Can I demand for an US based project with the organization before I join? I will be getting my US L2 Dependent Visa in a few months time. I basically want to work in offshore until that time and then be positioned in the on-site role once I travel. Larsen & Toubro Infotech

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Deloitte India deputy manager position is good or pwc sdc senior associate 2 is good I want views in terms of growth and career opportunities and team handling perspective.


HELP my friends! I’ve been invited to a recruiter screen for the initial interview with HR for Global Safety Associate. This job mainly deals with Adverse event/high prescribing meds product complaints. In my current role I deal with on boarding pt & getting patients work done from A-Z till they get on their meds. The only part which is similar is that I’m the main point of contacts for pt so I can report their complaint to Health Canada. How can I convince them I can handle this new job


I dont understand why EY GDS conducts “No show Interviews”.
I was scheduled for interview and nobody showed up. i tried contacting the HR team through mail and phone calls and nobody responded. and two days later they sent me an email saying the position is filled.
So disappointed


Ho Fishes,
I appeared for L1 for Architect role in D365 CRM yesterday. It was 30 mins discussion on scenario based qs. Able to answer 70%. Any chance? If yes, how many days it takes for the 2nd round call back?

Does KPMG Toronto sponsor visa for the Audit manager role? Asking for a friend, lol


Hello Fishers,

I am currently working at Chorus Call India as a Manager. I work with handling projects and operations with team Management. I work with Streaming projects , virtual projects and planning , operation management and client servicing.

Looking for a growth opportunity in other organisations. Requesting assistance in this process.

Thank you .


Hi everyone,

I created a Web API project on .Net 6 and hosted it on GitHub. But the swagger UI page is not loading.

Does anyone have any ideas to resolve this issue?

I tried to find the solution but couldn't get it.

I enabled the CORS policy and also added code for the production environment.

Please help.


Background: work primarily with preparing c/o financial statements for divestitures (CMAAS)

I like the work, I don’t like the culture.

What exit ops could I look for, with assumption I leave after making senior?

Any openings for Dotnet with Angular Developer..?


Hi Friends,

I am actively looking for openings in IT/Product Sales domain. Kindly let me know if you have any openings.

Karan Patel


Those on visa - do you all put money in HSA? What happens if you need to move out of country and have money in the account? Appreciate any inputs.


How much does billing to the project's unallowable code hurt the SM's YE metrics?



Received the verbal offer from ORACLE FUSION and BGC got completed by June 20th. It is been 3 months and hiring manager told there is hiring freeze.
Anyone have update regarding this ?


I made a mistake. Told my client to write child support cheques for $800 instead of $1000. 😭😭 I’m worried and stressed about having to fix this on Monday. How do you deal when shit like this happens


I was recently promoted to a new position at my company. I'm so excited to be taking on this new challenge, but it's not going as well as I had hoped.

I've been given a lot of responsibilities, which is great. But I don't feel like any of them are being prioritized or delegated appropriately. I'm getting a lot of pressure from my manager, who is quite demanding and doesn't seem to understand that I need time to get things done and learn new skills.


Hi! I'm looking for referrals for Audit Associate position in firms that are willing to sponsor work visa in the US.

Grant Thornton (PH) - 2 years as Audit Associate II
Vasquez & Company (PH) - .5 year as US External Auditor

Education: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Thank you!


Just found out, that one of the primary client contacts on my new engagement is my ex girlfriend (split up 3 years ago).
This will be fun.🙃


What is the best gas station credit card for fuel?


Does anyone have a non-compete clause in their contract in the UK (restricting you to work at a competitor firm)?
Do you know if Accenture enforces it at the time of exit?


Hello! I’ve been working as a photographer for 15 years both as an employee and a freelancer. I started working full time with my current company a year ago. They’ve just offered me a new position: Creative Services Manager (in house for 4 related brands). I have no official experience in this field and had never heard of it before but feel like it will essentially be a creative director. I will also maintain the photography duties for the time being. Any idea what salary I should ask for?


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What should I expect in my first week / month as a junior strategist?


I am tired(or jealous) or hearing tier-2 grads getting hired with 20-30 LPA.

When I was switching in May, some HRs(from PwC and L&T) had told that they won't be able to continue with me, since my existing offer and expectation exceeded what they can offer for a 3y exp, which was mere 15 LPA though.

So, how do these freshers (not from NITs or IITs mind you) get hired before even getting out of the college or 1-1.5 year exps, get hired with upwards of 30 LPA? Where can I find such jobs?


Does anyone know the procedure for team change. How long you need to stick with a team in order to ask for a team change.


Working moms: how did you do it? Want to start a family but can’t imagine it with my current work/life balance. Also the feeling of being set back after years of finally getting to the top.


Has anyone taken a loan from their 401K for a down payment? Yay or nay on this strategy?


Any 🐠 spending their weekdays in Philadelphia?


I really wonder sometimes what is wrong with this organisation. Its own app Ultimatix is down so frequently... time sheet filling is down sometimes. It cannot maintain its own application ... that makes me wonder what quality of software is being delivered to client.

Honestly I have worked in multiple organisations.. havent seen so much down time any where.


Can anyone speak to culture of the EC/VC and M&A groups at WSGR? Looking at remote positions. Thanks!


Anyone knows anything about Aldrich partners? Any insight you could provide? VP role.

Looking for Account Support Manager average salary @ HPE


I have experience of 7.5 years in IT and relevant in cybersecurity 5.5

Currently working in Deloitte USI as a Consultant at 14lpa and i m on my notice period.

I have an offer from Accenture CL9 of 19.5 lpa fixed and variable 27%. Is it a good ctc or i m getting underpaid in Accenture at CL9?

Please fishes let me know your views.


Who has off for MLK day?

Any way of being in Ey s&o and being local? As in, is there a team that mostly does projects that are local (NYC)

Good morning everyone I have been looking for an operations position and have my bachelors in healthcare administration. I am getting tired and very discouraged because I am not getting anywhere. I have applied for so many jobs and I have been trying to network. Does anyone have any leads on positions? I am a nurse of 13 years (lvn) with 15 years of healthcare experience and 8 years of healthcare management. If anyone has any openings or leads let me know.


Hi everyone! I’m interested in working for Salesforce and would really really appreciate a referral. I’d like to pivot my career to sales and Salesforce is a company I’d love to work for. Thank you!


Would anyone like to share anything interesting about a recent project they’ve gotten to work on?


Anyone who left HCL me what to fill in current PF trust/RPFC for withdrawing PF


Really looking for some genuine support and advice from you all out there. I want to switch careers from PA - Big4 Audit to completely different. I am not talking about going in industry or other accounting / finance related jobs. I am thinking on lines of getting some small franchise, flip houses, real estate agent, manager as Dunkin etc type of transition. I am okay not making big $. Please don’t say do what I am passionate about because clearly I don’t know what it is and I am in search of it


I overreached by taking a group supe job. Have you ever seen anyone take a step back down the ladder (with corresponding pay cut) while remaining at their agency?


LTI is Hiring for below Oracle - BU positions

Need immediate to 30 days joiners only

Location: Bangalore/Mumbai/Pune/Hyderabad/Chennai

YOE :4 - 10 Yrs
Skill : CNC

JDE Finance Functional
YOE: 4 - 10 Yrs

OCC (Oracle Commerce cloud)
YOE: 4 - 10 Yrs
Skill :OCC

Oracle Flexcube
YOE :4 - 10 Yrs

Oracle CPQ CLoud
3-5 years of experience in Oracle CPQ Implementation & Support
location - Mumbai

Interested can Dm with job role

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What is the difference between Direct Manager and Matrix Manager


What are BoB components at LTI?

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LTI -Appeared for LTI L1 round on 9th july. The panel even clearly told he is recommending my name for Next round. What is the process they follow and generally how much time HR take to keep L2 ? I tried calling hr n dropped a mail too but no response.


How to reach to delhi office in LTI? Using metro


Anyone from LTI in this group? Lot of queries floating around answered. It would be great if someonce can pitch in and provide their comments


From last 1 week HR is saying that your offer will be released tomorrow. It's 10 days now that I have submitted all the documents. Does anyone have similar experience



How is Oracle practice (OR) account in LTIMindteree? Anyone knows


Whats the hike % looks like this year? Can tenure people share their experience!


Hi, I am offered for Specialist QA eng role in LTI for citi bank account. And discussion in pipe-line with IHS Markit & Wells fargo. Please provide your suggestion which one to choose for better hike, work-life balance, on-site opportunity(if any). Thanks in Advance!


Many companies are looking for immediate joiners or 1 month notice period...90% companies are not accepting 3 months notice period not scheduling is it good idea like resigning to the current company without offer in hand and searching for job???


If anyone wants to discuss tax saving techniques then please do reach out to me

We can save upto 2-3 lacks of your tax

Thannks & regards


Does LTI accepts 3 month NP?.


What is the highest salary i can ask LTI skills Azure PAAS and. Net exp :9.3 yrs, offer 30.5 fixed can i ask LTI for 36 ??


Hi guys,

I have two offer wipro and LTi

which one to choose for job security ? Both are offering same package.
Skill Set :MSBI YOE:9+
Salary -23FP+3VP


Hello fishes,

I have joined LTI one month back but after one month also i haven’t got any project call yet and they are taking some skills assessments and just for job security i have started searching other jobs and got 1 offer as well..Should i abscond from LTI???
What would be the consequences if i abscond and i have taken the salary but haven’t got the laptop yet
Please help
Larsen & Toubro Infotech


What is this for IRMs mapped to WPB LOB for associates in teams should be not more than 10. Can anyone please make me understand?
Larsen & Toubro Infotech


Hi all, my joining in LTI is on October 1st

I am currently in my hometown in punjab

Can somebody help me if i need to go to Bangalore and collect my laptop on the day or joining or can it be shipped to my hometown.

Also since Noida/Delhi is closer to my location,can I go to ncr and collect laptop from there.

P.S. - Bangalore is my base location as per offer letter

What do you think about taking a location transfer from Bangalore to Chennai. How is Chennai city guys?


Anybody joined C1 unit in this week LTI Larsen & Toubro Infotech ?


Is there any way to find out someone's project in LTI?


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