Can we utilise this or after buying they will not reimburse…. Folks pls suggest …is the hybrid allowance also renewed?

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Tu claim kar bhai , dekhi jaegi


Someone is saying it's showing by a glitch, it's only for the new hires it seems. Check with 2222 for further queries.

I think it’s only for new hires . Check the we are deloitte site . It is mentioned there


Hmm, puchna parega 2222 me

I don't think it's a glitch

Read the hybrid program document. It clearly says only for those who joined after 1 may 2022

Is hybrid also renewed.
I thought it's one time only 🤔

It’s renewed for every 1

No it is not , infact submit the claim and see it for ur self , 3 mahine ek mail aega fir recovery hogi , jo tax uspe liya hoga na woh bhi nhi milega. Policies / documents nhi pdte toh toh pdh liya kro.

No, you cannot utilize it. Even if you started with the firm two week before the new FY. Call the 1-800 number.

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Sorry for the tax Q’s but other bowls aren’t responsive and it’s somewhat related:

Say I am due to owe $50k in capital gains in 2021. What’s to stop me from going out and buying a $50k car and renting it out on Turo for $1,500 per month. I then use bonus depreciation to write off the full expense of the car in year 1, negating the $50k in capital gains owed.

Voila, free Tesla, and the ability to make $1.5k per month. What am I missing?


Starting with Deloitte in August, I’m planning to keep my personal phone, will I get to use a tech allowance? Do I get to use their listing to get a new phone for cheap or would I go to a new provider, start a plan and then just expense my monthly payments (80%)?


If my boyfriend pays me fair market value rent every month, can I claim this rental income and therefore take advantage of rental expense deductions and depreciation? If so, would expenses and repairs that apply to the home be counted at 50%? I started the construction for a rental dwelling in 2020 that will be on the same property, but won’t have paying renters until later this year. I’m hoping that by claiming his rental income for 2020 then I would also be able to capture those expenses.


Does Infosys reimburse Internet bills for resources who are working from home??

Also does they provide any extra miney to setup home office, like for chairs & tables?

How does Guidehouse Commercial Travel? (Types of Hotels? First class >3h? Per diem/actual?)
Also are there any other perks? (Phone? Profit sharing? 401k match?)


Does Oracle reimburse for gym memberships


Did Deloitte have a late-night Uber policy before the pandemic? Joining in a month and also moving and wondering how much I should consider it. For context, my current company had a policy pre-pandemic where we could Uber home every time we worked after 7PM and we could expense meals as well during those days.


Anyone in ny market do per diem work if so what type of work and what do you charge and what practice level are you at?


Anyone know what kind of downpayment I’d need to buy a house in Atlanta? Know markets crazy right now but our rent just went up 11% for our apartment lease to renew which has me thinking I need to stop renting probably by beginning of next year . Household income >$100k but currently a good bit of our monthly income is going to education expenses for my wife and I (will=$20k total and is our largest expense outside rent)


Hello Fishes,
Sorry to ask it here. But could not find any relevant Bowl.
I have been under discussion with UK employer who reached me thru LinkedIn. Offering 66k salary pretax. Offer is from Bristol. I have wife and 2 kids who wil be dependent on me. Do you think it's fair offer for family of 4? Please enlighten what are typical expense range for such family in Uk. Thanks.


a&m folks - how is expense policy/alternative travel/benefits? Looking for juicy details other than base comp


Guys does a Mgr in ACCENTURE get to choose an iPhone as a perk? Also, how does d per diem work 4 manager, is it an extra income and taxable? My wife just joined Accenture and am trying to understand


Getting car rental for weekend for personal trip and dropping off at airport for a red eye. What is the PwC expense policy on splitting rental cost? Normally will Uber which will cost more than rental


If I have project approval for a team dinner expense what info does audit team ask for? Do they need team names/emails?


On a track for promotion for Q1 but feeling burnt out and like I can’t manage the workload in order to make that happen. I brought this up to my manager and she said “well we probably won’t be able to get you the promo until Q2 then in order to get all the data points needed”. Her point is pretty accurate, but am I crazy to slow down for my mental health and sanity at the expense of delaying promo by 3 months?


The new expense policy is like shit.....


Hi, I am an Emergency Room RN with 11 years of nursing experience. I live in long island NY, and am going for an ASU RN position. With inflation, how much is realistic to accept for hourly rate? The position is 5 days a week so I can't pickup per-diem shifts to compensate very easily. Any advice is highly appreciated.


@PwC expense. Is there a guideline on what "reasonable" means from a meal expense perspective? Colleague thinks a burger meal. Not a burger person. I love my seafood pasta that'll cost lil' more.


Can I reimburse power spectacle under well being subsidy?



Thank goodness for Sunday night football. Makes doing expense much more endurable!


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Cu on Monday.

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Hi everyone, I wanted to know that if there is LTI office in noida location. I have been given an offer but the location they are saying that cannot give noida. My home town is here, is there any DevOps requirements in noida branch. Please anyone has any idea do tell me. Thanks

Hi folks,
i am looking for referral in Infosys,
Techstack- React, frontend
NP- currently serving ,LWD-5/11

I have the job id with me, any referral will be helpful


How much do you find yourself leveraging tech skills in your current role? What languages and technologies are you working with?


Hoping to seek everyone’s advice here!

I recently moved in-house and have more free time to invest in myself. Which direction would you suggest that I look to for growth?

- Coding
- Data Analytics
- Others?


Hi All, yesterday i joined LTI , till now I haven’t received employee id or PS number or email. What is the reason and when it will be generated??


Thoughts on the below role?

Got messaged about an analyst job doing the preliminary discovery stuff including dashboards. But not for the business, but to give recommendations to data scientists about where to focus. Having been a modeling DS, I can't imagine why I'd outsource exploratory analysis. Anyone seen a team like this before?

Also worried about career prospects. I've been wanting to turn business facing, but becoming the only DA on a DS team seems like it'd be a dead end with promos?


How much math/stats is needed to switch from Data Analyst to Data Scientist?

I am currently a Data Analyst who is proficient at Tableau, SQL, and Basic Python.

I did my undergrad 4 yrs ago, where I took Calculus 1-2 (integral Calculus), Intro Probability/Stats + Econometrics.

To be honest my knowledge of math and stats has faded, so was thinking of enrolling in community college to take Calc 1-4 (up to differential) + linear algebra and more Stats.

Any thoughts or guidance?


Currently a Wealth Advisor for Citi but I honestly hate it here with a passion it’s the worst company I’ve ever worked for in my life and I’ve been in Wealth Management in the banking channel for over a decade. Series 7, Series 63, Life, CFP, ChFC, and soon to have my MBA with a focus in Mergers & Acquisitions. I’m look to enter another area of Finance at this point instead of starting over somewhere else from scratch, but not sure what direction to go. Interested in Investment Banking or M&A.

Have a 2 year project for Romania which will be extended, what are the Pro's and Con's to move there?
Also need to decide if i need to take my wife and 5 year old kid there...
Any links and suggestions please..

After three interviews and a verbal offer from TA ( Talent Acquisition) team on Thurs- my offer letter that was supposedly coming on Friday still hasn’t been received and It’s Monday night. Now after so many days to think about the offer and my start day, I actually failed to negotiate being too excited to hear back from HR and I verbally said yes. Can I please get advice on how to now negotiate a better pay? And how long on average should I be waiting to receive the official offer letter?

Can Accenture Strategy pay for my MBA? Where can I find info on this?


######### FRAUD ALERT ##########

Read this to save yourself from FRAUD .
Do read and comment if you faced similar situation and share to all your family and friends
Source : Quora

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Looking for male roommate(s) to sign a new lease / explore housing options. Living in Hell’s Kitchen right now - pretty flexible with areas. 24 M (work at a Deloitte!). Current lease ends in sept but can be flexible with timing.


What is your take home pay as a first year? Trying to figure out my budget. Thanks!


Trying to get a sense of what typical hours are like at different consulting firms in Dubai. Want to see what time you start and close each day, if you get breaks besides lunch and dinner, early closing on Fridays, etc. Is it vastly different at different levels within your companies? Any insight is appreciated 🙏


Additional Posts in Deloitte USI

Hi All,

Need one help , for collecting Deloitte laptop i visited there collection centre by putting PTO ,can I reimburse my travel expenses (Bus Fare ) as from my home to ofc and ofc to home
It's around 600+ Km distance of one ways


From where can i get my credit score?

My EXPERIAN CREDIT SCORE is 848 is it enough for a home loan?


Is it allowed to reimburse a fitness band as part of this year's well being allowance if I reimbursed a fitness band (a different one) in last year's allowance?
(I gifted the previous one to my mom)


In 8 ctc fixed component, how much does one get in hand in deloitte ?


What else could it mean? 🤔

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Hi Team,

Appiled Accenture through a referral. But status is showing now - don't have suitable openings.
Can anyone please tell me how to remove CID from the portal. I am unable to apply again. Did not get any response from Accenture bowl. Thanks in advance

Hi Fishes,

I have completed all the technical and MD rounds in Deloitte USI. I negotiated the salary in the HR round and they said that they'll talk with the higher management regarding that and will let me know. After that, I got pre hire survey and I replied to it with the documents and details. Since then, 20 days have passed but there is no reply from them. Do they take this much of time to process the application?


Any idea about Deloitte cyber risk department?


I rarely post but I love this community. The amount of fun I had with the comments and all y’all is amazing

This is like the Xbox 360 community I joined when it first launched.

Everyone is dead inside but all trying to be uplifting through dry humor and wit

I louv you Mike (Yoel Romero reference)

See you soon Boi


Hi Folks,
Can someone please provide pros and cons of working in
Deloitte USI ?
Going to join the firm next month having 5 years of experience.



What's could be the CTC range for a solution advisor in Cyber Strategy?

YOE: 4 years



Guys which area you are planning relocate in city.
Can you mention in comments?

BTW i will stay in wakad


Will iPhone 13 mini be back in stock again at zones and softcell?


How much time does it take for the badging process if I have a virtual badge? Going ofc tom for 1st time, will start early if the process takes lot of time. Also, is there any else to be done on day 1?


Did anyone get rewards for completing AWS certification, if yes how much it is?

I want to know specifically for AWS developer associate.


Hello everyone,
I have joined Deloitte in 2021 as a campus recruit. To be honest my experience in Deloitte is not as good and I have been doing nothing for straight 6months now. I am exploring for other opportunities and wanted to know, is the notice period negotiable in Deloitte. If yes, do I have to buy back or depends on the manager. In my offer letter I had the notice period to be 2months, but some people say it is 3 months. Where can I check my notice period.