{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "Can honestly say I am shocked at how hateful, self-righteous, elitist, and overbearing Hillary's supporters are compared to Trump's. You are why I left the D party to register as an independent.", "post_id": "581fb8bd7010120e003af8d5", "reply_count": 93, "vote_count": 37, "bowl_id": "552d1d24dc1c586b09d2d051", "bowl_name": "Consulting", "feed_type": "crowd" }

Can honestly say I am shocked at how hateful, self-righteous, elitist, and overbearing Hillary's supporters are compared to Trump's. You are why I left the D party to register as an independent.

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Oy, HRC said that she forgot when she came from to preface her comments during a speech to a bunch of bankers. It was meant to be a humbling comment that acknowledged how far she has come. I reacted the way that I did because it really seems like you latched on to the soundbite of them taking the quote out of context. HRC comes from a solidly upper-middle class background so it is not like she has some salt of the earth story to begin with. Do you think that Joe Biden has forgotten what it was like in Scranton? Do you think that Obama has forgotten what it was like to grow up with a single mom? Some people forget where they came "from," and others do not and I'm sure they all have their reasons to one way or another. My point is that I have met enough of the people in her campaign who had some challenging personal backgrounds and I doubt that they will. For the record, I never mention my degrees, but in the context of referencing my GM auto worker relatives, I felt quite proud of how far I have come and was proud of my education. Also, I just really found your use of elitism in that sentence out of place. After having re-read it for a few times, I think I see the point that you are trying to make. I have had to straddle the "elite" slash working class divide my entire life and I find people who attack elites in politics as hypocritical- both sides have them and both are in competition for them. Every society has its elites because, of course, we don't live in a Marxist society. The power of elites in politics becomes very troublesome when opportunities are limited to just them and not everyone else. Considering how the economy boomed under Clinton in the late 90s because of his strategic economic decisions (the same ones that were part of Hillary's platform), I have reason and hope to believe that we will experience another bout of inclusive growth with her as our president. Here's to hoping that we both live in a peaceful and prosperous democracy over the next 8 years. Cheers


It is very refreshing to see a fellow PwCer posting such posts on fishbowl instead of the usual points&miles casual brags. Here's are my two cents towards this argument: we are what our environment nurture us to be. As a first generation immigrant who came to the US at the age of 13 and have been living in NYC ever since, I've went through the stage of living in a basement with my parents, to them actually buying a condo through hard works after I was able to attend college with a full scholarship with in a 5 years program,so at one point, my whole family was hardcore Democrat... and it's through all these years of observations, I find that the lefties have been trying to put labels on people who have different ideas than them, antagonize and even demonize them in a super negative and demeaning way instead of focusing on the issues/ politics

Yes, some of Trump's comments can be categorized as racist or sexist, but many of his target audience grew up in such environment and language, just like half of our founding fathers are slave holders, they grew up in an era different than ours, hence they hold a different view, so instead of name calling them, the real "fix" one can do is through education, teach their children to be better than their parents, but I don't see that happening with the current division in our country with little hints of possible reconciliation.

I'm by no means a Trump supporter, I just hoped that we are not under an electoral college system which strongly discouraged sensible independent candidates like Bloomberg to run ....

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Why don't you go look for empathy as a person of color in a Trump rally. They even beat up a black Republican.


Just some food for thought before the next person on this app responds to a Trump supporter by lumping them in with poor uneducated white people in an ignorant attempt at an insult:

I honestly don't even know why people say these words pejoratively, as if being poor and without a college degree and white makes you any less of a person. Recognize that not everyone had the opportunity to go to a fancy school and get a high paying job doing nothing like we did. Some people work 5x as hard as us for 1/5th of our pay. The ones in the Rust Belt have lost their jobs as an unfortunate consequence of the globalization our companies promote. So instead of automatically assuming they are all racist, sexist losers, why not show a little bit of empathy? The blatant classism I have seen this election season is absolutely disgusting and defies all democratic values. Remember when we demonized Republicans for being propped up by Wall St.? Apparently that's now something to applaud when the party in question starts with D.


"It's hard for me to turn down money because that's what I've done in my whole life; I grab and grab and grab. You know I get greedy. I want money, money," Trump said.

Exactly the type of guy to save the folks in the rust belt who lost their jobs.

Oh wait, he said he "loves the poorly educated." How classist of me to quote that.


4 people so far have commented on this post with some anti-trump comment. None have been able to refute the actual argument at hand, the classism shown by democratic supporters in 2016. Thanks for proving a point


None of Trump's plans will help those people, unfortunately.


Nice strawman, but the argument at hand concerns the blatant classism shown from HRC supporters this election cycle. Will you address the degradation of poor uneducated white voters? Or is that something you condone?


Again, nice strawman. Care to comment on the actual argument at hand, which concerns the classism shown by HRC voters towards poor uneducated white people? I never expected the GOP to stick up for the poor so Trump's comments don't really affect my rationale to leave the Democratic Party one way or another, but as a lifelong liberal I refuse to be lumped into a group with people who think they are better than someone just because they were afforded more opportunities in life - especially when those people claim to represent democratic ideals.


I don't hate the poor uneducated white people for supporting trump, I hate them for supporting a racist, sexist, ignorant buffoon. The only people worse than the uneducated white people who support trump are the EDUCATED white folks who support him.


To be more explicit, I'm not judging for their "class", I'm judging them for being a trump supporter. Thats not classism.


OP, everyone KIND OF understands what you're saying, but everyone DEFINITELY understands what you're overlooking. Go to bed. Maybe you'll wake up and see all the gaping holes in your reasoning.


Stop complaining OP .. go vote! oh wait, isn't that what Obama said at a rally when a trump supporter interrupted him? Wow Obama must be hateful 🙄


You dear OP are a waste of time to argue with. Vote your beliefs and don't cry about the outcome.


Lol... so, being "woke" specifically speaks to understanding the realities and far reaching implications of systemic and institutional racism in America and the world at large. This is not "wokeness".

HRC supporters are super self-righteous, @OP is right. I for one don't ever assume all Trumpers are all poor ignorant white people. I do empathize with them as well, because a lack of education is tough and many people do grow up poor and unheard - that's amazingly frustrating. However, as a person of color who hears the various things he says about every group that isn't white and male, I'm offended. My race isn't a strawman, what he's said about blacks, Mexicans and Muslims aren't straw men, and his comments about women aren't straw men either. Those statements are extremely elitist and hateful, for what it's worth. They speak to an attempt to degrade or minimize my humanity and that's a problem too guys. I don't assume people are racist because they are uneducated, I look for actions that point to what they believe. There have been blatant displays of racism and sexism from this campaign. Just as clear as there have been displays of classism and (genteel) racism from the HRC *and* Sanders campaigns.

Again, I agree that education doesn't mean jack when it comes to the quality of your personhood. I'm one of the first men in my family to begin and graduate from a 4 year university - those who came before me are some of the most loving and genuine people many will ever meet. Again, I get it. I think for those who fail to embrace nuance will struggle with on this post is the initial statement was a judgment against HRC supporters, yet when people came for Trump supporters (the same argument) it was dismissed. And again, I'll say as a black man who's seen other black and brown people beat up and seen *actual reports* about Trump supporters threatening to start a civil war AND supporters aiming to intimidate communities of color at voting station (I've seen it first hand guys), I kinda laugh that we're trying to act like these groups are equally "bad". I would encourage the OP and everyone else to empathize across all the people groups, even the ones that don't look like you. You'll see I've actually agreed and empathized with OP and still made my own POV respectfully clear.

Grace & Peace


Whether or not his plans work are all hypothetical at this point, but to his credit at least he is trying to do something about it and bringing attention to the loss of jobs that have occurred due to inversions and outsourcing. What is Clinton trying to do?


Wow. You woke AF OP. The irony in this thread is each reply has been "but but but Trump!" A refusal to acknowledge the cogent points you've made. I'm with you OP, still trying to discover the cause for elitism within the Democratic Party.


I come from a poor, uneducated family. My dad wouldn't be able to provide the same life for my family in today's world that he did when I was growing up. At the same time, he realized globalization is not going away, so encouraged me to prepare for that world. I understand where so many of these people who can't make it like they used to are coming from. However, Trump is only appealing to the sexist and racist values in this group and that's why Hilary supporters get upset. Neither of these candidates are truly for the poor.


OP- I am from Youngstown, Ohio and you can't get much more Rust Belt than that. The people you are talking about are my family and I would proudly depend those people with all of my strength. I understand why some have fallen for Trump, but I don't support their support of him because I deeply believe that he does not have the first clue about how to serve them or which policies will make their lives better. Trump has played them and that is pretty much the last thing that they deserve at this point. I am legit friends with steel workers in Youngstown who lost their jobs 30 years ago and I know many who see right through Trump and don't excuse his vulgarity. Just because some needed some savior figure doesn't mean that they should be excuses for supporting him. Full disclosure- I haven't read the above comments yet.


I also think it's sad that everyone assumes I'm voting for Trump. I'm not. So sending anti-trump comments my way don't change my sentiments about how elitist democrats have become. This is a real problem that needs to be addressed. If Hillary is the future of the Dem party, all democratic ideals are in jeopardy.


Are you joking? I responded to your argument that elites don't forget where they came from with HRC saying she already has. Just because you don't like what I'm saying doesn't mean you get to discount how interested or disinterested I am in having a thoughtful discussion. Cool casual bragging of your multiple degrees, it speaks to my initial argument quite well. Trump has done no damage to a party he isn't even part of; the entire point of this post was to discuss the hypocrisy in the Democratic Party but I guess the truth is too hard for some of you to face.


I get why this group is angry. Their way of life has been destroyed, but instead of adapting they have turned toward xenophobia. I emphasize with them but instead of turning toward racism and closed borders they need to adapt. This group is how Brexit happened so they do have power but it isn't actually what is good for them in the long run.


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