Big 4 Senior Managers 🐠!
What is your salary, location (HCOL vs LCOL), SL and level (SM1, SM2, etc.)? In Risk Advisory and having annual $ increase this month.

Looking through the Reddit and Fishbowl consulting + salary threads as well.

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Currently at MBB (post mba) with an offer in FAANG in fin ops (170k) and in a PE backed company (210k) in their transformation office. Which to take? What kind of exits are there in transformation?


Hi Everyone,
Due to some reason I am not able to crack interviews for job switch. I need time to brush up my skills, both practical and theoretically.
Would it be a good move to resign from TCS with no offer at hand? I am not enjoying my current work.
Also, I am the bread winner of my family, while serving notice period, will I be receiving my salary???


Freelance day rate in NY and LA? Mid - Senior Producer. Thx

Will I be getting the joining bonus with the first month salary or will I get that after 3 months ? Ps: I joined on 16th august and my first salary is due on 30th September.

Other than temporary salary reductions/smaller bonuses, what are some of the worst pandemic-related austerity measures your firm has implemented?


IBM is offering me X amount + 2 Lac joining bonus.
But they didn't mention that when will I get joining bonus.
Is there any terms and condition for joining bonus and after how many months will I receive the joining bonus ?


Annual Raise coming up:

Current salary is X where X = $75k + an annual bonus that only applies if the company does well that year

Desired salary is Y where Y = a range from 80 - 89.999

Problem is I've been told that salary typically only gets raised 3% each year, without deviation.

To reach Y, I would need at least a 0.0667% increase or so.

Am I boned or.. ?


What will be my take home salary

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Hi fishes, Need your help... want to confirm currently I am working in Capgemini as Analyst with A4 grade from last 18 months and HCL is giving me E2.1 band as a SR analysis. Is it a good position? Shall i accept the offer letter?


how do you handle recruiters who give no company/ comp information without getting on the phone to discuss? so annoying


Deloitte $148 K plus Bonus (based on company performance ) eligible for for merit hike in 2021 and AIP based on company performance no number defined in offer letter

Amex $121K plus 12% bonus on base (which I will get in March2022) 2021 will be no merit hike and bonus will be not good this year.

I just recently promoted to HR assistant manager. I have my PHR and working towards my SPHR. I am the lowest paid employee in the depth. We have a senior specialist and a general specialist both make more than I do. They have been employed longer with the company. What is your advice on this issue?


What do you prefer?

Stay as an expensive ACD (what can be a problem if recruiters think you are too expensive for a ACD) or you accept a CD title with a normal CD salary, but now way more difficult +


Okay…so how many of your parents think you’re a man hating feminist because you ranted about Roe v Wade being overturned? And bonus if they think it shouldn’t affect you at all because you’re single and live in a blue state


Amazon Twitch

Need help with offer from Google to Twitch. Really want to pursue security and privacy. ~3.5 yoe

Current: TPM L3
Base: 116K
Bonus: 24K

Offer: Sr. privacy analyst L5
Base: 150K
Bonus: 55K this year, 45K 2nd year
Equity: 44 units



How much salary should I ask for? It will be my first switch.
Skill: SAP MM, S/4 Hana Sourcing & Procurement
Current CTC - 8LPA
YOE - 8.


I have been in health care for over 20 years. I started a new job last year and noticed that for various reasons, such as late submissions, the company will change my agreed-upon pay. So far they are close to 2000 less than if they paid the amount promised. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this legal? Is there someone who can help me out?


How long do the other big 4 offer differential pay if you deploy?

Hello fishes and sharks,
I’m planning to ask for a hike and promotion.
Currently, my designation is Programmer Analyst (YOE-2). How and whom I have to approach on the same?
Also, what would be prerequisite for becoming an Associate and the salary after promotion?
Thanks in advance.


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How is Builders Mutual insurance client project in terms of WLB & culture..


I'm new to working in rapidly evolving tech; is it normal to see heavy reliance on outside tools in official responses? In the release notes videos, as well as the ideas forum, I've seen a lot of deference to "unofficialsf" for solutions in flow from official Salesforce spokespeople. Am I crazy to be reluctant to pitch something with a name like that to be used in enterprise level solutions?


Hi everyone, need 11 likes for DM feature.


When is the right time to apply for GSAP? I’ve heard 2nd consultant/1st year SC?


How many yrs does it take to go from SC1 to M? Considering an official offer received from EY yesterday


Two question for people who work at Google?

1) How’s the flexibility like at Google? Are you forced to go to office for 2-3x a week? Or is WFH situation, as it seems fit?

2) Does Google give work phone to their employees?

Thanks for your input in advance!


I now have around 22 days left in my np. I am not able to get any other offer yet than the one I got which was not according to my location preference. Anything I can do now to improve my prospects?


how is your team calculating your accounts benchmark for ER? is it (avg numbers of eng/avg of imps) x 100 or the avg of ER based on all your owned posts?


Anyone knows what CTC is being offered at Finalta (McKinsey)??
Recruiter reached out to apply. Not sure whether to go ahead or not


C offer at Deloitte for 20% more, but walking away from an SC promo if I leave Capco. Worth the lateral shift for the Deloitte name or not worth starting from scratch? Help!


DM your EmailID with JobTitle to Apply in LTI- Larsen and Toubro Infotech.

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I hate working on commission. I am a naturally shy person and approaching guests in our store is intimidating enough, it's even worse when some of my more socially savvy coworkers notice me trying to strike up a conversation with someone and they come in and literally steal my client from me.


Testing TV files for Extreme Reach

Is there a website or portal you can use to test TV files before submitting? I have a client who handles their own traffic, so anytime Extreme Reach rejects or even questions something that is not a problem, it gets kicked back and a bunch of clients get CC'd on an email saying: "this failed QA."

At every other agency I've worked on, we would be able to handle any kickback or tweaks internally with zero client involvement. I'd love a way to test files.


Anyone going to TC University Kolkata on 13th September?


Worked in account management at many of the big agencies - where to go next with 12+ years of experience?! Publicis, y&r, w&k, McCann?


Any ladies here in SF? Just recently moved and would love salon recommendations as well as I'm going to need some friends😂. I only have guy friends in the area.


VSA Chicago, bad move if your background is more advertising than design? What’s it like there? What type of deliverables? Sweatshop? TIA


You ever wish a doomed relationship worked out? It’s been three months or so and she still messages me asking for us to talk but it was toxic and controlling but still a part of me wishes it worked even if I can’t go back in to it


Can anyone explain rating structure of BDO RISE?

Additional Posts in Salaries in Advertising & Marketing

What’s the avg $ for a Sr. Creative Ops/PM in SF?? Been freelance the past 5 years and thinking I may have just taken a salary below my worth.

What is the Salary range for a group account supervisor in pharma?


Should I take a title bump without a $ bump?


80k / F / 6 yrs experience

Signed offer and asked to renegotiate after 6 months and coming close to the 6 months, planning on 90, is that fair?


26 / M / ACD / NYC / 170

Production Manager / 25 / F / $95000 / LA


Anyone have a sense of Group Account Director salaries within IPG?

25, NY, $57K

PM salaries in Denver? 6 yrs experience. Integer was so low, maxing around $53k, making $65k now bit still feels low.

What's a decent salary for a first time ECD at a smallish shop?


Can anyone share what a Senior Copywriter makes at a tech company like Facebook, Google, Apple, Spotify, or Airbnb?

I’ve tried searching, but the numbers seem all over the place. Would love a real, current reference. Thanks in advance.


Advice for anyone who thinks they’re underpaid: find a job that pays better, if you can’t then you’re probably not underpaid.


Recruiter reached out asking what I’m looking for in terms of salary (prior to any interviews) for a role that’s a higher title. Recruiter followed with a salary $X that the role is currently offering. The market has a wide range. Their current salary amount falls about the lower third of market range (smaller agency). What would you do? I’d love to interview but don’t want be bound by anything I say at this stage.


12 years at agencies but only my last 4 at bigger named shops. Making $225K in SF. Do I go brand side for more $ and a more expansive career path, or try to snag SVP/CSO status at a medium agency?


Salary for Account Exec at Leo Burnett Chicago?


What’s the average rate for a post production manager in NYC? I’ve only worked this role in digital media companies and usually got $350/day. Would $500/day be outrageous in the agency world?


Everyone asks about NYC or LA, but how much should a senior writer (5 yrs experience) ask for at a large agency in a smaller city like Atlanta?


What’s the average salary range for a Senior Media Planner with 4.5 years of experience. I live in Dallas but curious for other locations as well.

Anyone ever get a promotion with no raise?


What is the best non creative role/team in an agency with high growth and salary potential?

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