Anyone work in the Prophix/Adaptive Insight Group? Is this something that I could transition into from IT Audit/ IT SOX compliance? What is the job like, travel, day to day, educational opportunities?

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Do you need cpa for Deloitte manager promo in M&A? Will MBA suffice?


Damnit left the office with ETH below 900 and by the time I got to the hotel is back above 1000


Hi all,

Please suggest.
I've 3 yoe in techno-functional domain.
I wish to go into technical (development) profile now, but not as a fresher. I want to continue with 3 yoe.
But the issue is, I have no (dev) project to show in interview as an 3 yoe person.

I've learned Java, springboot, restfulAPIs, kafka, but still hesitant to go for interviews as I do not have projects to discuss.

I shall be very thankful to you if you help me here.
How/where can i go to make projects now to justify 3yoe?

For Marriott/Bonvoy status upgrades, do you usually request that they see if an upgrade is available when you check in or assume they're giving you any upgrade available?

Does anyone else really not like medical device sales? I am really struggling and would like to get out of it. Any stories of how to get out and when to know when it is time to go would be much appreciated.

I have a 2:00 p.m. flight to the East Coast tomorrow to visit family for Thanksgiving...what have I done to myself? Is anyone else traveling this week?


Flying home single on Valentine’s Day with an all-woman flight crew (including pilots). Ladies unite!


CRO companies as an exit? Yes or no?


I have a final interview next week. Hiring manager said they would pay for my flight out. Recruiter had no idea about it and said she would follow up and update me end of business yesterday. I never heard back and am now getting nervous. Should I just book flight since airfare going up?


I'm a mechanical undergraduate pursuing my master's in engineering management, wherein project management is my pathway. As a fresher, I'm doubtful to get into management as soon as I complete my graduation. Can someone please suggest to me whether it's better to complete my degree by taking just PM or combine it with a master's in mechanical by taking subjects falling under it ? Thank you.

When you check-in at 1am cause you have to be in 2 client sites this week; and a fight breaks out at the hotel lobby - sadly the most action I've seen this week! Thanks Sheraton Philly


Hello! I’m marketing cloud email certified and planning to try out the new marketing cloud admin cert. Any tips as to where to study from other than trailheads ? TIA!


How can I best break into Project Management? I’m currently working as a Product Support Specialist at a SaaS company. I also have sales and account management. Any suggestions and ideas are welcome!


Any tips on Sunday appliance repair services in Chicago? Came home last night to a broken fridge and I’ve got a 6am flight out tomorrow morning? Adulting is hard...


Trying to plan a trip to the 2019 Maui Invitational, but have never planned a trip before. Any help would be much appreciated! Are all inclusive packages the best way to go? Total travel noob here!


Which offer should I accept? Currently staff 2 at big 4 in Tax with CPA license. I want to leave tax ASAP. Both are public companies +1B in revenue and same salary. Offer 1 - staff revenue accountant so reading contracts, speaking with the sales team and legal team, a lot of work at the end of the months to close books and reconcile transactions to make sure we are ASC 606 compliant. This track usually leads to director of revenue. Offer 2 - internal audit staff so SOX and compliance projects.


Hi All, I am currently a Network Support Analyst with 8 years of experience at the same company. I am looking to move into a Solutions Architect role. I recently obtained my AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification. I would love feedback/advice on next steps to get my foot in the door.


What the general experience or opinion on commuting vs hotel? Miles/time?


Hi In my offer letter I was hired for the consulting stream but in the Wipro internal portal in the staffing page my career stream is updated as " Project stream" my band is B2. How can I get it changed to Consulting?Wipro

Fishes a piece of advice. Even if you are laid off, pivot.


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Are community manager conferences worth attending?


Are you sick of tired of being sick and tired!!??

I know I am. Just like you the recent murders of two black men have done a number on me.... and I can’t just sit still with this. I wanna take action. I want to do something. Create something. Develops something that can create change.

So what is the output? I’m not sure. And that’s why I am reaching out to you all. Let’s use our talent in advertising to make something that will sway people to “PULL UP”!!! Let’s chat!! The time is now!!!!


Hi All. I am on Technical Domain. But want to switch to Products. How can I achieve this? What should be the path? Any course which I can take up to help me move to it?

PS: I have Done B.Tech and M.Tech(WILP, BITS).
Currently working as a Senior TL.
Any guidance will be very appreciated!



Is there any chance to get rehired in TCS?

लेट्स कन्फ्यूज साउथ इंडियंस 🤪


If a recruiter emails you to schedule time for a quick update before final rounds, does that mean that i likely didn’t get the role? She’s been emailing me to schedule time/share news previously


What is the salary bump from senior consultant to manager?


Always feels good to not be hung over the day after a holiday


What’s one unusual fun apartment purchase that you made and love? (Aside from furniture)


Hello Experts,

Can anyone tell me what would be the in-hand salary for the below salary breakup provided with all the deductions including tax.

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Hi! Anybody knows of federal agencies hiring that are offering fulltime telework/remote?
I currently work for an agency based in DC and my boss is forcing us to come back into the office fulltime after we’ve been remote for nearly two years. Majority of my coworkers have already left for the private sector but I’d like to remain in the public.


Hi All - Are Band 30's called Assistant Managers or Process Managers?

Mostly job role says Analysts only. Can anyone please help me in understanding their differences, if any?


Summer blues 😢

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Really struggling at 7 weeks. Laying on the couch all day and eating small snacks is all I can do. Drinking coffee has lost all appeal. Lost my appetite except for mainly fruit and other innocuous foods


Do C11s manage people?

Any one have insight into the culture and team environment for Digital Marketing dept at Firewood in SF?


Preventing holes in my stockings - need advice plz

Hey folks

Need guidance

Capgemini power bi developer 13 lpa
Pnb paribas BA 9.5 lpa
Thought focus mainly into power bi developer into asset management domain 14 lpa

Hi Fishbowl Community,

I am making a career switch from Marketing/Account Management into Consulting. Would appreciate if someone can share their path into this field and how they went about finding a case study partner to practice with? Any great books/ or recommended online programs/certifications would be helpful too!

Thanks 😊


Additional Posts in RSM

Is anyone in the Tac group?

How is RSM’s accounting advisory group?

Hearing mixed reviews about RSM’s accounting advisory group. Can anyone in the group please share their experience regarding 1. Overall happiness with the group 2. Positives 3. Negatives 4. Hours 5. Anything else 6. Level


Would a second year FDD associate salary be about 90k?


RSM has been showing interest. Can any former EY workers speak to how transitioning to RSM has been for them? How’s it been? Was it worth it? Any insight is helpful.


RSM folks, how long prior to start date did you get your laptop? Did you get any info on tracking number etc?


Is there another RSM bowl?


Hi Everyone - is RSM hiring currently? There are a bunch of SALT openings online. Anyone knows which office is in need right now? Thank you.

Recent new hire here.. is there a way to see your specific level within your rank (e.g. senior 1 vs. senior 2)? Or is this something to ask HR? There wasn’t any indication during the hiring process unless it could be inferred by salary. Thanks!


What is the cell phone reimbursement plan for RSM?

What are RSMs benefits like? Do they pay for higher Ed?

What would salary expectations be for a Digital Solutions Senior Analyst or other Senior Analyst role at RSM in a HCOL city?


Does the RSM Pittsburgh office have a real estate tax group or do they provide services to real estate tax clients?


I’m interviewing for a Senior Associate level position in the Dynamics 365 practice, and was wondering if there are any insights on the teams and overall direction the practice is heading towards


Do managers at RSM get shares of the firm?


Does national tax hire remote, especially if willing to travel?

Curious how much is salary of a consulting director in RSM? TIA!


What would salary expectations be for a Digital Solutions Senior Analyst or other Senior Analyst role within RSM?


Hi. I will need referral in RSM Philadelphia region. I am helping someone to find job. Thank you very much.


What does RPA look like at RSM/what are y’all actually automating?

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