Candidates having experience in C/C++ and looking for change can DM me for referral. The position is for Hyderabad location.


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Does anyone know PWC advisory is still hiring freeze? I got positive feedbacks on interviews, but recruiter said they are waiting for approved hiring plans


Hi! Anyone work at Apple London and open to referring me? Happy to chat further!


Help the baby executives please! For the seasoned executives - Thinking back to your first executive role - what were the biggest mistakes you made and how did you recover?

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Looking for a PV scientist/ drug safety associate role in Canada. 4 years and 7 months experience in PV, any advice or guidance will be appreciated!

I've been working as a full stack developer for two years and our company has expanded a lot including my department.
We have 3 new graduates joining our team which we had advertised as a salary of £30k +
I feel that the new graduates are earning more than me.

Over the last 6 months I have been going above and beyond my job role.

How can I raise my concerns to my manager?


Hi All,

Can you help me in referral for QA automation engineer?

LWD: March 4th
YOE: 3.9 years


Hi folks,
one of my friend is looking for Java/spark job and having 1+ years of experience. She is an immediate joiner.


I am at a Pharmaceutical Tech startup and we are hiring!

We are looking for Product Mgrs who have 4+ years of exp in client facing roles where you gather requirements, design solutions, work with developers to build the solution, test the solution end-to-end, and deliver to the client. The work itself is very similar to what we do in consulting but you don't have to worry about firm activities, utilization, etc.

Compensation is highly competitive

DM a link to your resume if you are interested


Currently looking for Tech consulting/ Implementation consultant/ privacy roles in London. I have both CIPP/E and CIPM.
Please let me know if you know any roles that are available? Or any recruitment agencies you can refer me to

Thank you!


Hi Guys,

One quick question-

If one chooses to quit the organization within 7 day. Do we still have to serve notice period.

I joined the Management Consulting division of an organization. The JD and the role offered are poles apart.

Also if anyone could refer me in their company, that would be great.

I have got 2.5 yoe in Consulting.

Hi Fishes, Can someone please refer me for lead Analyst position in Wells Fargo Bengaluru location. I have 8+ years of experience with SAS and SQL as primary skills and need to relocate to Bengaluru. Thanks in advance.

For those that lateraled private practice to gov’t, what was the lag time between referral of your application to interview process?


Looking for a Sr. Account Executive or really experienced AE or early Account Supervisor! DM me.

Hi I am a Spanish Linguist with 4 years of experience and now looking for a switch. Can anyone help?


Is Tcs have capable people to interview Tata Consultancy 2 week back a person interview me for the position that he is not experienced in that field, I came to know when I sreached his profile in LinkedIn


Any malware reverse engineers looking for opportunities (with hi-profile Finance industry org), i was contacted by a recruiter -- doesn't fit my profile but happy to pass along the name.

Hi All, I'm looking for a job change in PMO profile Microsoft . Appreciate if you can help me with any referral.


Multiple opening in TCS for 1-6 YOE candidates.

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If you were laid off and in process of finding a new job, what interim position will you do? Driving Uber? Barista? Anybody?


Is anyone from Rocket Software Inc here? I have a job id that I want referral to, can anyone please help me?

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I have a offer from Cognizant in operation, can some suggest should I join or not, currently I am working with Genpact.


Which agencies have the best in-house departments?


What should I do if my boss is always late? I have to stall for him constantly


What is Center for data and Insights at Accenture Applied Intelligence? What is their responsibility?


My pinky toes are 1.5 inches shorter than the rest of my normal proportional toes


Hey mates

For optional holiday there is no option in GT&E Timesheet.

Which Engagement & Activity code should i use ?

Thanks in advance 🫰


What can I do


I've an experience of 7+ years and I am currently working with Wipro as power bi developer/MIS lead. My salary is 6.5 lpa. Am I getting underpaid ?Wipro

I have joined KGS a couple of weeks back. I am not getting an option to save my salary structure on the HGS portal. Whom to contact for this or does it open after first month?


My wife once said having sex with me was a chore because of my libido. I told her to have sex with when she wants not when she feels obligated too. Now we have sex once a month. I feel awful because I started paying other people just to touch me.


How does a corporate card work? For example, if I’m charging something related to company expenses on my corporate card, what do I do next?


Heading to Columbia for an MBA in the fall and unsure on IB vs. consulting. Any advice on how to think about which one to recruit for?

Currently work in big tech corp dev / strategy, will recruit for tech as well as either IB or consulting.


I'm seriously tired of all the injustice done by cops. I've now caught several in blatant lies... On video or on record.

Maybe this is a mild vent but it gets really hard to defend cases where constitutional violations are just being overlooked especially in an area that favors cops! Ugh🥺


Hi Chicago Fish,

Anyone got a recommendation for an ENT doctor? Looking to get my deviated septum fixed.

Located downtown btw.



Can anyone review my resume and help me to make it better. Yoe<1

Anyone know who Ye’s “third lawyer” is?


I don’t know if this is just me, but I have SUCH a hard time putting my phone away. At work or at home I feel like I’m always checking it.

It’s definitely negatively affecting my sleep and can sometimes cut into my productivity at work.

Any tips for cutting down usage? I know the “don’t sleep with your phone by your bed” rule but I’m not there yet


I have a PhD and 2 yoe and work for a small company doing drug development.I will soon be in charge of junior scientists that I will have to teach and have them report to me. I currently make ~80k in a LCOL area (around to 125k in Boston). But I do not have shares/equity and my bonus is 10% if the criteria are met. I currently report directly to the VP of the department and sometimes to our CDO. I have no no idea how much I should try to negotiate for so any help would be appreciated!


What’s on your Fall Wishlist? I’m looking to snag some cute boots (currently eyeing up a pair from Prada 👀), alongside a couple of seasonal pieces from LV and Chanel if funds permit


My 5 yo son literally just asked me "Daddy when you were in the Marines did you ever kill anybody?" I have zero idea where that came from. Told him that's not an appropriate question to ask someone who was in the military and no and I'm glad I didn't.


Additional Posts in Job Referrals and Openings

Hi, any reference for finance and accounting opening in any industry for mohali location
I am having more than 9 YOE.


Hi Fish,

Need suggestion, I've 10 years of work experience in the bpo industry. among these more than 5 years in the training. I'm barely able to make 5 lacs CTC per annum. I want to boost my pay grade. What should I do?


Hello Fishes,

I seriously need some advise on this and I am feeling very down because of this prevailing thought.

Please spare some time to read it through. It'd be great knowing from your experience

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Hi Fishes I Have an offer from UST or HCl which one is better to join.UST providing wfo or wfh or hybrid


Hi all,
Please help me with referrals for Investment Banks like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan. I have 3+ years of experience. DM or comment to connect. Thanks!


Looking for C# Automation Testing folks in Pune.

No of position: 3
Exp: 3-10 yrs
Company name: Atyeti
Early joiners preferred.

Kindly DM me if interested.


Hi All,

Can anyone refer my resume for automation profile I'm in notice period but I have no offer kindly help me. I have 3.5 year experience in automation profile java with selenium.


Any job openings for scientists in New delhi


Hi All, I currently have 1 year of experience in the Service Desk and I am not satisfied with the job and the salary. I also have a bit of experience leading the team during the project transition. I am planning to switch to getting a better package since I feel like I am underpaid compared to the market value.

My CTC is 2.96 pa

If there are any openings kindly let me know.


Hey guys! I need a referral for a role in Meesho. Anyone can help?


Hi Fishers,

Can anyone please refer me for boutique management consulting firms as I have less than 1 year of experience and I think it's hard for me to get into top consulting firms. I am looking for a job as I want to switch to management consulting.

I would also like to know what upskilling should I do to be a better fit for management consulting. I currently work as a Market research analyst.

Any help from the community will be really helpful. Thanks in Advance!


Hi Fishes, need 11💟 to DM, Kindly help please! Thankyou.


#Hiring means #Firing

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Looking for job opportunity UI UX designer/ UX designer/ Product designer role. I have 4 years of experience in design. Looking for opportunities in Bangalore.


DM for referral in TCS

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Hi Fishes
I am a Data analyst with Total 6 Yrs of experience in same company
Skills: Power BI , SQL , Data analytics and visualisation
Current CTC: 8.50 LPA
Planning to reassign but don't have any offer in hand
Notice period: 90 days
please advise


DM me for referral on below position.Amdocs

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