Does anyone have advice for generating leads/client acquisition? i’m starting my own law firm.

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If you could pick the perfect topic area for your next engagement/case, what would it be and why?

No saying “it’s about the project team”.


Have a true IIED case (negligent handling of corpse). Defendants defaulted and I am now considering the best course forward to get my client the best recovery. The easy route would be Default Judgment, but my concern is a judge may not be willing to make the type of award we are seeking. Alternatively could set the matter for trial only on damages since all allegations are admitted. Thoughts on best way to convince a judge to make a 7+ figure award in a Default Judgment?

Does EY provide Internet bill reimbursement across all projects? Or it depends on project?


How do referrals work?
If I get a referral from someone and I apply, then can I still reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn expressing interest in the role? And do I let them know that I already applied? I’m sure they get tons of messages so what should I say so that it won’t be overlooked?Im currently unemployed and very eager to get an entry level position in either HR, Marketing, or Project/Program Coordinator in the tech field, so any advice is greatly appreciated.


I have taught Pk-2 (full time aides) & SpEd inclusion K-8 with parapros. This will be my first time alone in a classroom of 27 3rd graders. What is your favorite project to do in 3rd??

Any one know that total comp for bcg dubai at project leader and manager level? Ideally split by base, housing allowance and target bonus.

I would be very grateful for the info


Fed/SC2, about 6 weeks into my third project since joining 1.5 yrs ago. Pretty much all I’ve done is PowerPoint. Build slides for a deliverable, rinse/repeat. Does it ever change? I need motivation

Hi Fishes

I have recently received offer from EY GDS Tax Project(Automation Testing). Role mentioned is Senior(Rank-42). Wanted to check is there any such role in EY GDS? If Yes, what is the budget range i have 8 YOE.

Also, can you share your experience in terms of wlb, hikes, work pressure, firing/job security, opportunities?

Have you ever hired someone that didn't live up to the work in their book?


Hi All,

I am 12 yoe, working at a very stable product based organisation (not NEC).
But I want to switch to a better role & compensation.

I got an offer from Thoughtworks GGN as a lead consultant. Being a mother, I have anxiety about joining TW, since it is service based.

1. Bcoz of the recession and hiring is not for specific project, is it the right time to join TW or is it risky w.r.t job security?
2. How flexible is TW for WFH or it depends on the client?
3. How is WLB?

Please help..

I have an interview for product development internship. Currently getting my masters for project management but really interested in this internship. This is a career change for me so I don’t have the technical background for the job but i also adapt very well to my surroundings. Any tips for the interview?


For SR Devs,

Hit my 5 year mark as .NET dev (I have much more skills than that btw ) On a very complex project in which I lost another dev bc attention was needed elsewhere.....

Impact of big 4 consulting in an data engineering career.

I recently started at one of the big 4 as a DE. So far I have seen some pretty poor coding practice, lack of version control and taking short cut everywhere. Every one also highly prefer no code ETL tool. I am a little worried that this environment is bad for a DE career.

Just wondering if this is just my project or is or project like that? I am considering switching after a few more months.


Hello All,

I got offer from wipro for DevOps engineer role wanted to know how is HDFC bank client ??


Looking for advice. I started a new job in Oct. and it’s been painfully slow. I’ve just now been put on my 2nd project, plus haven’t connected with anyone at the agency or the work as a whole. I just got offered a long term freelance gig with some former colleagues and know the work and the colleagues will be awesome. I’ll also be making in 4 months what I would make in a year at my salaried gig. Should I jump ship for the freelance job or stick w/ stability? What are some factors to consider?


I need to figure out what’s next for me! Experience lies within client management, media, and managing a team and my focus has been strictly pharma for the past 6+ years. Help! ❤️


Can I break into customer success with skills as a research analyst? Lots of customer / client facing experience in my current role


2+ years of experience and recently promoted to senior. Want to rework my external resume. Do I still include internships from my sophomore/junior year of college? Or make the page mostly project exp?


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Louisiana lawmakers advance bill classifying abortion as a homicide. What is going on? This is scary!

You’d think a 2x VP Sales, Online Sales Trainer, Consultant, Advisor and Podcaster would know better…..

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Hi, i am CA and MBA with 17 years of experience in finance field
I have expertise in MIS budgeting and planning and analytics
Currently actively looking out for job opportunity since my last working day with ICICI bank was March 2022.
Can anyone please refer me in TCS bPS


I’ve been out of work for 3.5 yrs. And I just got hired to b a customer service rep. (Which I have experience in) For a huge company. It is 100% remote, I am so excited to start, but I am freaking out because I have 2 kids, oldest is 3 and youngest is 1. Will I be able to do it ? I will have to b on the phone here and there. I’ve never wfh. I guess I’m asking for reassurance and experiences, as well as tips


I currently own a townhouse with 60k in equity and I’m looking to buy another house. Would it make sense to refi and use the equity for another house? I plan on renting the townhouse.


TCS follows 8/9 hour work policy ?


In need of advice!!!
I recently received an offer from a bigger plaintiff’s firm and I accepted (due to start on the 26th). Today I received another offer to go in-house but my title would be Admin. Asst. (they are offering the same pay as the firm).

For context: firm is civil lit and the Admin. Asst. is in IP.

What should I do???


I am getting small acnes near genital area. What type of a doctor do I need to see?


I know this isn’t the best bowl for this but I figured women may have more info - I’m considering moving into the fashion world and I’m looking for people who have made the move. Open to an ops role


Hello, I am a junior business administrator working in advisory operations. I have been with the company for 6 months, and was employed along with 2 other colleagues. I have picked the job up really fast and am even doing some “extra curricula’s” I really love my job. However I have recently found out I am being paid the same as an apprentice on my team, I usually do at 3 x the work he does whilst also doing my Cert CII. It has really disheartened me and I feel I should be earning more money


Currently interviewing for a Core Solution Engineering role at Salesforce (level is still tbd). Anyone know the pay ranges between Sr., Lead, Master levels? I’d like to be prepared if/when I get an offer


Interested to know, did your firms gave you a credit (or wbs) to buy home office supplies? I feel like the Accenture one was pretty low...


Can we take leaves while serving NP?


Has anyone started a staffing agency for a client? PC looking to open the agency potentially in CA, curious as to whether CA has more requirements for the agency versus other states? The agency will staff nurses nationwide.

PC is contemplating starting the business in CA or OH.


Best app to find non-casual female matches?

Tinder & Bumble seem all too superficial and casual.

Matrimony apps seem to target usage by families.

Anything we can use on our own to search and connect before it goes to parent level?


After joining tcs. How will you get the joining bonus. It is not mentioned in offer!

Hi, I had finished my technical and managerial round on May 25th and 26th with PWC. The manager did mention that there would be another in-person round in the PWC Bangalore office. Although the first 2 rounds went well, there has been no further response from HR. Is this a normal delay or should I think I didn't make it. Any thoughts?


Anyone here have parents with small businesses? I understand the language barrier, but my dad refuses to apply to loans / grants because it’s too much work. I am more than willing to help, but he has such a dismissive attitude and expects me to do magically do everything.


How long does it typically take to get your license after you pass your CPA exams and have enough years of work experience


Additional Posts in Criminal Defense Attorneys

Has anyone successfully moved their practice to a new state? I would like to get out of Texas but criminal defense is so jurisdiction specific, even at the federal level, that I’m worried I would have a hard time building up a practice with no connections.


Any advice for becoming a public defender in Southern California

Crim Def Atty in Southern Arizona.


I said what I said.

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I'm seriously tired of all the injustice done by cops. I've now caught several in blatant lies... On video or on record.

Maybe this is a mild vent but it gets really hard to defend cases where constitutional violations are just being overlooked especially in an area that favors cops! Ugh🥺


I’m currently in civil litigation but I’ve always loved the criminal defense law world. Does it make sense to go to a PD office to get trial experience to get my foot back in the criminal door?

Why aren’t there “large” criminal defense firms as there are with other types of law?


Does anyone turn over their Ring Camera footage to police? On the one hand I would like to help my neighbors. On the other hand I don’t want to help police/prosecution. Plus I don’t want to conflict myself out of cases. Just wondered what what y’all thought.

Disclaimer this is just a hypothetical and not a an actual dilemma (yet).

Client gets distracted driving ticket. Pros adds no ops charge but it’s not on the ticket. Issue or not? He hasn’t received a new ticket.

Does anyone have NY legal aid criminal.defense training materials??

Hi - How do you find out who is a top criminal defense healthcare attorney in your state?

What is the best way to transition from insurance defense to criminal defense? I’ve been working in ID for about a year and have never been more bored in my life. I want to be challenged and do interesting work, but I’m not sure how to get started with no experience. Currently living in Chicago.

I’m a new associate working for a well-known defense attorney in my state. On one hand, I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn from one of the best, but he also excoriates and belittles me for my mistakes. Any advice on how much it tolerable? I am here to learn and advance my career but he can be pretty nasty. (My mistakes are no worse than you’d expect a 1st year associate to make, in case you’re all wondering if I’m a major screw-up who deserves it) I leave work feeling a foot tall.

What're people using for practice management platforms these days? I'm using Clio.

About to file a writ of habeas corpus for client where I.C.E. detainer is not executed and bond was paid. Will judge revoke bond if he hears about I.C.E. detainer. I’m guessing he will after I file this. Thoughts?

Judge-shopping is frowned upon in most jurisdictions, if not actually prohibited in the local Bar rules or in legislation. So, how do you handle providing your client with necessary advice when you walk into court and see that Judge Hardass is presiding? A colleague of mine is currently facing a Bar discipline panel over warning off his client. What should you do in that situation?

Hi all. I’m trying to move from corporate biglaw to either private or public criminal defense. Is this transition likely? I’m a second year.

Looking for referrals to great criminal defense attorneys in Lee County Florida. Please comment or message me. Thx

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