Dear all,

Currently I am working in mid-size mnc, there is bond of 2 year, Here I have 3.5ctc. 1year about to complete soon. I want to ask can i counter offer during bond period. In 3.5lpa i can't save money, currently doing WFO.

Can anyone tell what's is best possible to leave organization during bond or counter offer?

Need your kind suggestions Thank you

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You might need to pay them compensation in order to break bond and leave the organisation.

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Dear Fishes,

To any management folk in this group from IAC Kolkata, what to expect from this year's appraisal? Bonus % and Hike %. Also, will it be effective from May like last year?

August joiner with Tier 2 or 3 rating.



Hi all! Whats the comp range for a Consultant, Corporate Strategy role in NYC at Deloitte? Please help, it’s quite urgent.


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Hi Fishes,

Could anyone please tell the avg year on year hike in Societe Generale GSC? Thank you.


In which month's salary we get joining bonus amount? @PWC



Anyone received hike letters?

Can you please confirm the percentage, yoe, designation?


Hi fishes, i got an offer for 1,30000 pm after all much i will get after tax?


If fixed pay is 26 LPA, what will be the variable pay ?


Hi All,

I am looking forward to having a salary negotiation with the HR's soon, at cognizant. If anyone can help me with what is their salary range for TL and below. And how to proceed with the salary negotiations ( after my last switch my salary is still more or less the same as the previous organization, i feel negotiating is rude and hence got scammed)



What will be my in-hand salary ?

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I work in tech and have been at my current company for 6+ years now. I’m basically a senior level data analyst and I’m really the only person at my company with that skill set so I get A LOT of high priority requests from every dept. It can get overwhelming. The idea was just floated to hire and train 2 analysts to work beneath me so that I can focus more on strategy, big picture and optimizations. Should I be asking for a raise and title change? I did get a pretty decent raise in February too.


Anyone know the hierarchy of bank pay by departments? (e.g.,
-Front Office (Revenue generators)
-Middle Office (Risk)
-Back Office
Specifically, Is Human Resources paid less than Internal Audit?)


How is this for a smart move
We know companies give u ctc based on last drawn ctc.
So suppose u earning 5 lpa
.U cracked amazon and they giving ctc 40 lpa
We know Amazon is an unsustainable company In terms of wlb.
Now use this ctc to switch to other good wlb company in 5-6 months like adobe etc..atleast they will match that ctc


FB fam: what's a second year Consultant Deloitte Digital make? At best, at worst.

Hello fishes, need some help. I work for a
company which pays me 10|pa. But I also
have a client who pays me 28 Ipa. This is
my side gig and I want to keep helping
my client but I need to put in 4hrs at least
But now I have 2 offers
Walmart: 25.5 fix + 4.8 var + 3.5
rsu(vested 4 yr)
Zomato: 30 fix + 7.5 ESOP(vested
4 yoe in iOS
What to do?


What will be the in-hand?

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I am trying to determine if I am being paid competitively? I am a Senior HR Analyst in one of the bigger cities in Wisconsin. Can anyone provide salary ranges or recommendations for me to research to ensure I am being paid competitively in my market.


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Hello Friends,
Can anyone apprise me of the expected salary that i can ask for a Solution Architect role in Telstra - India? The band offered will be Band 2 which is confirmed. I just need to know the range Min and Max. I have 15 years of experience now.


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Hi all,

I am a business analyst at Dell for 5years now and looking for better job opportunity (overall 7.6years of experience) Please let me know if there are openings in your company.


What's the best way to break into strategy from being on the account side?


Looking to book tickets for 2020 Oktoberfest. Any tent recommendations in Munich?


Hey gentlemen - I’m a noob just getting started in this space collecting. What is a good first buy? I was thinking the Rolex submariner date in a neutral color like black background and silver links. Thoughts?


Hello Fish - EY law has submitted my PWD back in March 2021 and haven’t received any update yet. I understand that there is a delay due to less workforce but such huge delay is surprising . Anyone in same boat as me ? Is there anything either me or EY law can do in such case ?

I’m more worried looking at trackkit discussions as some say applications from Jul 2021 are approved as well. Trying to keep my hope up


Locke Lord bonuses - black box? Anywhere near market?


Hey all! I’m a copywriter in Chicago and considering relocating to Minneapolis. Any creatives who have done the same? What do you like/dislike about both cities? Looking for any advice and perspective

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Irritated that I have been brainwashed about “prestige” because I am thinking about what people are going to think if I lateral from my v10 firm to a v30 firm.


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Anyone have the Arnold NY creative recruiters info? Can’t seem to find it. Thanks Fishies!


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Why do firms like Cravath and Wachtell keep only 1-2 offices?


Hi fishes,
I have resigned tcs because of a offer from nagarro.
My manager introduced someone to discuss about retention. He asked my offer letter to share. I told him it is confidential data but, he said that "it is fine, many people are sharing it". So I shared that

Will there be any issue for me since, I have broken tcs core values of confidentiality ?

Will they contact Nagarro for verification?


Hi Fishes
How is the current market situation?
What is the expected CTC for AWS data engineer profile
With 11years of experience?

I see people with 4 or 5yoe are also getting around 25LPA.

Please suggest.


Hi All, What the benefits that an American Express employee gets? I mean how many leaves per year, any food or transport facility, any gifts or any other facility that Amex is providing now?


I have more than 5 years of experience in the U.S Healthcare as an Accounts Receivable (AR). I have joined TCS in the month of December 2021, Now the process got Ramp down and I am moved to RMG, Since a long time I was planning to switch to IT, Right now preparing for cloud computing in AWS. I got a call for PMO Lead, HR Talent Development, IT Service Desk. I really don't know what to do, I am really learning hard and about to have Solution Architect Certification. Any suggestions..??Tata Consul


How's Technip Energies as an organisation? How's the work culture,wlb?


Hi guys! I’m looking for an entry level product marketing associate role. I’d love to connect via LinkedIn if anyone knows of any opportunities and share about my relevant experiences! Thank you!


Additional Posts in Frontend Developers

Is there no scope for frontend developers without react/angular?? With basics like html, css, js and some cms.
Is there any company hiring for these skills??


Anyone has any idea of cricbuzz 2nd round of frontend interview? i got selected in 1sst round and tommorrow is 2nd round any onw got any idea what they will ask as per previous interviews, (0,-6 months of experience)


I'm frontend developer with 8 years of experience. Have been trying to switch for past 6 months. Attended only one interview and waiting for response. Don't know why I'm not getting any interviews. Applied in naukri and uploaded resume in LinkedIn as well.
Skills Angular 13, HTML, CSS
Expectd is 100% hike
Notice is 3 months.
Can anyone pls suggest what to do for getting more interviews. This is my second company


Which are the best companies to work as ReactJS Front End Developer with 2 YOE?

Hello Everyone,

I got an offer from
AirAsia Super app for the front-end role and my YOE is 3.7 years. Is it worth joining ?


I am looking for a change. I have total 4 years of experience in Frontend Development (React Js). Please refer me if companies are having such openings.

Hi Fishes,

I need your help in understanding the offers and taking a better decision

Meanstack developer

I got offer from
Delivery solutions - 23 fixed + 2 year end PWFH
Biofourmis- 29.5 Fixed - Bangalore
Byjus - 30 fixed : Bangalore

My current CTC is 16- Hyderabad

Please help me in this


I am a ReactJS developer with almost 4 YOE. I make 15LPA (fixed).

Is it a reasonable package or should I aim for higher?

I have 2 offers.

Disney+Hotstar - Base Pay- 2,344,803

Target Performance Incentive/Bonus - 155,197

7000 USD worth of stocks vesting over a period of 3 years. 

Location - Remote

Team - Cutting edge streaming technology - Player Team.

Intuit - Base Pay - 28,00,000

46,000 dollar spread over 4 years

10% variable pay over 28,00,000

Location - Bangalore

Team - Payroll - Quickbooks.

Which one should I choose? A bit biased towards Hotstar , because of the player team. I have 2.4 yoe.


My startup suddenly decided to close its India branch and they have given me 1 month to find a new job.

I am looking for a job as a Frontend (React) Developer. Do let me know if there are any openings for me. If you guys can refer me that would be awesome.

My Details : Frontend Developer - React.js,
Exp : 1.5 years.
Notice Period : 1 month


Hello fishes,

I have 6 and half YOE in front end development. (angular and hybrid applications). I joined my current organization ( product based) in Feb for 24LPA. The work here is too stressful and there is absolutely zero WLB. So I decided to start looking out again. However I am not getting good interview calls. Are most companies not hiring now ? Or could it because my CTC is too high ?


Hey Guys ,

I have a interview with Citi for a front end react role . My total experience is 8 years . Can anyone throw some light what kind of questions are asked in technical round ( coding as a well as theory )

Thank you !


Looking for senior angular developer position can anyone refer me!?. Prefer product based companies.


Any referrals for Front end angular devlopment 8years exp?


Which company to choose? I have offers from Target and Paytm.

I am a frontend developer and i am a fresher i got the offer from ANR software pvt ltd can anyone tell me about this company how it is???