{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "As a M/SM how mad would you be if an analyst told you the following on short notice. Family just planned an event for my moms birthday this Friday, so I have a hard stop @5pm. I have dinner reservations with my mom Thurs so I have a 6pm hard stop. Won’t be available over the weekend either. This week we have client design sessions and I’m pretty much the backbone of this (I do all the edits and do some damn good work). There is another analyst who can take over my work but he’s kinda useless tbh", "post_id": "6159e310ecb9810021ca1ae7", "reply_count": 179, "vote_count": 41, "bowl_id": "552d1d24dc1c586b09d2d051", "bowl_name": "Consulting", "feed_type": "crowd" }

As a M/SM how mad would you be if an analyst told you the following on short notice. Family just planned an event for my moms birthday this Friday, so I have a hard stop @5pm. I have dinner reservations with my mom Thurs so I have a 6pm hard stop. Won’t be available over the weekend either. This week we have client design sessions and I’m pretty much the backbone of this (I do all the edits and do some damn good work). There is another analyst who can take over my work but he’s kinda useless tbh

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I wouldn't be mad, just disappointed because of the short notice and stressed because of client expectations. I suggest that you give the analyst the option of happy roll off in 2 weeks assuming a replacement is found, or definite roll-off in 1 month, citing miscommunication in expectation and project needs. Tell the analyst that you respect their boundaries and want them to find a project where that will be respected and that you're happy to even put a few feelers out if they'd like, but that your project actually needs people to work longer hours (if it truly does) and that the team would appreciate if the analyst could help find a replacement. You need people to work longer hours, this analyst is not and they deserve to be on a project where they can add value optimally and keep their boundaries intact. I'd look into how realistic the project scoping is too and have convos with leadership to adjust as necessary/possible.


I truthfully wouldn’t say “it’s my moms birthday” because if you’re teams not the most understanding the response is usually she has another next year f**k off. Now I know that’s not right and personally expectations from old school thinkings who are M,SM and partners frankly just shows why the world is so misaligned but it is what it is. My suggestion would be to say you have some last minute important family commitments come up that require you to be unavailable the next few nights and the weekend. just try and find support and truthfully it’s up to senior, M,SM etc too make arrangements.

As a good tip be very conscious of how you project yourself to engagements. If you project yourself as a guy who has no life and will do the work. People peg you to that and take advantage. You need to find the best way as an analyst to set the boundaries without disappointing your team. Which means saying no sometimes. Just work to enjoy life, do good work and make some sacrifices but not too many.

Disagree. I would cherish this even more because he shared that. I still wish I had my mother and would gladly grant that request. Life is very short. Enjoy as much time as you can with your parents and siblings and cousins. I will gladly work with you to do that.

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I would be mad with one of my M/SMs if I found out they got mad at a staff member for that, especially if advance notice was given.


Exactly what I would have said. I don't have a person under me that I would allow to schedule a meeting after 1. I have a standing order that any Friday meeting has to be approved by me before making it. Come on? We're killing ourselves. Time for that to end. I usually have 40s by Wednesday COB.

I can’t imagine how bad the morale on your team must be, and based on the way you phrased the question I would guess you have no idea what the mood on your team is, even if you think you do. The only time it would make sense to be annoyed at this is if you have established well in advance that they have to push past normal hours this week due to a deadline etc. Also, maybe be decent and let the analyst celebrate his birthday with his mom? Seriously?


If that’s the case then that’s much better. Hopefully their manager has the right response.


That’s totally fine.

You’re at Deloitte - it’s not like you’re at Goldman making $1M+

Friday - I don’t work past 3 unless of a fluke scenario and 6PM birthday dinner is more than acceptable especially with notice


Uh, no. Not all of us do. It's complicated but the longer you're a Partner/Principal in the firm (to which you have to leave at 62), you'll be wealthy at the end. I will say this: Everyone of you who make it to SM/SPL have the ability to retire/leave with 2 million or more in your bank and investments. You should do that the sooner, the better. Get financial guidance. Max out your 401K! Increase it 1% a year to the maximum. The pension may not appear to be a lot but after 15 years here, it ended up being a lot per month, for the rest of my life.

As an M I’ll never ask someone to work past 5pm on Friday and if I’m asking for work past 6pm it’s either communicated at least a week in advance or would be viewed as a nice to have if something came up last minute. Anything else is bad planning or poor client management.




Both of those are after normal work hours…so considering a week’s notice? This is fine. The output of the client design stuff can be collated next week - no one should have promised them a tighter timeline than that:


Not mad at all. Life happens. I think you need to reconsider priorities here.


Oops! Not you who has to rethink priorities / it’s your M/SM who needs to do so! Go live your life! Work will always be there.


By the way why is there an expectation that someone should be working beyond 5 PM on a Friday evening?


OP is not the manager A6


Those don’t sound too unreasonable? Is the expectation on your project to work 12 hours a day or over the weekend on a regular basis?


I forgot to mention my project is kinda tough rn we lost 2 ppl. And we all work past typical hours


Weekends aren’t for work. Full stop. We’re not heart surgeons.

Saying you’re gonna stop at normal work stopping hours for two days for family events is 1000000% reasonable. If someone gave me even a hint of grief about it, I’d be resentful. And I’m 43.


No one should ever get mad at you for this


Correct answer!

You’re the reason Deloitte has so many work life balance issues. You. You’re the reason people leave consulting


OPs post was confusing. I thought they were the manager too


How do you guys suggest I set some boundaries especially as an analyst. I feel like it’s really hard because my project is not in a good spot and there is always something that is “urgent” or some deliverable due. Like if I got off at 5pm I would get called back on at some points. My weekends are typically protected but here and there I’ll work 6-8hrs. What would you as m/sm etc. find acceptable pushback from junior team members?


Keep a record of all the work you're doing and any client feedback you get. See how these marry up with the requirements for promotion. If they do then set some objectives for promotion with your manager. Concurrently update your CV and LinkedIn and look for other jobs, find one and be ready to pull the trigger if you are not rewarded for the extra work you do. If any manager, who has an ounce of sense, has a team member talking about a plan to promote, who is also updating their linkedin and being over worked, then they should be worrying about flight risk. If you're doing good work and putting the effort in, then the ball is actually in your court. I worry about losing my most competent and skilled team members this way and make sure they are rewarded, else I'll get left with the dross and be competing with the bench for replacements.

The best references on your CV will be from clients you develop relationships with, not necessarily your direct manager. So if they're bad at management, a bully etc, the pool of people they have to pull on will shrink over time. There are managers I actively want to work with, and suprise, suprise the most competent skilled people gravitate towards them.


Not at all, I would rather have high moral with the team.


I would say “thanks for the heads up and happy birthday to your mom”


As a M/SM how mad would you be if you had such poor planning skills to be pissed that one of your juniors was concerned about celebrating their moms birthday with one week advance notice


People are getting confused because the sentence opens up with “as a m/sm”, smh.. read it all!!

The analyst has a right to do that. It’s great they were up front and communicated it to you ahead of time - could have given you a lot shorter notice. And expecting an analyst to work over the weekend is a tricky thing. That’s a little over their pay grade unless you’re paying overtime and they sign up for it voluntarily. On my surge projects especially the people who would work overtime (and be paid for it) on the weekends were really exalted because that’s not something the average person would want to do. I could go on and on honestly… the only reason I’ve been able to consistently perform above my level is because I am able to manage my free time and work life balance. With all the churn in the company lately I’d think we would be working extra hard to provide a good working environment for employees so they stay on. Especially the cost it takes to train a new analyst.


But of course Accenture may have a more healthy working environment? I think that’s subjective based on project tho

If I’m reading correctly, you’re the person asking for evenings off? If you’re really worried you can offer to front-load the week (e.g. work late Wednesday to pick up any extra Th/Fr slack). But I also don’t know Deloitte norms.


I’m the analyst yea


Mom’s birthday is more important. Let’s re establish our priorities.


big respect to the analyst for giving you a heads up. Thank that analyst.


Life > work. It’s their mom’s bday. Get over your job, it doesn’t matter.


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