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Hi Fishes, Looking for Job Change ? This is for you,

Thoughtworks is hiring for below roles.

Fill in this Google form

Note: You may be asked to signin into google for fill the form to avoid duplicate entries.

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So I say this with complete humility and an understanding that this is a fortunate-ish situation to be in. I’m in a position where I am tied to nothing, I have no children, spouse, or house. My job, which I’ve loved until some recent significant leadership changes, is sucking the life out of me and I think it may be time for a change. Because I am able to “pick up and go” I’m open to opportunities and locations. I’ve never worked with a recruiter but was hoping I could get some recommendations!


Hi all

Require 3 consultants URGENTLY

please send profile to

1) Client - Kuiqly
2) Whose payroll wil the consultant be on - resources are required on contract -
3) Experience - 3+ years
4) Need immediate joinees
5) remote work
6) any part of India.

Regular shifts with support for EST time zone

Senior Full-Stack developer with
Java and Angular experience -1
angular developer - 1
need 2 candidate for angular and 1 sr. full stack developer

Hi Fishes,
Can anyone please refer me for the SAP WM consultant position


Happy Friday!!

After 1 month and over 200 applications with no luck... I just got my resume updated by a professional and I feel like $100 bucks hahah...

Any companies hiring for program or project management? Extra points of you can get me referred:)

E-commerce, retail, tax or technology field is my background

Thank you in advance
Was layoff one month ago


Just accepted a position in legal compliance at a F50 company. If I leave in a few years to get an LLM in a field I’m passionate about, would that make transitioning back to law more feasible?


Hey Guys can anyone tell what is the cooling period at Accenture... Once i have applied recently but the application didn't made through ... How long can be the cooling period before next application... Or is there anyway to push is it for other suitable openings


Does total YOE actually matter or do companies only care about immediate relevancy to the position you're applying to? I feel like most employers want someones who's done the exact same work as the job and aren't willing to train people with transferrable skills from other jobs or won't pay you for the full total YOE.


LTI-Larsen and Toubro is HIRING!!

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Any Deloitte or EYP folks hiring for IT M&A DD/PMI Sr Cons. or Manager levels? Interested in making a switch..


I am looking for a change from the job, currently working as Academic visualizer in Embibe... Please DM a suitable place that can help me improvise my professional skills..


Looking for regulatory and statistical reporting roles within Pune.

Starting to look at consulting firms, I have 1.5 years professional experience and have an MBA, interested in joining MBB. I'm looking at their digital business analyst or digital associate roles.

Please can anyone give me a resume review and hopefully a referral. (Can everyone like my message to unlock DM's)

Thanks in advance! 🙂


What kinds of questions should I expect for a director's role in an interview?


What's a technology investor role at a PE firm?


Hi! I was offered a full-time Social Media Manager role recently but the job scope seems to be exhaustive! I’m not sure if this is usual so it’d be amazing if you could chime in. I’m expected to be in charge of not only social media management but also email marketing (weekly newsletters), content production & creation, graphic designing, community management, customer service emails as well as blog writing and executing marketing campaigns. Is this the standard?


Hi guys,
Please let me know if you have below skillset:
Azure devops
CI ( Jenkins)
Experience required: 3 or 5 years
We have urgent requirement for above skillset in CGI.
Please dm me if you have the specified skillset.


Anyone looking for a Head of Analytics, please let me know.


Can you say no after you sign an NDA?

I’m jobhunting right now and a friend of mine recommended me for a position but she can’t say the details of it. Seems like it’s a big client but I have no idea what it entails yet, do I just sign the NDA? What if I don’t like it?😭


Need a job in Kangra district Himachal Pradesh


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Do you politely direct a customer to the FAQ if all their answers are there, or go through the answers with them?


How risky is it to ask your counselor to be a reference for a job you are interviewing to leave the firm for?


What’s the usual minimal capital needed to invest with professional wealth management companies? 200k? 500k? Also, If I refer someone, do they give referral bucks?


Anybody know if there’s a Toronto Lawyers bowl?


Hey fishies !!
Could I get referrals @your companies for role of QA Lead/ Manager - 10 YOE | E2E testing, Embedded testing ,API testing, POSTMAN, cross browser testing, SQL, SAP

Pls hit any reaction, will share you my resume


I’m a junior associate who’s about to second-chair my first trial in two weeks. Should I expect to have zero personal life until trial is over? Pre-trial work has been a pretty miserable experience so far and I heard trial is more fun but still all-consuming. :’))


Network connection at MBB offer to discuss CV. How do I get a referral without explicitly asking for it?


Hi Everyone! I'm wanting to start working for myself as a virtual assistant - but I'm seeing a lot of mixed info out there. Does anyone here have any experience with either being a VA or hiring one? How beneficial was it? I'm looking to market mostly to real estate agents.


What is the expected raise in base pay in case of a promotion?

Anyone have good CRA interview tips ? Entry level with Stryker. Appreciate it

Hello Amazonians.

Can someone refer me to DSCM2 postion prime video location India.

Please help!


Hi sharks,
How much salary will I get monthly if my ctc is 7 LPA and employers pf is 37800 rs so total ctc is 7.37 lpa.? Company is Oracle financial software service.


I’m a newbie to social so forgive the potentially ignorant question… Is there a best practice for cross promoting/driving people from content on Tik Tok to accompanying content Instagram?


Has anyone heard of LifeSci Consulting?

Any perspectives on how their transaction advisory services compare to other firms? Also, any thoughts on their business combination with Corsica Life Sciences?



I went out to NY to volunteer to fight this thing, and clowns can't even be bothered to wear masks!


Anyone who has joined Bosch recently - If you were onboarded physically at the office location, were the original documents mandatory to bring for verification even after uploading all the documents in the first step hr portal?


What is your guilty pleasure when watching TV? Mine is love reality shows. OMG, I know that they are terrible, that they are acted and that there will always be unnecessary drama. But what can I say? I live for unnecessary drama


So the public unions have tried to divert funds for new students, wishing to attend private schools in Calif... any other states preventing school choice?

Is it true that exercise helps you have more energy? I eat decent, but I’m about 20lbs overweight. I bought a spin bike but got shin splints from it 4ish months ago, so I just do low impact classes 1-3 days a week. Any advice on changes I could make to get better energy? I try to stay away from caffeine


Additional Posts in Job Referrals and Openings


Hi Fishes,

Anyone looking for a change can dm me..

Attached are the current openings.

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Hello fishers,
Is AWS have future growth???
Is it better than python and Java??

Hello guys,
It's awesome to get connected here.
I am looking for a job change.
Having 2+ years of work experience in SAP Material Management.
Please share me if any opportunities are with you and it will be helpful for me. TIA


Hi, Looking for job in process and delivery excellence. Having 11 years of experience in SQA, SEPG, internal audits, agile, safe consulting, ITIL
Metrics & governance reporting


Anyone need SAP referral at Infosys please DM me


Need your likes to unlock DM...

Please like my post Fishes ... 😄

Thank you...Have a Great Day ..!


I’m reaching out to you guys again. I’m not getting any response or call from anywhere.

Please help me. I’m currently serving notice period. Can join within a month.

6+ years of experience in Customer Support, Client Servicing, Account Management, PMO.

Please help.


Hello Guys, Just joined the community. I hope I could get some help here. I am working with NTT DATA for 4.4 years as an security analysis senior associate. Don't get fooled by my profile. As this is just a tag that I have received from my company. But the actual thing we do is user access management and the tool we use is active directory not even azure AD I would like your guys help if someone was in the same field and had any knowledge how can I grow my courier in the same field.Thanks


Hi All, please help me with likes. I need 11 to enable DM. Thanks.


Brillio is hiring !!!!!

Lead - Fullstack
Exp - 5-8 yrs

Lead - JBPM
Exp - 8-10 yrs

Lead - C++
Exp - 5-10 yrs

Lead - MEAN Stack
Exp - 5-8 yrs

Engineer - GIS
Exp - 3-6 yrs

Data Scientist
Exp - 5-10 yrs

Lead Engineer - Database
Exp - 6-10 yrs

Developer - Java
Exp - 2-4 yrs

AWS Data Specialist
Exp - 5-10 yrs

AWS Architect
Exp - 12-18 yrs

Snowflake Lead
Exp - 5-10 yrs

Snowflake Architect
Exp - 10-16 yrs

Senior Engineer - Apigee
Exp - 3-4 yrs

Location will be Bangalore/Hyderabad/Chennai


What is the entry level salary expectation for data analyst in Mumbai please share your thought also...

Hey guys I’m in dilemma and seeking help - 8.1 years experience working as full stack (.net core + Angular + Aws)
Globallogic 39 fix joining bonus - new account, not much idea about techstack, architecture etc. Just high level know that it’s .net fullstack
Encora - 42 fix - tech stack is clear - mix of new/ old technologies.
Genpact - hiring for Morgan stanley client - tech stack is good - .net + Angular, cloud they would migrate soon is known
Please help me choose!
Thanks in advance


Hello Fishes,

Can anyone give a reference for Operations in Logistics and supply chain.

I am looking for a job change and have an ROE 2.6+ years.

Located in Bangalore.
Preferred location - Bangalore & Gurgaon


Need 11likes to enable DM.
Please hit like.


I have offers from PWC India and EY GDS. Tech - cybersecurity risk consulting. Pay is nearly same. Which one should I choose for better growth and wlb? EY PwC India PwC

Hello Fishes

I have been looking for new opportunities in Growth & Strategy.

1.6 years in the SaaS Industry, experience in professional skills in Growth, Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Strategic Planning. KRAs comprise of planning and driving growth, Customer Success and client retention for the business. It would be very kind to hear back from your end.

Kindly refer



Please DM me for below cognizant referral

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Hello Fishes, I am actually looking for job opportunity as - Sr. / Lead UX Designer. I am having 15 years of experience in digital design field (Ad agency, Gaming and in product companies) 5 years in to the UX Design. Can anyone help with the reference ? Thank you


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