Can any help with the salary i can ask after one year experience and any referrals please

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I am working as a Marketing professional and have an experience of 4.5 years.My current salary is 12.75 with 1 lakh variable. What can I expect from HCL on offer letter? I have asked for 17.5 as fixed

I was recruited and also applied to two jobs. I had two of the interviews this week and one that is tomorrow. I feel confident I will be offered the job by two companies. Would you take the best paying job, which is Blackstone as an Associate, and move 3 hours away with kids or stay put and make less with a Director title? The 3rd company likely won't pay what my minimum salary is.


Any insight on CAIA? Difficulty and whether it impacts salary?


Does anyone here have any guidance as to how I should answer the salary expectations questions? Recruiter asked me my total comp package for a senior contributor role. Recruiters you can DM me and I’ll share the job code? This is all very new to me.


Does anyone have any knowledge re: typical severance packages for NPs that are laid off?

Can anyone share Accenture salary and bonuses at different levels please?! TIA


I am a Cyber Security Engineer located in MA (remote). Just wanted to gauge my salary in comparison to others in similar roles. I work for a sub on a large DoD contract. I have 5 years of relevant experience.

125k base

"Eligible for discretionary performance bonus based on company performance on an annual basis"

No equity

No sign-on


Seeking advice: I’ve been working as an analyst at a PE company for 18months 4 days a week on a part time contract and I feel like they are under paying me. I’m earning 42.2K p.a They want me to go full time as I am graduating however I don’t know what the base salary for an analyst with 18 months experience would be. My friend who works as an analyst (with less experience than me) is earning 70K. Would love to get a sense of what I should be expecting / asking for when I go full time. Thanks!

To all the event profs out there, could anyone please advise on what is the base salary of a Senior Event Coordinator in Toronto? Thanks!


Has anyone here ever successfully negotiated salary for a sales job? Is it possible? I've got an offer from a tech startup and was wondering if I could negotiate 15% more. They offer me $50k base with $80k OTE.


After how many days of salary discussion CGI share the offer letter?


Hi all, i recently did an interview with Servicenow. I completed all rounds of interview and they also collected all my documents. But then i didn't get any response regarding the salary negotiation or offer letter.

Can anyone please help me what can i expect (either i'm rejected or the hiring is freeze)


I have cleared B8 Buisness Analyst interview. How much offer I should ask?
My current CTC(23 lakhs) - 18 fixed
5 lakh variable


I’ve recently joined with 12.75 Base and I only get 85k per month in hand. I’m thinking of switching exactly after one year. I don’t have any prior work experience so my total yoe at the time of switch would be just 1 year. With no internship too. But I want to go for it as I know my colleagues from my colleges who have got better opportunities than me and are earning more than me with same experience. I want the best hike possible what is the maximum I can expect ? (Percentage wise)


Hi everyone!
Any athletic trainers in the group? I work as an outreach athletic trainer for a large 6A high school and middle school. I have a bachelors degree and 5 YOE. Compared to the salary survey I'm making $10k under the national average and $14k under the district average. I'm unsure on how to bring this up to the hospital and school district in hopes for a raise. My manager is aware, but doesn't want to fight for a raise.
Any help, recommendations, or advice is greatly appreciated!


Salary range for a mid-level creative in Germany? (Berlin, Hamburg)


Anyone whose salary is still not credited.🤪


Cognizant Tata Consultancy Infosys Impetus technologies inc
Impetus technologies inc
How Much in hand i will get in this salary break and pf will deducted from this only 1800 per month

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I feel like all the younger white girls at my agency are ganging up on me; I’m a black man and am afraid to say that is historical significance here that dictates just what I can and can’t do about it


Hi All, currently I am serving my notice period looking to switch into a data science role, but it's super tough to find an ML/DS role for freshers. It's really getting to me now and I really don't want to cancel my resignation. Any help would be appreciated.


Any state with more relaxed requirements to work as a laboratory technologist? I have a science background and want to work in a lab but would love to have on the job training leading to licensure because I don’t have the money to go back to school for a second bachelors in lab sciences. Thank!


How many pages should a graphic designer portfolio have?


What has your firm’s turnover like? Are people dropping like flies or holdout out for February bonuses? We seem to have someone resigning every week.


Does anyone know the 5 digit code needed to link an accenture 401k with Mint?


How do you usually assess the completeness and accuracy of sailpoint reviews? Do you look at connections or configurations between then business application and sailpoint?


Will past feedback from Apple interview be held against you for future interviews?


Hi all! I am subleasing my room in a large 2bed/1bath in South Loop! Move in date for Feb or March. Please message me for more details! Looking for a young working profession woman. Thanks!!

Hi folks. I have an offer with Persistent. Can somebody help me with the in hand salary and whether the salary offered is in line with 10 YOE

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Thoughts on EW MBA from Booth/Kellogg/Haas. Currently SC at Deloitte and want to transition to tier 1 consulting firms


Thoughts on GGPI? I know this will fly eventually, but not sure if the timing..


Hi Fishes

It's a new Bowl that has just started, I request the one's who are reading the post. If you reach here by searching "aem" as a keyword then consider joining it and grow the community.



RFR- a family friend lives in Dallas with her husband and he just filed for divorce. She doesn’t have much financial means but looking for assistance (even if just to get advice with a one time fee). Anybody have recs?


Are there any good open bars/restaurants in the area around port authority? Trash area I know, but am meeting a family member who commutes. Would be interest in 42nd and south places if possible!


My company declared a safe space in light of current events but I’m not sure if I agree it’s legitimate. I have moderate/slight left views and I’m weary about what I discuss with colleagues and bosses. If I say anything that is remotely down the middle, like Drew Brees’ saying to respect the flag, I feel like I’ll get shunned.


Hi All — 5th year associate at a mid-to-large NJ firm, focusing on environmental law. Looking to make the move to in-house and striking out hard. Anyone have any advice?


Additional Posts in Frontend Developers

I am from Hyderabad working in BPO currently.
Want to switch to IT by learning front end development. Passed out year 2017. Any helpful suggestions plz. Job guaranteed program if you're are aware of any trusted.

Thanks for your time.

Hello Guys, I am working with Syntel as contractor as Senior Frontend Engineer ( ReactJs/Redux/ JavaScript) I am looking for full time opportunity. Can someone given me referral if there are opening for this position?


Dear all,

Currently I am working in mid-size mnc, there is bond of 2 year, Here I have 3.5ctc. 1year about to complete soon. I want to ask can i counter offer during bond period. In 3.5lpa i can't save money, currently doing WFO.

Can anyone tell what's is best possible to leave organization during bond or counter offer?

Need your kind suggestions Thank you


What is the interview process for Front end Developer experienced ?Do they ask DSA too ?


I am a frontend developer and i am a fresher i got the offer from ANR software pvt ltd can anyone tell me about this company how it is???

I am having 4 YOE as a frontend developer
2yrs as a pure asp dot net- jQuery Frontend developer
2yrs as a React,Angular UI developer (means my current role doesn't have api integration and in-depth frontend activities)
What to expect in basics of salary and skills to up-skill my career as a frontend developer.
I feel like I'm underpaid for the work I have been giving


I have 2 offers.

Disney+Hotstar - Base Pay- 2,344,803

Target Performance Incentive/Bonus - 155,197

7000 USD worth of stocks vesting over a period of 3 years. 

Location - Remote

Team - Cutting edge streaming technology - Player Team.

Intuit - Base Pay - 28,00,000

46,000 dollar spread over 4 years

10% variable pay over 28,00,000

Location - Bangalore

Team - Payroll - Quickbooks.

Which one should I choose? A bit biased towards Hotstar , because of the player team. I have 2.4 yoe.


Hi fishes,

This annual appraisal I have got a good % of appraisal increment on my salary but I was not promoted to a senior developer (although I have been mentoring a junior dev in my team and been part of building the project by implementing new technologies and tweaks) and my total YoE is 3.5+ years. What could be the reasons? What should I do now?

Thanks in advance!!


Hello Everyone,

I got an offer from
AirAsia Super app for the front-end role and my YOE is 3.7 years. Is it worth joining ?


I'm frontend developer with 8 years of experience. Have been trying to switch for past 6 months. Attended only one interview and waiting for response. Don't know why I'm not getting any interviews. Applied in naukri and uploaded resume in LinkedIn as well.
Skills Angular 13, HTML, CSS
Expectd is 100% hike
Notice is 3 months.
Can anyone pls suggest what to do for getting more interviews. This is my second company


Hello, I m Front-end reactjs developer having 9 months of experience, looking for job.


Can someone please share what to expect in a walmart staff UI engineer interview . What’s the salary that they provide for this role


Which company to choose? I have offers from Target and Paytm.

Hey Guys ,

I have a interview with Citi for a front end react role . My total experience is 8 years . Can anyone throw some light what kind of questions are asked in technical round ( coding as a well as theory )

Thank you !


Hi fishes, I m a frontend developer having experience of almost 4 years (Reactjs) .

I want to know from senior developers about the journey of a frontend developer. Like how long should I stick to the same technology? Should I switch to different frontend framework like Angular ? Or should pursue course on different field like Devops?

Thanks in advance