Does Salesforce extend joining date? My current company usually relieves in 30 days but has asked me to continue for 15 more days as I am part of a critical project. My current joining date is 12th September, will my request be accepted if I ask HR to extend it to 1st week of October? TIA Salesforce

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What's the Salary range for Managers at KPMG India for a resource in Model development team (Credit risk modelling)?KPMG India


I have got an offer from Siemens Technology Services of 35.5 LPA for Pune location.

Position- PL8
YOE- 12.3

Is Siemens low-balling me or is this standard in Siemens for this experience?


How is the WLB and salary range for Senior consultant in Deloitte India consulting?
Is it worth joining?
Skill: ServiceNow
YoE: approx 7


What happened to Huge’s recruiting department? They seem to have really lost their touch.

IQVIA any tips for final round interviews? It’s for the MASC Associate position


Has anyone heard of Rockwood Consulting? Thoughts?


Hello, can somebody Tell me something about the career levels for developers at ACN Technology? I got Business Consulting background (2 years) and switched to software engineering at ACN (after my part time studies) and wonder if it’s possible to get to MD?

Hi friends,
Need Help
Is there anyone from Accenture who is working on Merck Sustainment project. Need to ask few question regarding the project.
Please respone and help.


How much does a research scientist make at Facebook?

Hi @All,
Please share your thoughts on the company name - '
Infinite Computer Solutions ' ? 😐
How is WLB & other things there as per your experience you might know ?
I have no option but to join that .


Hey fishes, would be joining PwC AC DDVIT team in some time. I have some questions:

1. Is the PwC AC DDVIT team same as Strategy& or these two operate differently?
2. How is the overall worklife balance for PwC DDVIT team?
3. What are some some good benefits in PwC AC (monetary/non-monetary)
4. How much time does an associate 2 take to get promoted to senior associate?
5. Are there on-site traveling opportunities? And is it only to US or European countries as well?


You guys, I could really use some help. I have an interview for a Senior Admin Assistant with a Deloitte Practitioner and I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with this. Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated ! I’m in my second round of interviews with the company.


If someone gets an offer from IHS, will that person be considered employee of S&P Global or IHS?

As the merger has happened and many people say they are one now.

It is very confusing


Hi, I applied for the data analyst position at Agoda Bangkok and I have my interview scheduled next week. If anyone here who has gone through the interview process at Agoda, kindly let me know what kind of questions to expect.

Any referrals will be very much appreciated.


Does Pwc AC have an office in Hyderabad?? For employees from Hyderabad is it like permanent WFH?? PwC Pwc AC PwC India


I am starting interview with a recruiter at Google for Program Manager role. How do I approach the salary expectation question since I don't know the level? Any advice?


What is the approx salary band for a Senior Consultant with 5 Years of Experience in @PWC AC Kolkata?

Tech Skills: Guidewire, Selenium,Cypress,Java

Thanks in advance.


Fixed offered as 36 lpa. What shall be the inhand in CBA. TIA


Hi Guys, just started a new job and they want me to build an Gannt chart in Excel. I have experience in P6... but excel seems to be a lot of work with little customization. I downloaded an app, but am still have trouble showing all the info in a zoomedout view to give leadership a high-level snapshot of a 6 to 10 month project. Does anyone have a customizable spreadsheet they can share that let's me gets into the weeds, but also shows a high level view for executives?


Is it allowed to do freelancing while being employed as full time employee at PS. I want to start it, but i am worried if I get caught, is anyone doing such project?

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I see a need in the current state of things where an agency and client may need some projects shot with minimal crew and a solid reputation, possibly a webcam fpr agency to interact. Anyone?


Can an inconclusive FS Poly affect my TS-SCI?


anyone here use a sauna tent? Have any recommendations for one? Looking for in the $200 range.


I have to revert a scale of 1-13 to 1-5, any advice on how to do / automate this? TIA 🙌🏽


What ever happened to Seann William Scott? Kinda disappeared randomly


I'm in a rut. Bored with my job and projects so I don't give my best and don't care when I'm not performing top notch. Also in my late 20s and just went through a breakup. How do I pick myself up.


I have an interview scheduled with infosys. My CCTC is 16 and holding an offer will infosys be able to provide at least my current ctc.... Yoe 3

How much does a SAS developer make?


I live in NYC and I would like some live house plants. I don’t get much light - any tips? Everything I get dies, including cactus


Looking to pivot from consulting to a product analyst role, operations and strategy, or some form of those. Is anyone able to give me a referral? Tyia!


Hey Fishes,

Need one advice. I have 2 offers as mentioned below

EY GDS - Business Analyst - 18 lpa Reliance JIO - Product Manager - 22 lpa

YOE : 4.9 years

Kindly let me know which one should I go for and why ?

It would be of great help !


EY Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited Larsen & Toubro Infotech Tata Consultancy Deloitte USI KPMG India KPMG PwC Optum


Does anyone know what the approx. TC range is for investment analysts/associates at ARK Investment Management? Any other feedback from people you know who work there?


UX Designers: What’s your daily workflow like (for an associate/junior level designer? I just got my first job and an beyond excited and nervous 😅


After having attended a few interviews, I have seen the HRs sending a message stating that they have moved ahead with other candidates and have asked if I need any sort of feedback from them regarding my assessments/interviews. When I actually do request them to provide feedback, I get nothing back from them. Not sure if this has happened to other candidates, but am I wrong in asking feedback? I think such feedback would help us prepare better for our upcoming interviews.


Hi guys, anyone know any good recruiters for mid/senior Project or PMO roles in London? Any recommendations would be hugely appreciated!!


I currently have 13 years of experience as .NET backend developer and I am looking for jobs in JPMorgan Chase/ Morgan Stanley/CITI. If someone can help me with referrals it would be helpful.


Can someone tell me in Robert Bosch, for Sap Hybris or any other SAP practice, Do they have only internal projects for their B2B sites? or Robert Bosch / Bosch also provides Sap services to clients like any other service base company like Deloitte Tata Consultancy Capgemini ?


When is trump’s China announcement happening?


Hello Everyone,
I am a React JS developer having 4.1 years of experience. I request everyone to refer me if you have any vacancies for this role in your organization.


Additional Posts in Salesforce Job Opportunities

IBM is hiring below positions, if anyone interested DM

SFDC - B2B commerce cloud (4+exp)
SFDC - service cloud(4+exp)
SFDC- FSL(4+ exp)
Salesforce developer (4+ exp)
Vlocity developers (2+ exp)


Hi everyone,

I am looking for a switch in Customer Success / account management role in Salesforce.

I have 6+ Yoe in sales, marketing and partnership domain and currently working as a CSM for 75+ brands including enterprise businesses.

I will be highly obliged if anyone can refer me for an opening.


What are future job prospects after joining as a technical support Engineer at salesforce. How can I improve myself during the job for better prospects? Salesforce


Hi everyone! I’m currently recruiting Salesforce Developers and Architects for both full time and consulting remote roles nationwide. If you’re on the market and would like to connect - please reach out! Here to network and be a career resource. Pay is extremely open since this is such a hot skill set right now!


Hi, I am currently working in telecom domain. I want to switch tech to Salesforce. Which is the best course to learn in Salesforce which have quite good scope in future.
Developer or administrator? Please help.


Hi guys !
How do i make my apex really strong?
I face problems with maps and how to get the optmised code.
Is there any practice site or set of questions which can help me improve my apex skills?


Hello Fishes,

I'm planning to make a career shift from management consulting to Salesforce

I have 4 years of experience in management consulting with a CTC of 8.4LPA and I'm not having any IT background.

Please suggest something.


I have joined techM on previous year july , now I got an opportunity in wipro and Capgemini.
I didn't put the resignation yet ,I planned to do that today but now I got a client appreciation mail , I am really confused after this appreciation from client , whether it is really good to get out of techM now or not ?
I got better package than techM in other companies.

I also have a doubt , where and when will we receive our ratings in mail or in any of the techM sites ??


#SalesforceDeveloper Job opening 1-6 years.

Ping me for refferal.

Job description :

#SalesforceJobs #Hiring

Trailhead link
Experience total & salesforce
Current ctc & expected
Notice period/ expected joining date

Email :

And resume

Post Photo

How much package Salesforce can offer for Technical Architect role? YOE is 12+ years. Does Salesforce has Variable pay in CTC and if any extra benefits provided?


I have resigned from WIPRO after 1 yoe because I have an offer of 7 LPA from a startup for Salesforce Developer position.
Now Wipro is giving me some bonus of 3.5 L and I'll be having a hike of 10 percent in June 2023 and my CTC will be updated after completion of 1 year of taking the bonus in Feb 2022. Also this is the only offer I have as of now plus there's no proper work I am doing in WIPRO that should be doing in start of career.What should I do?
Note : I am favouring startup because of learning..


Hi Fishes, Recently got offer from Salesforce as an Technical Salesforce Support Engineer. Can you please share what actually it is. I'm from java background YOE 2.

I'm confused which one have to choose one hand I'm holding LTI offer as Java developer.

Any job opening for Salesforce Developer for Pune location? YOE: 5.4

How many days of preparations needed to get PD1 certification? And how can I prepare ?

Will the demand for salesforce developer increase in next one year ?

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