{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "Came across this today. I am a woman that is often described “direct, blunt, with aggressive working style etc.” (to my face). Do you agree that men who are more assertive or have aggressive working style are perceived more openly and accepted by the society more than those who are women?", "post_id": "5f6a30eff4034b00251656a1", "reply_count": 119, "vote_count": 154, "bowl_id": "552d1d24dc1c586b09d2d051", "bowl_name": "Consulting", "feed_type": "crowd" }

Came across this today. I am a woman that is often described “direct, blunt, with aggressive working style etc.” (to my face). Do you agree that men who are more assertive or have aggressive working style are perceived more openly and accepted by the society more than those who are women?

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Corporate Woman here! The problem with today’s corporate culture is that when we expect equality , everyone else expects us to be identical to men. Our work style , clothing , physical capabilities are expected to be identical to men. When ambiguous women aim success , they consciously and unconsciously try to mimic manly behavior. The society and culture are unable to accept a feminine , gentler , subtler human being who’s equally capable as someone successful. Our mindsets need to change and women should not have to turn into men to be successful or considered equal!


Mindsets would only change when a new style proves itself to be successful. The world isn't going to change itself to accommodate suboptimal configurations just because it's the woke thing to do, and this is how it is for many many things, not just feminine and masculine styles.

Global economic trends change and one region, which used to be competitive, becomes destitute as it loses its competitive advantages. Nobody is going to care to spend resources to make every region equally competitive on the global market because it's the woke thing to do.

I've definitely faced this, and there is a lot of research that backs up this phenomenon. As a successful woman on the fast track, it's been unavoidable. I typically will confront people if they make a comment to that effect because it's the only way to make change occur. When I was in my early 20s, I let it go because I was afraid of the repercussions. However, the older I get the less I care, and I've actually found most people (though I'm sure not the people being confronted) respect me more for pushing back.

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Wow. A bunch of men missing the point on a post about gender equality. How surprising.


Thinking in groups like you do doesn't reflect well on your critical thinking nor on your employer

Frankly it’s not fun with either of you. Be a person come on. We’re your employees not servants.


I think an 🍑 🕳 is an 🍑 🕳 regardless of their sexual reproductive organs. But that’s just me.


The flip side of this cartoon is that when men are considerate and helpful people think they are *amazing*. When women are considerate and helpful...it’s just expected.

We expect men to be independent and individually ambitious. We expect women to be collaborative and support the group. So the evaluation criteria men and women face is wildly different, for both nice and less-nice behaviors.


I may be in the minority but I prefer managers who are direct with their requests and blunt with the appraisal of my work.

Then again, I’m an adult without much of an ego.


According to the sociological literature:

-disagreeable women do better than agreeable women

-disagreeable men do better than disagreeable women


I should have included that disagreeable women do better than agreeable men.

These are statistical averages of course and shouldn't be interpreted as judgements or evaluations of any individual.

It’s scientifically proven that the meeting the range of acceptable female behaviours in the office is basically walking a tightrope. The women who are better at not being themselves and basically “acting” day to day to be what people want them to be (assertive, kind, warm, cold) and can be chameleons are actually the most successful. Women who are “themselves” don’t do well in their careers. Men don’t suffer the same fate and basically can be raging sociopaths or animal loving vegans and everything in between and society accepts their ambition and promotes them.


Descriptive vs prescriptive guys.

Descriptive: Research has found trends in how men and women are treated in the workplace

Prescriptive: You're a women so you are like this

While prescriptive statements are stupid, discussing trends based on research isn't


Equality is good and all that jazz, but it comes naturally for men. For women doing this I perceive feels typically inauthentic and trying to compensate. Women trying to replicate results may find more success not copying men and instead coming up with their own management style


The problem I have with BAH’s post is “it comes naturally for men.” It’s stereotyping all men as being the same type of manager in the comic above, which certainly isn’t true, and it’s stereotyping women as saying none of them are *naturally* like the type of manager above, which also isn’t true. Men and women are all different - they’re all people. If BAH had just said, “PEOPLE need to be authentic and true to their innate, individual management style, whatever it may be, they’ll be more successful,” I would agree. But BAH one suggested the genders have the same gender stereotypes we’re all used to, that all men and all women apparently should manage the same way along gender lines, so they completely lost me.


Both of these examples are assholes and you shouldn’t aspire to be either of them regardless of gender.


Guy here. 100% I think this is generally the case. Anecdotally, my girlfriend and sister are both consultants with similar assertive personalities to my own, and it just seems like they always talk about having to tiptoe team cultures whereas I don’t have that experience much.


Or thank you for your lack of awareness 😂

I see two equally poor managers


Or maybe this is just a narrative people keep perpetuating.


There’s a lot of research into unconscious biases, related to gender but also race.


What does a vaccine manufacturer have any business making comics?


*get to


If I’m being honest, the fact that she’s saying that with her eyes closed vs. the guy who’s eyes are open makes a big difference to how I perceive assholeishness here.


possibly. i think this occurs because women can be mothers, who are stereotyped as nurturing and understanding, whereas men can be fathers, who are thought of more frequently as gruff and results-oriented.

so a woman behaving in this way is perceived outside the norm, whereas a man behaving in this way isn’t. the implication, then, is that a woman who behaves in this manner is acutely disappointed/frustrated, because what else could cause her to not be understanding? whereas this is somewhat more expected behavior from a man. so a woman behaving in this way triggers a more anxious response in people.


This is a really wise comment and I do think this underlying subconscious tie of women to motherhood and thus aggressive women to more frustrated women is valid. Maybe on a subconscious level we feel more unsettled when caregiving “mom” is responding as if threatened (adrenaline in a woman evolutionarily likely was triggered less often than in men, who were out hunting more). Makes sense our anxiety increases more when “mom” is upset to the same level as we expect only “dad” to be.


I would agree anecdotally.

I’ve never heard my male peers (reporting to the same boss) get told they should “smile more” and yet that was always my biggest “opportunity for improvement” in my year end review for years. I’ve been criticized for not making my male direct reports “feel special enough” whatever that means.

Could be confirmation bias or maybe it’s true.


I’m a guy and I’ve gotten this feedback over and over. Not saying it is systemic or a gender bias in my case nor am I stating that it is not that in yours, but it’s equally annoying to the individual.

Crazy! It’s almost like the author is pushing a narrative


Well women are more like waffles and men are like pancakes so you can’t expect the same result



Hmm. I say their both a$$holes. I’d try to avoid working with either. Though, I’ve only ever had a guy respond like that.

On gap, for the same role, Ed, and YOE, I think the 20% is high. If I recall, 2%-5% is more accurate.

The pay gap stat doesn’t factor those equalizers in and but the stat got quoted incorrectly as accounting for those by Obama back in the day.

Obviously, over a career, there’s a compounding effect even at 2-5%, though...


Both are assholes I probably wouldn’t want to work for.


It’s the delivery and body language. Most communication is nonverbal so if you’re being called aggressive it’s likely less what you’re saying (which could be the exact same as what a man is) and more how you’re saying it.


It’s not though D4 - the yardstick for men vs. women is incredibly different.


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