Do any one how much a relocation bonus is given in Benefit Plan : Plan Q as it was addressed by HR team that I'll get and also wanted to know ,more about this Plan Q what comes under this

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What should be citi avp salary with 11 years experience?


Which large tech companies have the best customer success teams in terms of pay, culture, WLB, etc?


Got two offers in parallel- KPMG GDS Pune and Nowfloats Hyderabad. Both are giving CTC around 25 lpa with 1 lakh joining bonus.
Which one will be better to join from work life balance and growth perspective?

YOE- 10.4
Tech stack- .NET Full stack


Anyone have compensation experience as a Training Lead with some reports under in cruise industry or in general, what is a fair salary expectation?

I am an personal lines account manager/client manager (property and casualty) going on 6 years experience and I am being paid $53k a year. I am living in CA and work for a large corporation (about 1500 employees). Do you think that $53k is low or seems like adequate pay?


Please help me with inhand salary.
Also I don't have idea about tax regimes, what is the best way and how much tax can be deducted for this ctc

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Anyone have the idea of salary slab of Senior Associate Math Company?


Trying to get a gauge of if my promotion raise this year was reasonable or not: I’m being promoted to manager in industry and the raise was 15.5%. Given the high inflation environment and the fact that we are getting acquired by a PE firm in a month or two, I would have expected more than that. While I am grateful for the promotion and a raise, I can’t help feeling like I’m getting lowballed at the same time. Does that seem like a good increase for the situation?


After getting denied raise and promotion at my consulting firm just after the new year, I started interviewing and today got a Senior PM offer with +50% base salary bump.
Feels good.


How much time it takes for salary discussion in optum after previous salary and other documents submission?

Hi folks, what rank/ grade shall I expect for a 11+ exp. My interview is scheduled for next week.

I am already having an offer of 36 Lakh fixed from wells fargo.

I am a generalist/project manager.


Having 9.10 YOE as .Net Developer.
CCTC: 14LPA including variable pay. 11 is fixed
Holding offer: 19 lpa cognizant 17.8 is fixed with 50k Bonus. Position is Senior Associate
22lpa Accenture 17.5is fixed and 27percent variable 2.61 Joining Bonus Position is Team Lead Level 9
How do I negotiate with Accenture HR to increase my fixed pay? Currently trying to give more interviews. I want to know what are the benefits they r providing as well. Coz I need childcare facility after the pandemic.

Can anyone speak to total compensation packages at mental health startups? Exploring both clinical and product-focused roles and was recently asked for salary expectations.


Hello Fishes,
Can someone please let me know the in-hand salary that I can expect per month?

Thank you in advance!!
Infosys Wipro Tata Consultancy Cognizant HCL Technologies

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I’m interview for remote SDE role based in Seattle from OKC. I have 5 YOE. What base salary, RSUs and sign in bonus should I expect? I don’t intent to take anything less than 120k base pay.


Can someone please let me know of the salary range for a deputy manager in Deloitte India? Thanks in advance


Hi Fishes,

I have doubt .
Which company is good in terms of job security Verizon or Allstate India?
Experience - 5 years
Current CTC - 12
CTC offered - 16.5 in both companies

Please comment.Looking at the current scenario of layoff I am worried.
Please do guide.


I'm an EA at a small global consulting firm (<25 people) with 5 years of experience supporting C-Suite execs. 3 months ago, the CEO put me in charge of our marketing efforts, and yesterday, he fired our recruiting coordinator and asked me to take over her job. I'm asking him for a raise on Thursday. I want to be a team player but am feeling like my job is a catch-all now. How would you define my role and how should I approach this conversation?


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I hate the fact that majority of the guys at my work have no what gay life is :p

Using “txs” and something similar in an email emanates small dick energy, though I suspect they were actually trying to be BDE.


Favorite educational materials or classes? I’m feeling rusty after a year of what’s felt like non-stop “social listening” projects and trying to dip back into the performance world.


Best place to eat in ORD concourse C?


For those in SF proper, how much is your rent and the neighborhood? # of bedrooms?


My 2018 refunds are sizable and want to put it away for risk free returns. Are high yield savings good enough? Any recos?


1031 exchange question - if I don’t identify a property within 45 days , can I get my funds back or do they hold it for 180 days?


Don’t give up!

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Anyone subleasing a studio or 1br in fidi/fulton area? Open to anything starting in december


Cognizant Tata Consultancy Infosys Impetus technologies inc
Impetus technologies inc
How Much in hand i will get in this salary break and pf will deducted from this only 1800 per month

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Anyone know where I can stream the gymnastics all-around tomorrow morning? My googling skills ain’t what they used to be


Anyone moved from IB to Corp dev at a tech company (Uber, Microsoft, Google etc) ? Wanna get a feel for hours and tc? All the articles and posts I see about Corp dev are dated


Is "loan depot" a legit company for home mortgage?


Why my Senior Manager enforces 40 hour week in our timesheets inspite of working 60+ hours👻👻

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Just found out someone who I considered a good friend is in the next county over illegally getting her hair done. I’m fuming but do I start a fight with her or just ghost her out of my life?


Hi ,
I am having an offer of 14.5 LPA in birlasoft and 17LPA with Capgemini.
I like the job profile offered by Birlasoft. But CTC is less than Capgemini.
Can I renegotiate with Birlasoft for the new offer. ?


Been having knee pains when I run... feels a bit swollen as well so trying to find a good doctor. Any recs?? Thank you!


Got my first job working retail! I'm so excited. I'm only 18 and I know it's not that much but I'm happy that I get to earn my very own money.


Additional Posts in Coforge

Anyone from coforge kolkata location for UK based client?Coforge howz work life balance and job security in coforge.



Having 2YOE as Pega Developer
Currently Serving notice period
Any Pega referrals?


Rented accommodation

Please suggest good areas to live near
Coforge office in Greater noida

Budget is not a constraint Coforge


Hi everyone,
I am a new joiner @ Coforge, joined on Nov 15th and still waiting for project allocation. What is the resource pool/bench policy for a new joiner, can anyone please help on this?


Having 2 offers in hand one is Capgemini’s(Hsbc) and Coforge(Hsbc). Both companies offered same package. Any suggestions for job security and onsite which one is good. Having 7 years of experience..

Is it good to join coforge from a product based company ?


Hi All,

Does anyone faced issue with
After Clearing 2 Rounds of interview they have put profile on hold


A quick check. How many of you got the project after joining in coforge? If you got the project is it same client which was promised while interview process? Please respond.

Hi Fishes, generally after how many days of L2 interview , will Coforge get back? Also are the profiles to coforge sourced via only@ inceptica?

Hows the appraisal number in coforge for this year ?? Nd also how much variable did you guys received ??

How long does coforge take in order to release the offer?

Has Coforoge provided joining bonus to anyone., if yes how much can we ask?

Hi All, I joined Coforge 2 weeks ago and was directly assigned Santander project, but yet to get work. I connected with one of RDG member and they told me to wait. Any ideas on how much time it takes to get work here?. I am bored now 😑.Coforge Coforge ltd

What is the hiring process in Coforge. 2nd round done on 22nd Feb for Santander project. Consultancy told mail for documentation will be share by HR, but no mail received yet. Any idea how much time it take?


Is coforge will have more clients in hyderabad for Java..

How is coforge as a company? How is job security?

Does Coforge has office in Pune?

Looking for lead network infrastructure and operations openings.
Yoe- 11
Cctc - 12.4lpa


Did anyone left coforge recently? I have to leave by next week, and company asked to courier their laptop back to office.


Hi Sharks ,

Need your suggestion , I am having a HR discussion tomorrow in Coforge .
How much should I ask for below profile .
CCTC : 15.8 LPA
Offer In hand : 20 LPA fix + 1.5 L JB IBM
YOE : 6.6
Tech : Bigdata , Spark and Scala


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