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Confession: I love cancel culture. It makes me happy every time some sexist or racist person loses their job and is publicly shamed.

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🐠 never disappoints. Terrified for a future where people like OP hold positions of power / authority, and glad to see the resounding disagreement with the sentiment in this post.

Keep digging OP, the hole you're digging won't get deeper on its own!


To quote a recent Jon Stewart interview:

“If you say, ‘‘I know people whom I love who voted for Trump,’’ people will be like, ‘‘[Expletive] you.’’ I go, ‘‘I don’t think they’re racist.’’ ‘‘They are racist, and if they’re not racist, they’re passively participating in a racist system.’’ So am I. So are you. We all are. Have your lines in the sand, but understand: Do you have a phone? There are probably things in the way that your phone is made that are not the greatest in terms of workers’ rights. We all have [expletive] on us.”

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Until it happens to you one day


Yeah. Please make sure you hide all the racist, rapey and mysogynistic stuff otherwise you'll end up becoming President. 🤫


It’s great now until people start getting “canceled” for having any opinions that the mob doesn’t agree with


*OP gets caught by the mob*


OP, for truly evil people I agree. There is a catharsis in watching someone that has clearly been a monster get theirs (ex: Harvey Weinstein).

Where I think we need to take a more nuanced approach is taking a joke someone made 15 years ago and using it to destroy everything that they are today. My opinion is that there needs to be a proportional response to whatever the alleged transgression is. I would not, for example, want to destroy the career of Kevin Hart for the tweet about his son.


A2, thanks for a balanced view. I’m happy we are colleagues.


Lol and just like that, Trump wins.


That's probably right, but it don't bother most of us. Racism is bad destroying history is worse.

Ah, yes, OP. Genocide is the best way to solve this problem since people don’t change.


OP, you had great experience in Shanghai. We got it. Just don’t stretch that any further.

European or American women have great time in Dubai, doesn’t mean Middle East is great for women in general.


"This country was founded by slave owners who wanted to be free. "

In my opinion we are wayyy behind on things that need to be cancelled. ✊🏽

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You can be a monster and completely reprehensible historical figure when it comes to slavery and racism and still have good ideas about unrelated topics.

We built our space program on the backs of Nazi scientists and I do not see anyone screaming about the moon landing (unless they claim it was faked 🤣).


Have fun in November


OP i think it’s incredibly arrogant for you to say that you’ve never once been part of anything racist or controversial in your past. the whole idea here is that racism has pervaded our culture for far too long, and in many invisible ways that manifest throughout everyone in society. IMO the whole point of this movement is getting people to recognize that and unlearn their racism, along with structural changes. I think we all recognize that many things once considered harmless or a joke 15 years ago is, by modern standards, hurtful and problematic. Values change, and that’s how we’re making progress, no?


No, let’s not witch-hunt OP pls. This is still a discussion and OP is expressing a viewpoint.

OP, do you agree that everyone has had a racist thought at some point in their lives? I know I have. I’m white and was brought up in a primarily white suburb, very little exposure to black and brown folks. In high school I took part in the jokes about “that’s so ret*rded” and “that’s gay” and I told my Indian best friend he smelled like curry (to which he responded that I was a money grubbing Jew — it was part of the established banter, not part of a fight). I never posted that stuff on social media, and I certainly never expressed aloud my thoughts based on stereotypes I had heard and internalized to some extent.

Today, I would never dream of making those jokes, and yet still have the underlying racist thoughts. I’d be shocked if you had never questioned in a split second whether or not you should cross the street when a group of tough-looking black guys was walking towards you, even if you never acted on it. People’s internal monologues may not change significantly over time (I have no idea on the science behind that, would be v curious), but their actions absolutely do. To claim otherwise is to claim that you expect everyone to act exactly as they did when they were kids. I know I’d be appalled by my language as a high schooler, even if (by chance) it was never made public, and I think almost everyone about my age (24) would say the same, at least in my hometown. I respect that you’re so excited about the cause of antiracism, but to hold people to too high a bar (i.e. never having had a racist thought in their whole lives) is to alienate potential supporters. Not everyone will be as passionate about this issue as you are, and yet they will support you in your quest if you seek to include rather than exclude. I think 100% of the people who posted here are FULLY in favor of improving outcomes and opportunities for Black Americans, but they are probably all less likely to donate or support the cause if they believe that most of the people in that movement think like you have expressed your thoughts here. The time for outrage is now, and so is the time for inclusion.

I know this is a bomb of a post and that you’re probably more in a trolling mood at this point than in a rational and calm engagement mood, but I hope that you can at some point have this conversation with people you trust. I’m rooting for us! BLM


Does it make you happy when people get fired just for being related to someone?


A4, it is a business decision- tolerance for racism/racist remarks is pretty low right now. Colin Kaepernick's banishment from the NFL was a business decision too.


Same ✋. Beyond people behaving badly we also need to stop associating "the old way" with "the right way" to do things.


The way this is going, property owners will be on the chopping block at some point once this cultural Marxism shifts to actual Marxism.


Being a professor makes you rich? Marx was pooooor. Engels financially supported him


Are we taking requests? I'd like to cancel this post, please.


I disagree. People do not change. Whenever someone denounces some incredibly offensive statement from their past, they are being insincere.


Cancel culture as OP described it doesn’t help - it just pushes racist thoughts/mentality underground. You say “I bet 100% of youths nowadays are aware of the risk to their career for saying racist things and they’ll eventually pass that on to their children” ... all that tells me, is that someone who may have a racist/sexist/homophobic/etc thought may only refrain from saying it publicly, but not actually believe that they are wrong. They could teach they’re children instead that society/media/“the liberals” are so far off their rails that “normal” people can’t speak the truth. They won’t post things to social media, but espouse beliefs at home and voila, the KKK reignites because people are comfortable hiding their bigotry.

People can, and do, change, and your stance is only going to drive people further away from changing, effectively negating any progress others have made. I cancel you.


I’m with OP on this one. Don’t be racist/sexist and you won’t be canceled....


Why be happy at someone else’s demise even if they deserve it? Does it make you feel better about yourself? If so, then maybe there are some insecurities that you need to deal with.


Lived long enough to know that what ever energy you put out into the Universe will be returned in-kind. Also know that we often find fault in others so that we don’t have to focus on our faults. I have many of my own faults which is why I’ve learned to forgive others and not judge them because I have not been faultless in my life. I wish you well.

I can’t wait until it happens to you and it will.


POC here. These days the a smartphone camera is the most effective equipment that stops me from being racially abused.


Honestly, I’ve never been a huge fan of free speech. There’s all this American propaganda about “muh freedom”, but really certain things shouldn’t be acceptable to say and you should be penalized for it.

Racism and sexism are clear examples where entire swaths of the populations have been killed, subjugated and discriminated against throughout history. We need to squash speech that promotes these things. Maybe it’s easy for people on here to say freedom of speech is the most important. But if you were a Jew, Black, or Muslim, you would understand how dangerous the path of free speech can be.

For example, the world would have been better off if Hitler had been censored. Instead, he got to write Mein Kampf and the rest is history...


The problem with Communism is that it doesn't stand up to any type of scrutiny or questioning which is probably why it always ends in mass repression and death. It's the perfect system for whoever is in power. Unfortunately it has never quite worked out for the masses for any country that has practiced it.

Also saying that Sweden stamps out free speech because they have hate speech laws makes them a whole lot closer to America than OP's utopia where free speech is "overrated" and up for interpretation by whoever is in power.

And all these people saying cancel culture will mean “Trump wins”, I don’t even remember cancel culture being big until Trump got elected.

Seems like a dumb way to counter it by voting for trump. No one was losing their jobs for off color remarks until it became blatantly obvious that these remarks are connected to real world racist policies and behaviors.

Just look at the recent visa ban as an example.


TLDR; election was rigged and Hillary shills are trying to gaslight us that she wasn’t a terrible candidate.

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