Can anymore help me out with K3yp managed services sr analyst position. What to expect in the interviews and salary range yoe 1

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After how many days of salary discussion CGI share the offer letter?


What is the salary range for Media Supervisors/Managers at GroupM in Chicago, IL? Glassdoor has quite the range

Any referral for fresher 2018 passout.Any HR/Talent acquisition persons ..pls respond

Hello Everyone

Just wanted to know what is CCB in Jpmc and what's the role of credit analyst?


Any reviews about Fractal Analytics Senior Consultant Job Role
Work Life Balance & Work Pressure reviews ?


Hi Fishes ,
Any idea about globant and its work culture..have seen some good glass door review but wanna hear from people actually working there .
Also i have another offer from Morningstar mumbai and my tech stack is reactjs
Should I prefer globant over morningstar?
Kindly suggest as my joining is in few days


Hi Sharks, can anyone tell me what will be the in hand salary per month after tax deductions for 18 LPA fixed. TIA


What is the toughest Google Strategy interview question you’ve encountered ?


Hello Fishes, I need a referral for an opportunity in PepsiCo Hyderabad. Can anyone help?


I have a final round interview with American Express tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips? I’m a first-generation college grad, and this entire job searching process has been very humbling and challenging, to say the least. I have major imposter syndrome as well because no one in my family has made it this far. I’d love to kill this interview and give it my best.. any tips ?


Hi Fishes, I have received an offer for the role of Senior Manager (Accountant) from Congnizant for 20LPA (66% higher than current CTC) & Flexible Work Location. I'm already due for promotion in my current organization which gives me 20% hike from July 2022. If I consider this hike. Cognizant offer 20LPA is 38% increase. Should I ask more from Cognizant? Could you please tell your review about Cognizant - Pros & Cons (what you feel)? My research on Amibitionbox & Glassdoor results 80% Bad Review


Corporate Development M&A Comp, WLB, etc.. at a big Shop (Blackrock, Blackstone)


Hey guys! Got an offer from KPMG Strategy as a first year manager with 6 YOE from a Big 4 firm. I was told on this app that a KPMG Strategy SA range was $140-170k and I wanted to know what was the appropriate range for Strategy Manager. Thanks again for your help!


Anyone could share his salary info please? I’m a Manager level 4 within S&C and feel underpaid.


Hi All, My interview is completed with LOB on 21st July2022 on zoom for Senior Due Diligence consultant process in Wellsfargo.
When I contacted HR , told that my Application is on Hold. I am not sure What is happening and why this takes time , Any Guess friends ? Comments please

Anyone have insight on Hanson Bridgett? San Francisco office specifically, thx!


Can anyone help me with my in hand salary after deductions?

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Looking for a referral in companies in Hyderabad, India

Tech Stack: SQL, PL/SQL, ETL, Azure, Alteryx, Dataiku, Python (basics), Tableau, Viz.

Total YOE: ~4 years.

Hello all,

I have given my round 2 interview at Capgemini Invent. During interview i forgot to keep the govt id with me, can this be a reason for rejecting the candidate. I have shown the softcopy of id available in my mobile. But don't know if that was accepted.


Needing help on deciphering my true salary for the time being. I graduated at 17 with an associate’s in Cyber Defense. The company I am with has me listed as a field service specialist(6 month intern, 4month full time), however, I’ve picked up on different roles like project manager, systems admin, project engineer etc. I’ve been getting good experience but at what point do I need to discuss salary or move on? I’m currently making 45k which I feel like is low after gaining some insight .

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Does the stub bonus after A2A promote have any variability? I know BAML hasn’t announced yet so looking at past examples


I have been following LinkedIn posts of Desi graduates. It seems getting a job in this environment is extremely hard. No one wants to hire entry level Desi folks regardless of fields. What do y'all think?
Just feel bad for our hardworking and talented juniors who want to chase the American dream


Hi fishes

Can someone please help me in figuring from below 2 companies-
1. Accelya - 2 Lakh more fixed pay + 1 lakh joining bonus
2. Credit Suisse - fixed without bonus

I am looking for job security, learning and work life balance.


I have been interviewed with EXPERIAN and got selected and i was informed that offer letter will be issued.

But its been 10 days i havent received the offer letter and they are not picking the call?

What should i do?


Any nonprofit/EO lawyers looking for a change of scenery and a better fit?
A firm with the best of everything is hiring. Seriously a hidden gem.

DM if interested. California bar required.

Open to given a referral if you’re a bad ass radical lawyer, just don’t make me look bad. 😊


If I get a referral, does that person submit my resume for the desired position through an internal portal, or do I still need to apply through the company website?

How does this work?

Not career advice, but life advice:

You get what you pay for with cruises. If you want to be surrounded by white trash, go with Carnival.

Not legal-related but: thoughts on A Jazzman’s Blues? I loved it. Been a while since a movie has stayed on my mind long after it ended, like this one has. Shocking Tyler Perry wrote it. “Paper Airplanes” is a hauntingly beautiful song.


Do you think you belong to the lower, middle, upper middle or upper class? What’s your income and lifestyle?


So Sang-Woo... McK right? Y'all were thinking it. Stop lyin'

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If I wanted to end up in PE eventually, do I have a better chance sticking with FDD or moving to valuations at an IB? Why do some people describe valuations as “audit support”?


Traveling to Paris for a work trip. Anyone want to meet up?

Is 18 lpa for 6.8 years experienced Java developer appropriate salary? or am I underpaid?


What will be the monthly spend for a young couple in Warsaw Poland (one earning 25k PLN gross/month) with a minimalistic life style?


How’s Fig these days? Are they on a hiring freeze now that they’ve lost Zillow?


I’m looking to get my first job Online i need help please…


At what point do you begin to feel numb (if ever) when you’re done trial and prepping for another trial in a span of 3 months, while mains full caseload of other active litigation cases? Should I be worried that I’m going from engaged and stress to numb and slightly indifferent? Or is this what it feels like to power through? I can’t gauge it anymore? And can’t impose judgment one way or another either.


Additional Posts in S&P Global India

What's the variable component in s&p global , HR is saying only fixed component will be mentioned in offer. Pls guide...


Can someone please tell how much % hike is given in s&p yearly for avera performance

S&P Global Can anyone share what package is offered for Data Resercher 1/2/3 or Data Analyst Post ? S&P Global
Grade 7


Anyone know the role of Research Analyst in S&P Global?
And work environment??

S&P Global What are the Job Levels S&P Global Market Intelligence



Wellbeing Program
Employees will receive a reimbursement of up to INR 10,000 for eligible expenses per calendar year.

What's this program in S&P Global?

Hi everyone
How much time S&P Global takes to background verification after accepting the offer letter and submitting the required documents



Will s&p provide headset along with laptop for new joiners?

What is the annual appraisal range for financial modeling associate at Ahmedabad, India?


PepsiCo or S&P Global... Which is better.
Product Analyst for PepsiCo and Product Owner for S&P Global. Both companies had offered similar package


Has anyone recently interviewed with S&P Global and got an offer?

How is work culture in S&P Global platts segment for Software Engineer II role?
And weekends may not be on Saturday and Sunday?

Does anyone know how much does S&P Global offer for senior software developer role for 3+ years experience candidate?

What is the salary range for Grade 9 in India in data management department or operations of Market Intelligence?

If someone gets an offer from IHS, will that person be considered employee of S&P Global or IHS?

As the merger has happened and many people say they are one now.

It is very confusing


Hi Fishes,

What is average salary offered for senior product manager at S&P global market intelligence? Yoe-7 relevant-5

I am being offered 26lpa which includes 15% variable component plus employer contribution to PF. So, the fixed component is just 21. How much more can I negotiate for? Have existing offer of 23l (all fixed)

i joined s&P global recently, I didn’t like the project, how easily can we switch the project here and after how many years?

Hello Fishies,

I am done with all my rounds at S&P Global and shared my documents to HR. No one has asked about my expected salary yet. Is this usual in their process. How much can I ask for an experience of 9 years. How many days does it take to release the offer and what is the slary structure.

Hi fishes,
what is the increment range at S&P global for software developers ? IHSMARKIT is soon to be merged with S&P global. So wanted to know if it is better to wait for the merger or make a move.

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