{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "By what ratio must 'good' outweigh 'bad' contributions to society for an individual to not be subjected to cancel culture?\n\nPlease treat 'good' and 'bad' as subjective personal opinions, and encourage politics to be separated from the thread. Thank you in advance.", "post_id": "5ef1f98e909580002915b51c", "reply_count": 50, "vote_count": 5, "bowl_id": "5e6fe1c31f5e51001d267e46", "bowl_name": "The Work-Life Bowl", "feed_type": "bowl" }

By what ratio must 'good' outweigh 'bad' contributions to society for an individual to not be subjected to cancel culture?

Please treat 'good' and 'bad' as subjective personal opinions, and encourage politics to be separated from the thread. Thank you in advance.

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No one is infallible and we all have regrettable mistakes that we have made or will make in the future but I think that a person should be remembered for their life’s major achievements. For example Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and helped guarantee all of the freedoms that we take for granted today. He did have slaves and he did rape one of them repeatedly. But the way I look at it is that it was the norm of the time and it’s unfair to judge someone in the past with the lens of the 21st century. Of course it doesn’t make what he did any less wrong


MAS1 of course he isn’t without choice but think of it this way. If what he did was wrong by his society’s standards then they prob would’ve never elected him as President in the first place.

I think it's our responsibility to teach the good and the bad.

Again, take Washington. We're taught in school that he's some legendary, flawless God that couldn't tell a lie, chopped down a cherry tree, and had wooden teeth. Yeah, this stuff is fun for kids, but the actual truths aren't taught, or aren't remembered widely enough to not have adults still believing some of those things.

His dentures were partially slave teeth. He had the teeth of slaves in his mouth. Does this mean that he didn't contribute an enormous amount to our country? Of course not. But we can acknowledge that, perhaps in large part due to the time, he wasn't perfect.

Instead, we continue to venerate him as a God. Some people get angry at even acknowledging his flaws. For many others, that would be enough. "He founded our country and did great things, and though not really a monster like some, he also did some pretty bad things and had some pretty bad views."

All most people want is context.

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100/0. If you aren’t perfect, you’re canceled.


Well summarized problem statement


Not sure it works like that. People don’t get to understand all your pros and cons and weigh them rationally. If you do something bad unfortunately that’s often what you get remembered for.


Who has been canceled? I think some of you make great leaps when people are rightfully called out for their poor behavior. But if you look at “where are they now,” you’d know that they weren’t canceled in any meaningful way.

People have a right to withdraw support from anyone and certainly any company that doesn’t reflect their values or has caused harm to them or their communities.


And who’s really been cancelled then? Most recover...
Truly cancelled would be George Floyd.


Let’s just be honest about what you’re asking. As a moderate, it stops with joining the confederacy. You want to have a conversation about why a statue of Robert E Lee needs to come down? Great, let’s talk. Tearing down American heroes like Washington, Jackson and Jefferson because they didn’t conform to an ideology that wouldn’t spring up until 200 years after their deaths? No way.


Sa1 - interesting point that a small portion are canceled. From my POV, someone's shows don't have to be technically canceled for their ideas to be discredited. So maybe a more appropriate choice of words (instead of cancel culture) is a discredit of someone's ideas and would cause you personally to not support that individual. For example, Louis CK used to have a large following. Not as many platforms were interested in putting Sincerely Louis, though I think Sincerely Louis was pretty good.

Think this is a little bit of semantics, but clarifications of intent don't hurt. Thanks for bringing it up.


I think taking responsibility is a bigger factor than the weighing of good or bad. People who acknowledge that they did something wrong and genuinely try to learn and do better don’t typically get cancelled.


There’s an old joke about two guys walking through the Scottish highlands. They cross a river on a bridge and one says to the other, “I built that bridge with my own two hands. But do they call me ‘Angus the bridge builder’? Nay.”

They pass a barn, and he says, “I also built that barn! But do they call me ‘Angus the barn builder’? Nay.”

Continuing on, they come to a pasture, and he looks on wistfully. “But you f*ck just one sheep...”


Only conservatives are cancelled in the left's culture war


SVP here's another thread this morning as an example:



Cancel culture doesn’t weigh anything up, if you rile up the wrong people or genuinely do something terrible expect the worse and then some. The internet does not care who you are as a person, you can get cancelled for having a different opinion on a hot topic . It is what it is tbh


The problem with your goal here is that good and bad weightings change over time. Slave owning was not considered terrible at the time, and then was mostly understood as an economic necessity, but now the wackadoos have made the confederacy their “heritage” in a thinly veiled dog whistle to their fellow racists. as a result, the signs and symbols they champion become part of this current cultural moment and face consequences in their legacies as a result.

Had the US handled race better over the last 2 generations, and people were treated fairly and evenly, nobody would be pulling down Lee statues.


Ok, I knew that, but my point was more to illustrate that the icons/flags/statues have different meaning now (maybe just for whites) bc of the changing tide of information and opinions. Problem should have used a statue like Roosevelt at the MONH to illustrate father than Lee.

I think if younger people decide that owning human beings as property means that you should no longer be celebrated as a historical figure, regardless of your accomplishments, then so be it.
We venerate our early history in this country a little too much anyway.


“The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones.” -Bill Shakespeare

It isn’t cancel culture to remove statutes of morally reprehensible people from places of honor.


I think society will tolerate some amount of ‘bad’, but I think the worse the perceived offense, the harder it is to recover from. With the worst offenses being unrecoverable, regardless of the amount of ‘good’ done.




2:1. People's quantification of 'good' and 'bad' is where it gets tricky IMO.


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