Can I tell my employer than I’m not going to do additional responsibilities out of the scope of my job description without the appropriate pay? They asked for GIFs in my job description but now they’re asking for video editing, motion design, and 3d modeling and 3d animation. I can do this but I should be compensated for all of that right?

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Are you freelance or full time? If you’re full time then your job description will never fully encompass your skills. If it’s a freelance project with specific deliverables and these are out of scope, then yes you can push back.


Sure you can tell them. The better question is should you and what repercussions will you face for it.

You are right that a graphic designer shouldn’t be doing motion design to an advance level and most likely your title was chosen to keep salary low and the talent flexible.

But almost all talent are doing something outside their job description so your scenario isn’t unique. You either ask for a raise and/or title change or you look for a new job that treats you better.


Yea worst case scenario is they fire me but I’d be paid better anywhere else


Taking on responsibilities outside/above your current role is exactly how you prove you are ready for a new/higher role. This is true for all roles, not specific to designers. It’s not generally the other way around.

Now, there’s an art to having that ongoing conversation with your manager(s), but taking the position that you won’t do something because it’s outside of your job description is not a very mature or friendly starting position.


OP it doesn’t matter that you’ve been there a year or that you currently hold a position making GIFs. Your question is you want a raise based on being asked to do work outside of the scope of your job description. PD1 is letting you know the best way to get what you want (and by the way PD1 is 100% right).

It seems like anytime someone gives you advice here, you reply aggressively. If this is your approach to asking for a raise, I highly doubt you will get it.

Ultimately this is a lesson in humility and managing up. Best of luck to you.


Ask and you shall receive! Know your worth!

All these people who said to just do it first sound mad old.


As an old that’s making $300k, let me try and help you and what seems like a poor approach to your career management.

First, if you get a 10-20% raise, that’s great. Small raises are like 3%. If you have the opportunity for a bigger raise thru promotion, even better. If you find a new job at a new org, with an even bigger jump AND it fits your career desires, why are you still sitting there?? Go get it!

And no one said don’t ask for your worth. Ask for a raise! That’s great. The original post was about refusing to do something that your employer was asking. That’s a big difference. If you’ve already proven you can do more and they aren’t paying you for it, that’s a bad fit, you should leave. Maybe—just maybe!—you haven’t proven it to them and this is your chance to do so.


If these are skills you have, the best thing for you to do is prove you can do them first before asking for more compensation. It sounds counterintuitive, but you should take this as an opportunity to up your game.

Your entire job description is to make GIFs? That doesn't sound plausible...

Are you FT? If so you don't get paid for more work that you do... I mean you don't give money back during a slow month, right?

But you can negotiate your salary...


Job descriptions aren't the end all be all of a role.
You presented the skills to make yourself look like a standout candidate, and now you want to withhold your skills?

I am saying this as a generalist as well, so I am calling myself out. You're not as skilled or efficient at all of these as a specialist would be. So you can't charge what a specialist would.

😂 I’m top tier and God’s gift.


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