Director of analytics at a communications agency in NY- is $140,000 reasonable? Currently making $125k as an Associate Director, and I know they really want to retain me.

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works at
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How many years experience do you have?

7-10? 140 sounds good.
More than that? Def a lowball.


140k is healthy :) congratulations!


I wouldn’t leave for an increase this small unless you’re totally miserable at your current job.


What's your highest qualification and what are your hard skills?

The firm offering $140k: what's the size and is the client you're serving a large spender?

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130K / year - Meijer - Grand Rapids, MI - Senior data engineer.

Is this a good deal? Recruiter said 130K is fair enough for MI state.

I work in Seattle and another recruiter from some company said he can offer 150K (remotely work from Seattle)


Ntt data vs EY gds? Which is better?
Ntt ctc - 10.92(10 fixed)
EY - 9.5 fixed

Please help- priority is wlb and growth

I am looking for VP position in HSBC. What should be salary range?
HSBC India
Current ctc-35lpa
Yoe- 14.5
Looking for program /Delivery roles.


Hi fishes,
Data Engineer, yoe 4 years, got offer for 21.5 fixed and 5.375 variable, designation offered: data architect. From tier 1 college.

How much should I ask for in current company. My director kept on asking for full offer letter so I gave him. Will that be a threat?

How much time tcs will take to release offer Letter after documents upload? Is there any formal HR discussion or HR will discuss salary over call only?


I got an offer from OpenText Canada for a Sernior Java Developer. How much is the salary for such positions? Is 70k per annum low?


I was in an interview. I was asked for compensation, since it's a newer organization I couldn't find much info. I ended up low balling myself almost 15k. How do I redeem this?


How do each of the big 4 pay in nyc for a senior associate? 7-8 years? Thanks!


IQVIA - 33.5 lacs Fixed, 1.5 lacs Joining Bonus, 4.8 lacs Variable
CGI - 34 Lacs Fixed, 1.12 Lacs worth Stock options, 2Lacs Joining Bonus(will be deployed to work for Shell Client)
Siemens Healthineers - Awaiting offer, not willing to match above offers, maximum they can offer 33L as fixed and 2 Lacs Joining Bonus.

which one to choose?

YOE - 13 Years Skill Set: Agile, Scrum




What's the salary expectations for full stack developer. Front end and back end developer , given their 10 years of experience in IT testing including automatio. , but not in development, how employers will treat u like a junior or senior ?

Please share some insights , what to expect.


I am having total 5 years of experience in SAP Security & GRC.
Working in capgemini with 10 LPA CTC .
What would be the expected CTC ?


Hello Everyone, Please help me to understand in hand salary for the below compensation structure.
Thanks in advance!!

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What is your ultimate annual compensation (salary + bonus) goal to really feel like you made it in life? Mine is 750K. Curious what others are realistically striving for.


Hello fishes, Please let me know the general trend of annual increments in Brillio for level 6. (I am new).

Considering there is no performance based/variable pay, what should be realistic expectations and how much are appraisals?

Thanks to all giving relevant feedback. :)


How much should I ask in EY UK if I am getting 15LPA Ctc in India for 3 YOE in IT audits ?


Hello fishes,

Can you please let me know whaat will be my inhand salary and tax?

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Finally got selected in epam anywhere.. They offered me A3 level with the compensation of 22lpa. But I am feeling that it's bit less for the level. I'm very bad at negotiations. Can anyone guide me how to negotiate with them? Whether this is the market standard salary for experience of 6 years? Or else can I ask for stocks?
Please share your thoughts


I have a call later today to discuss salary expectations for a Senior Manager IT Audit role at a bank in the NYC area. I have about 10 yoe at a Big4 and currently make about $160 k salary only not including bonus. What is a fair range to ask for without undervaluing myself or pricing myself out of the role?


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Is this common? My girlfriend just does whatever I want or tell her to do strongly prefers it that way. If I ask her what she wants to do that weekend or where she wants to eat or if she wants to come over, it’s literally always “whatever you want”


Anyone looking for 2bhk in Bangalore city near Deloitte usi office I will be moving this month?

Any suggestions broker contacts etc?


Heard from someone that Citi is going from a 2 day back at office hybrid model to 3 days in September? Anyone heard the same? Mulling a job offer now and not sure how I feel about this.

How easy or hard is it to get time off approved in your current team ?


How many of you here have a background in private equity?


I’m a recent grad working in advertising/ media strategy, but i’m looking to break into product marketing. Any advice or tips on how to jumpstart my career in this field? I have social/ digital marketing experience, but no experience in product


Be honest, do looks matter when it comes to your career?


What’s the average DON salary for 50-bed nursing facility in Northern California?


Anyone know the salary for Accenture’s M&A strategy manager position? Location is new york and 6+ years of m&a experience


Any thought on putting some cash on TLRY today?


How will be the Technical product specialists role at SAP ..? Work wise and learning opportunity wise..


I am eager to learn SAP technology, what could be the learning path?


Blore friends hunt

After searches, I found it challenging to get friends in Blore. So I have taken the volunteering initiative to form a customized friends group & using this platform since all of us are from Profesional background..

Listed below rules to join group for morecompatibility. Pls DM me if u match

1.Age (30 to 40)
2. Non judgmental, respect others, loves travel & food
3. Planned to maintain Gender ratio 50:50

Meetups, Travel, Eat,Support

Cheers all 🙂


Is it better to work in customer service at a small company or big company?


Damn LIBOR rate up again...

How much time Qualcomm take to release offer letter? I am a immediate joiner.

I got selected last week but till now didn't get my offer letter, HR told they will send the offer letter within a week.

After enquiring, now she is saying your offer is pending with India head, after that it will go to US office for approval?

How much time it really take any idea? How could I approach HR for immediate offer letter?

Any help?

I'm a graduating college senior and have offers for entry level analyst/associate at L.E.K. (Boston) and Accenture Strategy (NYC). Looking for thoughts on differences in reputation, type of work/projects, culture, WLB, or anything else to help me decide! L.E.K. Consulting Accenture


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26/F/LA/$90k + benefits


I’m currently based in a smaller market and looking at a NYC agency role. Been a senior strategist for over a year and moving to a similar role there. Any idea the salary range I should be expecting?


Midwestern salaries for senior level creatives? What’s the right amount to ask? I’m in NYC making 80K rn.

Average starting salary for media investment director promoted internally from AMD to director in LA market?

Physical Therapy Marketing Manager salary negotiation: I have 7 years of experience in Marketing in a different industry. Took job opportunity as “Marketing Rep” and within 2 weeks I’ve well outperformed expectations and have received a new title “Marketing Manager” without asking. In 30 days (two weeks now) I’m scheduled to revisit compensation. What is an appropriate base + bonus structure for this position? Sales & account relationship management. Expectations have risen due to performance.


Agency Producer Day Rate?

Los Angeles (Hollywood), I have 15 years experience on high-end/budget narrative feature and documentaries. Have only about 2 years agency exp...

Went from 38<50<55<58<75<60 (moved to a smaller city) with almost 5 years experience and tons of internship experience. Feel like I’m underpaid compared to you folks.


ACD in KC?

Ok ok, it’s that time of the year again. Another thread of <💸how much money do you make!💰> Use the following format so you don’t break the formation :) Format: 1. Total income from the job 2. Title 3. City 4. Year in the job 5. Gender, age, ethnic (all are optional) 6. Are you satisfied with your pay. See you in the thread. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥and don’t forget: Get the bags!


Thoughts on accepting an offer for a HCOL city and moving into the suburbs? Really looking forward to leaving city life behind but not the salary. Has anyone done this?


Am I allowed to ask or even demand to receive my salary in cash? I wonder if I can negotiate that. A briefcase of stacks. Effort/compensation…It’d all feel so much more tangible.


Got a 6.6% raise and am just looking to feel better about it because I feel like that’s a good percentage but ultimately it means like $75 extra a week. Before taxes. So I’m feeling meh.


Senior art director and ACD salary in La?

Salary range for first time ACD gig from a Sr. AD at a small agency in Dallas?


What is the average salary of a Media Manager (or supervisor) in NYC?

Midlevel creative salary for an ATX agency?


What are talent manager (business affairs) salaries in any city ??

I’ve been billed as a senior creative for my last 6 projects (1.5 years), yet my ECD is saying that she’s not sure I qualify as a senior creative yet, so isn’t giving me the pay rise. What do I do?


I work at a global agency in the San Francisco office. I have 12+ years of experience and make $225K/year.

I'm interviewing at Uber for a Global Brand Manager position that's "ideally looking for 7+ years of experience" with a nearly identical job description to my job now.

How much is reasonable to set as my salary requirements?