Does fis insurance cover cataract surgery?

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Which company should I join
Brillio 10 Lpa fixed
CSG 11.5 LPA + 1 L joining bonus + 8% VP
NextGen healthcare: 12LPA + 1L VP

Please suggest me.


I’m trying to get my parents into adopting healthier eating habits but nothing is really sticking. Do you have any recommendations or like books I can give them to teach them what’s actually good to eat vs. falling for good marketing/ fads?


Anyone have experience as in-house counsel in healthcare tech at a F500? Can anyone speak to general WLB, pros and cons, general thoughts of working in this sector?


I have fallen into the trap of comparison ( works at a decent consulting firm, feels the need to go to MBB, wants a better salary, better title etc ) and it’s taking a toll in mental health. cont


California LCSW

I’m a licensed clinical social worker in Canada, moving to California in 4 months (LCSW transfer for CA in progress).

I currently have my own virtual practice in Canada and would like to relocate this to California. My question is, how difficult is the process of credentialing in-network with various insurance companies and do they provide reliable, consistent referrals if you are credentialed with them? Any other advice on building clients in a virtual space in CA is welcomed


How can I get a good paying job in healthcare administration??

I will soon have my masters in healthcare administration and I currently work for a hospital system as a patient service coordinator. I feel extremely undervalued on top of underpaid. I know that I am capable of more. Is there a space for young healthcare professionals to excel?


Been on pto since Dec 16. Check my utilization, only went down 2%. Woo!


Any thoughts if Virtusa would be better or HSBC India for life insurance domain as business analyst.

If Hope Hicks gave Trump Covid, he'll blame Obama.


Any thoughts on covid impact to LA’s wild pricey market? My pessimistic viewpoint is that economy will be hit hard by end of year and trying to think through downstream impacts. We are sitting on our downpayment and we’re in the market for but now very hesitant to stretch our budgets in any way.


Can someone comment on OW vs PwC’s hours and pay for the insurance field? Thanks PwC Oliver Wyman


TIAA do you have any opportunities onsite I am open to relocate domain life insurance QA

Curious what everyone's salary, OTE, and total comp is based on experience.

Assuming my review is good, should I ask for more base, higher OTE for a larger bonus, or more immediately vested equity?

Base: $130k
OTE: $190k
Health & dental: 100% covered
Fully remote
Equity after one year 25%, then accrued monthly for 3 years until 100% vested
YoE in SaaS: 3 years (worked in a different industry for 12 years)


Is there any branch of the service that you can join without having to get vaccinated against Covid-19?


I graduated in June with a dual BSBA in healthcare management and human resources management/organizational management and two associates degrees in business and arts. I have twelve years of experience as a certified clinical medical assistant.

I'm having trouble finding my first job as a healthcare manager. After submitting many applications and receiving so many rejection emails, I've become frustrated. Any advice anyone can give is greatly appreciated.


Evaluating a lateral move from a boutique firm to PwC Strategy& as an associate (A3) aligned to the HIA vertical. Any insight on types of clients / projects? I would come in with health system experience and it seems like most of the existing posts/questions are payor related.


I have been in dentistry for over 20 years. Started as an assistant, learned front office, became an insurance coordinator, office manager and even did a stint in oral surgery (was certified in anesthesia). How much should I be making in Green Bay, WI?


How many days GE healthcare HR takes to update on 1st interview feedback?let me know


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Does anyone really care about favors anymore? I swear I can't even remember whether or not the weddings I went to this summer had them, and if I can take something off of my planning to-do list, I'll be thrilled!


Checkin-in, how is everyone doing?


Noogler here. How is the Acrux headset on stuff? Is it worth getting or just BYO?


Reviews on BCG Platinion compared to Accenture Strategy & Consulting - Capability Network?


Is there any way to get Banana Republic Chinos a little cheaper than 100 a pair? I want to buy a couple of different colors and was wondering if there are bulk buy discounts anywhere.


Can my company make me serve ny notice period even if I want to pay for a buyout?

This is urgen

What would you choose? MBB (Digital practice) or Amazon PMT?

Background: T15 MBA student, 7YoE as Mech engineer, long term goal is to climb ladder in Tech, married and have a baby

Situation: I have a MBB and Amazon PMT offer for summer internship that I need to choose. MBB comes with FT offer, Amazon PMT will most likely result in return offer. If I go with MBB, I plan to exit to big Tech in 2-3 years. Y1 TC for both will be quite similar (around 230k).

Thank you in advance!


Hi Fishes,

I got an offer from TCS as Big data Tester with 3 years experience. My current CTC is 6.5LPA. How much should I quote when they ask for my expectations?

YOE: 3 Years
Role: Big data Tester/ ETL Tester

Thank you!

Do you all show your partners your lines before your CD? What if you and your partner like different lines? Do you show your CD even if your partner isnt in love w them?


Anyone from the PwC FDD Group willing to connect? Will be interviewing to this group from audit and want some honest feedback on their experience with it.


How is Crowdstrike as company to work?


Narcos season 2..I know what I'm doing this weekend


I am in final rounds with a company. They asked for my comp. expectations last week. I dodged this and got their range instead, which is lower than expected. They now want to chat about next (cont’d)

Hi Friends, I have 9.5 YOE in QA automation. And have been offered L7 with 35LPA. I have counter offer for 35LPA but hr is not ready to increase more than 35LPA for L7. What is maximum range for L7 level?


Is it painful for some people to type the six letters p, l, e, a, s, e?


How could one make the decision on winding down their startup or not?

We're in backend architecture targeting the defi market. We've got a few clients, ~50k revenue after starting a year ago w/ low overhead. Can't seem to get an investment to scale the team and am having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I value my team and I want to make sure they're learning and spending their time wisely, (continued)

We've had ~30 pitches with large to small microfunds in


How would be the work life balance of Lead engineer fullstack be?
Are they bombarded with work in FMR?

So hyper after taking my adhd meds. 🥹
Anyone else experience the same and how do you cope?


Has any of you experienced impostor syndrome? At 24, I’m making more than anyone else in my family ever did, and the reason is that I started learning English and working in tech at 16. I feel incredibly guilty and like I don’t deserve my income. I need to get over this to progress in my career. Thanks!


Additional Posts in FIS Global

My last working day is 28th June in
FIS Global.

What things I need to do , I didn't get any mail after putting resign till now regarding submission of assets or related to anything .

Kindly help what things we need to do or will get any info before lwd ??


I received laptop from FIS Global today but in kit only received laptop, charger , headset and bag . Mouse and ID CARD are not there ?

Any FISian joined recently and can help ? Is it fine or need to ask to anyone ?


Hi Fishes, got offer from FISglobal. Please help me with pros and cons. TIA.


Considering all aspects, Which company is better to join, FIS or Wolters Kluwer?


Is there probation period in FIS Global ? If yes how much notice need to serve in probation period in FIS Global ?

In my Offer letter nothing is mentioned about probation period , only notice period is mentioned.

After LWD , In how many days FIS will do my FNF settlement and will provide Relieving letter ??

I have returned my Joining Bonus with gst already before LWD as they requested.

Kindly tell whoever has left.


Hi Fishes,what r the no of working hours In FIS?


Hi, Can anyone give information on the hierarchy for QAs?

I have been given the role of " Senior Lead Engineer - Testing / InP - Software Test Analyst"

Also, how about AAF project. Ambit Asset Finance


Im going to join FIS Global on 25th as a Java dev. I have 3.9 years total exp, current company is TCS. what it will be like to join Fis and any risks? Could anyone give a brief about the culture and what it will be like in the first 1 year?. What I can find difficult as coming from a service based company?


Hello All,

I have recently joined
FIS Global around end of April. My mother recently met with an accident and she needs to be operated.
I haven't been able to update the anything regarding the insurance part yet on FIS portal.

Will my mother's treatment be covered under the insurance? If yes, what's the procedure for the same? What are the documents that I need to submit in order to claim the amount?

Can anyone please guide?


How is Ambit Asset Finance project from learning perspective? Asking since everything is internal. Internal frameworks and stuff. And since it's a huge project, people just get to work on chunks of it. How is it if you move out of FIS after working in this project?


Hi fishes Will work from home in FIS continue atleast upto Dec 2022? Any idea? FIS Global

I got offer in Bangalore FIS and my husband got an offer with one big company in Hyderabad. Both companies are currently WFH only but in future, I might have to consider moving to Hyderabad. Fis doesn't have office in Hyderabad so I was wondering if I can ask permanent WFH later. I guess I will be put in fis payment solution.

Thanks in advance. Kindly let me know. FIS Global


Hi All , What is the onboarding process in FIS global?.Do they ask for background verification before or after joining? FIS Global FIS Infosys


How much FIS can offer for senior software Engineer/ senior implementation conversation analayst.?

I have 3.5 years of experience and 3 months notice period.

Current package - 9 LPA
How much can I ask for ?


Can we login official teams and outlook from our personal mobile app in FIS ? I joined recently and wanted to check if that's okay and allowed.