Does anyone have any suggestions for landing a job? I thought that teachers were in high demand but I've applied for 23 jobs this summer & haven't heard from a single one. I update my cover letter every time to adhere to the specific school I'm applying for.. I've had a lot of experience (long term subs & 2 years as a prek teacher. I'm just wondering why I'm not getting anything! I have a master's in early childhood/my license is in PK-2. Any thoughts would be great 😃 thanks teacher community

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Make sure you have filled out the online application correctly. I realized that I clicked a response wrong.


if you can only teach to 2nd grade, that's your issue. Schools want teachers that can move from grade to grade and not have to worry about credentials not being good for the grade.

Schools are probably weeding you out on that.

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If you aren’t even getting called to interview, have someone in education who has been hired in the last 3 years look at your resume.


That's very helpful, thank you!!


Could it be the area you are looking in? Some states need teachers worse than others.


I hate to say it. Move to California. I’m legitimately not trying to be a smarta$$, negative, etc. Just being honest. If you look on EdJoin, the numbers in Cali are enormous. You would land employment.


Cali sounds wonderful. I’ve worked in Florida for almost 30 years and only make like 55k


Maybe it's that you are early elementary, so you grade levels are very limited.
I would call or email and follow up on some apps!


I just never know if that's too much or annoying! I have started to do that though, especially with applications that have been out for weeks with 0 conversation


Im not how close you are to Boston but Boston Public Schools is hiring for all positions! they just posted this memo.

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Trust that your skills are needed. The right door will open. Don't undersell yourself out of desperation. It sounds like you're bright and therefore overqualified and they know they'll have to pay you!! Keep searching, moving is an option, however you don't need a lot of interviews just the right one! Always follow up with a " Thank You for the opportunity to interview with your organization ....Let us know your success!


Thank you!!! This was definitely needed 😃


My guess is the PK-2 license. That eliminates a school that hires you from moving you at any point to grades 3-5 in elementary and 3-8 within the district. They’d prefer to hire someone who has a K-8 cert which enables them a lot more flexibility when giving assignments each school year. I’d suggest getting either your K-8 certification if you want to stay with the younger kids, or your 6-12 cert if you want middle or high school.


Massachusetts doesn’t have k-8. For most certifications your options are:
Pre k-2
Middle grade subject areas 5-8
High school subject area 8-12

There are exceptions for business/arts and special Ed.

That all being said, I agree. The OP should try to expand their certification.


So if you can’t on don’t want to move, I get that. You may have family, friends, children, or significant other that make it impossible for you to move.

It’s easy to say, but don’t doubt yourself. You will get a job, but it may take a year to get into the district of your choice. Don’t apply to schools where you really don’t want to teach. I know that’s against what most have suggested, but why would you work somewhere you don’t want to? Doesn’t make sense. Understand that your timing could be off; it happens.

Suggestions: Look over your applications and resume. Is it to wordy? Does your experience stand out? Is it too long? Have a principal look it over and give you suggestions. If there are certain districts you’d specifically like to work, start by subbing there. Get to know principal and other teachers and staff. Complete follow up calls to the top five districts where you want to teach. If you can, expand your certification. Look into being a guidance counselor with a few more classes. If you want to teach in the district you live or close by, talk to community members and have them drop a good word for you to other community members. Networking can really help.

Don’t give up! There will be a teacher shortage in all districts in the next 1-3 years. Time is on your side and soon you’ll be in the driver’s seat. Keep positive. You can do this!!


Check out Las Vegas. We need 200 more teachers.


Have you looked at applying to a Title 1 district?


Sounds like you basically have an early childhood development certification, so Head Start or a similar program would probably hire you, but I think the pay scale is a lot lower.


Check out New Mexico

It’s the area you are applying to. Many districts are hiring people with at least a bachelor’s.

That happened to me when I started teaching. My first few years of teaching were miserable to put it nicely. I agree, expand your search. Try also non-traditional schools. Another way to get your foot in the door is to be an aide. There are also job sites for education if you haven’t already gone on them. Remember, things happen for a reason.

Maryland, respectfully I disagree. Do not agree to be an aid. This person has a Masters, why should they be an aid? Also, because aids are in high demand she/he could be kept at an aids position because they are needed. Aids in my district, who have teaching credentials, are kept in the aid position and NEVER get a full time teaching gig.

One word: Florida.

We're in need :(

I’m curious…why do you say there is a reason for there need of teachers? Pay?

There are sooooooo many openings in New Jersey📙📙📙✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️

I would contact the CTC, Special education teachers, and primary teachers are an extremely high demand. If you’re willing to go back to school and put in at least 15 more years, it’s well worth the credential

Move to Texas

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EPAM referral drive (Available only till July 31st) - Java openings available for 3 to 10 years experience. Please DM me for referral.

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