushes instead of cleaning them. 15 years, I've tried everything to cultivate a respectful classroom culture, and they just don't care. I'm so tired. So, so tired. I don't know how much longer I can do this.

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Walked the dog today in an intersection with heavy traffic and she decided to have (excitement poop) diarrhea in front of ~20 strangers. I couldnt clean up everything and left a smear. The embarassment is still fresh in my head. 😂🤦‍♂️. Thank god we are will wearing masks.


Looking to switch from France to Gulf.

Currently working as a Manager in OPs at Oliver Wyman, mainly for the Automotive, Transport and Manufacturing industries.

Any companies in the gulf region that work for similar industries and / or in Operations? The target being to make my transfer as smooth as possible.


Please tell me that I am not the only in-house counsel in Tech with a supervisor that shares the same race as one other team member in the same sub-group (also reporting to same supervisor), who feels that they get just slightly a little less recognition in workplace, but harder/higher standards imposed indirectly on? I mean, I work longer hours, work harder, am more responsive to emails/matters when out of office, and have broader range of legal in-house and law firm experiences.


Additional Posts in SAP Consultants India

Hi fishes, I have an HR discussion pending with EY GDS. For 10+ yoe in SAP Data & Analytics, how much should I ask for?


When a company asks us to provide the offer letter we are already having , is it fine to provide it to them as it is confidential.


Deloitte India (not USI) or Protiviti - SAP Technical Consultant Role. Which one is a better choice.

P.S. - Proriviti is paying 1lpa more than Deloitte India.



Hello fishes,

I am having 1 year of experience in SAP basis.
I want to learn more and grow
I want some teaching based on hands on experience on implementation, upgrades, patches, migration, conversion
Could you anyone please let me know how I learn all these things??


Hi Fishes,
Which is better for SAP with around 5 yoe. EY GDS or IBM?

Which is better for SAP Domain HCL 20 LPA with 10% variable or Fujitsu 21 LPA all fixed ?


I have 8.5 years of experience in SAP SD and my current ctc is 16.5 LPA. I cleared technical and mangerial round in scneider electric. How much ctc I can ask in HR round considering the current market?


How is PWC India SAP practice?? How is Onsite opportunities?


IBM is offering me 12.8 lac + joining bonus
Grade : 7A Senior Advisory
YEO : 5 Year
Tech Stack : SAP BASIS
CCTC : 5.5 lac
As it is my switch in 5 years, is it good or package ?
I heard people are getting 3*yeo package.
So as per my first switch can expect same for me also and what can be maximum CTC for me having current CTC as 5.5 only.


Hi Folks,
I have recently joined Capgemini. I am an SAP SD consultant with 5.5 yoe. I have been tagged to ECC support project. But I am actually looking HANA projects. Could you tell me how I can come out of this project and get HANA project?


Which company is better to join as SAP ABAP consultant.

1. HCL - 13 LPA
2. LTI - 12.5 LPA


Hi All,

Does anyone of you know someone who can provide online training on

SAP Identity & Access Management - SAP Cloud Identity Services(IAS/IPS) -SAP IDM 8.0 End to end ?

Help me to choosing between two offers.

1. EY - EWM Technical
2. CTS - SAP ABAP + 1LPA more that EY

EY not ready to match the CTS offer. Either I have to go for more money or based on module.

YOE - 3


Required : SAP SD,MM,FICO
Exp : 10+ yrs
Position : Manager
at KPMG , Bangalore.


What are the best product based companies to work for as an SAP consultant ? And what are the recent niche modules having maximum demand ?


SAP Drive @ LTI, Please DM for referrals,

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