Can a fourth cycle A apply for senior analyst role at Novartis?

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What does this question mean?

No.. can apply only for Analyst roles

What is the CTC range for Senior analyst?

Ofcourse, you should and must not go anything below senior analyst

That’s the max you can get, senior analyst is mostly b/w 14-15

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Dilemma: Phone screen for PE Ops role this week, just saw a proposal for same fund that's close to being signed. I will likely be proposed as the EM if it sells.

How/should I disclose this?


Hi folks, what rank/ grade shall I expect for a 11+ exp. My interview is scheduled for next week.

I am already having an offer of 36 Lakh fixed from wells fargo.

I am a generalist/project manager.


What is the expected Salary Range for Senior Analyst in Natwest.
YOE : 2 years


Does anyone know how the support escalation engineering role is like at MFST? Any insights would be so helpful..


Hi Sharks,
My interview with Stryker for C++ position is coming up. What's the difficulty level of questions and how many rounds I can expect?

~salary question~
*Any resources to research salary expectations are appreciated*
I’m currently expecting an offer this week for an underwriting role at a mid-sized mutual in NJ. I have 3 years mid-market commercial underwriting experience at a smaller mutual company in NJ (+ prior summer internship and insurance degree). What should I expect for salary? I’m thinking 75k? Where can I research this kind of thing?


So after reading at least one comment beating KPMG up every 2-3 days on here, I’ve finally decided to ask: Can someone please objectively articulate why KPMG is not in the same league as the other B4?


Just found out my husband is being transferred to the Chicago area in about two months, I know finding a new job mid-school year will be tough but if anyone has any leads on a secondary opening please share!


DM me if anyone interested in below opening.

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We’re hiring at Havas. Looking for Administrative Assistants in New York, San Diego, Los Angeles and Chicago. Let me know if you’re interested in learning more!


I’ve been searching for an HR Manager or Senior Generalist Position for months. I check all the boxes on experience and SHRM cert but no degree. I can’t get past the ATS. If I do get contacted the degree is the deal breaker. Any company referrals or recommendations? In San Antonio are a or remote would be most ideal.


Does anyone have a decent (email) script for declining a one-way video “interview” and thus withdrawing from consideration? Ideally I’d like to cite the one-way video round as the reason I’m withdrawing, in the hopes they will reconsider this specious procedure.



Please help me to choose from below two.
1. Valuelabs
2. R Systems
Yoe and tech :- Java Springboot, 3.5 years
Both are providing wfh and same package
Need to join tomorrow.


I am a telecom project engineer in Sydney. My performance is really good and management is happy about it. I am getting salary 68k+super per year. Is it a good salary? I have 2 years experience in telecom in this company. And this is my 1st Job after graduation so I really don't know how much is the market salary for similar position.



I'm interested in opportunities within EY-Transaction Strategy & Execution @Toronto and am keen to connect to someone on the team, or who is willing to discuss a potential referral if there's a fit. I am happy to share my resume and do my part in "making the world a better place." ;) 

Thank you.


I didn’t know that the referral must be given beforehand and applied on the website.
A Googler I know said that HR also asks applicants if there is a Googler that can give referral. At which step of the process HR asks this?


What are exit opportunities for Technology Strategy and Transformation besides consulting companies?

I feel like there are very few roles and companies that would find value in the strategy work I do, especially for non executive level roles.


Hey guys! If anyone could provide a referral to @Partners in Performance, that would be very kind and helpful. Partners In Performance. Willing to share my background - been in touch with some other team members as well through some coffee chats in NA but looking for an internal push if anyone could provide please.


Any remote openings for a lead copywriter with over 5 YOE??

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Coming soon to your at-home theater

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I’m in my first copy writing role. Is it normal for a manager to check, and give a lot of feedback on all your copy work before publishing? Even simple internal communications?


Does Deloitte India offers car lease program for its employees? I know about Deloitte USI, it exists.
Someone please help me if it is there within Deloitte India. Thanks.

Anyone here work for RBCs Climate team, or any of the Big 5 banks climate work? Would be interested to chat about the work you’re doing, currently at a T2 firm with an MBA but looking to mix it up.


What would be an appropriate range of compensation for a 5th year/6th year associate contemplating a move in house?


Hello Fishes,

I have an offer from HSBC. My account manager (not my manager) is talking for retention. I have asked 2l more than what it was offered in HSBC or on-site. He told me he will can try for Malaysia or Singapore or hike.

My offer is 20 lpa
I have asked for 24 lpa ( yet to get confirmation)

Should I stay back if they offer 24 lpa/ Singapore or go with my HSBC offer


DC attorneys - any recommendations for a psychologist/therapist in the DC area? Bonus points if they have experience working with diverse attorneys and can do online sessions.


Considering two offers currently from Pinterest and Cisco:

Cisco PM (FTE) $150K base with $45k/ year stock in cloud
Pinterest PMM (contractor) $160k base in shopping ads

I'm more interested in ecommerce and ads category and am but given how unstable the tech market has been - what are your thoughts on these two offers.


Anyone have any idea of when summer cycle bonuses will be communicated at MS? I recall getting numbers second week of July last year but seems like things are delayed…


UHG vs Legato, which will be a better company to join for similar package?


I have been applying to different roles at Slalom for the past couple of months now after visiting them at a job fair. I even had a recruiter reach out to me and ask to send in my resume and apply online yet I haven't gotten any word back from the company or even a confirmation email. Reason in particular.


For those who have left big4, what are the pros and cons of leaving to go to industry vs going to a smaller firm?


What is the notice period in Qualys ? And how is the job security?

Hi Fishes,
Please recommend some hiring for freshers as cloud engineer, I have 5YOE of Digital Marketing Experience.
I am looking for switch into Cloud or Data Science

My wife getting an offer of senior associate in DXC Bangalore having an 4.7yrs experience in similar field, it’s for Compass US gaap accounting, what should be expected CTC she should ask ?


Everytime I get out of bed I come back to this

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Best paid search agency in Chicago?

Our school dropped AOA - interesting to see these traditional grading systems fall off the train


Which company to join if i get same package from both the companies
1) impetus
2) tiger analytics


Additional Posts in Novartis

Do you feel that the job you doing is actually helping patients?

P.S: My job is to estimate what's maximum we could charge for a drug. Doesn't seem to help them/us.


Hello Fishes.. Does novartis asks you to do a IBM course before joining? They have asked one of my friend to complete IBM course certification before joining the org.


What do you guys think about the pay in range initiative at Novartis?


If you are working in IC ( incentive compensation of Salesforce) Need your help on giving an overview of the work to my friend who have an interview in Novartis, JD had keywords like sale force, incentive optimization, javelin etc.


Any new joiners? Wanted to know the pay range for Sr.Analyst currently novartis is offering.


Hey Sharks, Is 11 LPA a good/worst package with 6YOE for Associate role GJFA 6, Also let me know the tips to increase my package if I am underpaid?


I had just 3 rounds completed and my last round was with all the team members. Can we expect more rounds moving forward? Or this was the final?
How much we can expect for Manager with 11.6 YOE


Hi peeps, does anyone have an idea if bonus will be impacted if I put in my notice starting feb? Do they not give you bonus if you're on notice period?

Hi fishes,

Any advice for fresher in pharma background to apply for Novartis


Can anyone give more Insights on FFO Analytics role as an Analyst.

Hi Novartians,

Question regarding Monthly Salary Credit -

Let’s say I joined Novartis on 6th Dec’21. If I receive my first salary on 24th Dec’21, will my salary be based on only 3 weeks?


This is my first appraisal year in Novartis India.
How much appraisal I can expect this year ??

Does Novartis have a sabbatical policy?

Hi Novartis people, can any body share the revised pay benchmark (cuz of EPIC pledge) for Manager and Senior Manager/Team Lead roles? Is it to start from this year or if it would be enacted in 2023-2024 cycle


Hi family!

Is there any job security in this company? Is the re-structuring done or is still happening

Await response