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Have you talked with your RL?

No it will not work out. They knew everything!!

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Does anyone remember agency spy and that one time the CVS client showed up in the comments section and attempted to defend herself from the endless agency complaints but ended up digging herself more deeply in a hole? Anyone know where I can find that chain?


Consultant role in Deloitte USI (F&EP Team) Vs KPMG Global Services (IT Advisory- EPM Team)

Deloitte USI: 13L + 4L JB

YoE: 4.5
Tech Stack: EPM

Which one will be the better choice In terms of:
1. Bonus and Increments
2. WLB
3. Type of work (back-end/client-facing)
4. Professional growth
5. Any other relevant factors

Please share your experiences?

Is there anyone who have worked on internal project of lti?? How's the work pressure?


Anyone here a Client Onboarding Associate for an RIA? We have YE reviews coming up soon. I’m pretty sure I am a shoe in for a promotion, but in case I don’t get it (god-forbid), what is the going salary for this position? I would definitely ask for a raise and a merit bass bonus, so I want to gauge what you all think a good salary is for this role. Any thoughts? Oh! I am also based in NYC.


I’m a Senior Project Manager at an engineering consulting firm - I don’t have my PE as of yet and my compensation is $100k + bonus. Just a bit of background, at my firm a Senior PM is someone with 8+ years exp. I have 10 years experience and on track to making Principal in a couple of months. I seriously think I’m on the low end of the salary range as a Senior PM. What’s a typical Senior PM or Principal compensation in your firm?


I have worked 2 years as an HR Generalist for a large tech company. My position is HR but it is seen more as a glorified customer service position (call center). It has become unbearable & every opportunity I have taken for internal movement has been denied. I was offered a less stressful & more flexible HR temp position with less pay. My goal is to change HR career to a new field. Any recommendations I can take to set myself up for a change in career from HR to sales?


Is it worth jumping to private for same money but better work life balance? I only just received a raise in August but got a job offer with fewer hours. It’s on a much smaller team (1 person I report to) v my team of about 20 at BDO


Hey all! I am currently a student in my final year of complete a Computer Science undergrad degree and am currently looking applying to remote college graduate positions in software engineering/development. Does anyone have any advice for landing a position (or a position they could help me land <3)?

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What will be the fixed pay for an in-house promotee to TL in ATCI? Having said that spent 6 years in same project


Hey Fishes,

How will be the client round for Senior Test Engineer for Walmart in Coforge.

Please help me on this...


I’ve been working at my current company for 11 years, for the past year I have been waiting for a promised promotion. I have been fully remote for 7 years pretty much good work life. Busy. In April they said I have the job still waiting. I am a project accountant III to a finance business manager.Could be long nights &stress. Still unknown pay maybe 20k increase.. Last week I was offered a govt job at NGA (Budget analyst) 40k increase not guaranteed remote. 45 min drive +retirement


Should an employment lawyer consider getting a PHR/SPHR certificate? Is it worthwhile?
A lot of in house opportunities seem to be looking for them


Hi Fishes,

Please help me choose an offer,


17LPA CTC including 1.27 Variable (Paid 100% usually)


13.24 L Fixed
2.78 Performance bonus (Usually paid 50-60%)
1.3 L Skill bonus (This I think they can be remove anytime)

Both are for same location
YOE : 5.2
Domain : Cybersecurity

With Wipro it was a client interview (Blackstone) and Accenture is a bench allocation initially.

I would really appreciate if you can share your thoughts.


My current title is Buyer. I handle the purchasing of the larger categories of direct materials and train any new Buyers. I also manage outsourcing and quoting of raw materials for new business, among other things.

I am looking at taking over capacity planning for manufacturing, while keeping my previous responsibility.

What could I suggest for a new title/promotion? There isn't an existing position that I would be filling, and I want to show career growth on my resume.

Can someone please tell me what is advance tax analyst rank 44 role in EY gds?

How do you find test subjects for your research project? What kind of incentives do you like to offer?


Hi fishes good morning. I joiner CapG on 26th may 2021 as a Associate consultant.  Till this date i got appraisal as well as promotion also.
But this is not sufficient  for a 5 year experience Data Engineer. So i resigned on 12 th june 2022. My current CTC is 9 lpa and i asked them 15lpa for retain. Everything is fine from my Capgemini manager and client manager. Only i am expecting HR Call and that will happen next week as my manager said. Any suggestion what will be next CTC ? Thanks All

Fellow consultants, need your opinion. I am an IT generalist (worked hands on in DW/ETL in the first five years of my career). Since then I have delved in application and infrastructure audits, PMO roles, financial side of operations including outsourcing and COIs. To get better exit opportunities which areas would you suggest I should focus on? I have exposure to usage of cloud, AI/ML, ERPs and all underlying infrastructure.


Probabilities of going to MBB after 2 yrs at DD and then Accenture Management Consulting for 1-2 yrs?


I have an offer from infosys for business analyst role and from cerence for technical requirements and defect manager role... infosys is offering associate consultant role and cerence is giving senior project manager role...need some suggestions on the organization i should opt for...

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Do thank you notes even help? I usually thank them at the end of the interview so it seems a bit too extra to send another email.


Any recommendations for restaurants in St. John and St. Thomas (both casual and upscale).


Hi, looking for some advice. I’ve been a medical assistant for 10 years, and am finishing up my bachelor’s in healthcare management. However finding hard looking for practice or office manager positions, as they’re looking for people with 3+ years of management experience. How can I get an organization to take the chance to invest in me and give me the opportunity to prove I have what it takes. We all have to start somewhere.


Anyone work at Veeva Crossix?


Can anyone give me a referral at KPMG, EY, PWC or Guidehouse? Looking into sr assoc level in audit and state and local consulting.


I have offers from PWC India and EY GDS. Tech - cybersecurity risk consulting. Pay is nearly same. Which one should I choose for better growth and wlb? EY PwC India PwC

24, a decent amount of savings in the bank. I’m sort of interested in buying a property in the next few years.
Is this a good or bad idea? I live in Ny area, so obviously the city would probably be too expensive to buy any property. Would probably have to buy further out in westchester, Long Island, maybe connecticut or NJ. If I buy, should I be living there? Or should I rent it out until I’m ready to live there (assuming it’s a bit further from the city). Very early stages of just thinking


Does anyone have insight into lateraling into NY BigLaw from regional BigLaw? I am a mid level restructuring associate that has worked on big cases all around the country. But, I’m wondering if there’s a barrier to entry that I may not be aware of...


CFP study tips? Just started program this week.


How will the technical round at Morgan Stanley be? YOE: 5 years java, spring boot tech stack,need to crack this badly


How do I get into consulting? I’ve literally gotten referrals for 3/4 B4 companies and still can’t get in. Does anyone have any advice?

Looking for a credit analyst relates job that pays minimum of 80K - 100k in Los Angeles. Open to work from the office .


How does your company integrate solution/application design with visual/UI/UX design?


Milgauss 116400GV or Explorer 214270, both with papers. Which would you choose?


Hi folks,

Anyone here who is CIS-HR certified.
I need dumps for exam preparation.
Please reply to this post.

Landed my dream job after being at big4 for three years. They used me but I was able to use their brand to land me my dream gig. #blessed #hardworkpaysoff


How to have safe environment- when health office is small, only 1 entrance? Best way to fit students in classrooms with desks 6’ apart?

How well are ATK and Oliver Wyman known in Toronto / Canada? From what I understand they mainly have presence in US. Is that true? Do people hired out of Toronto offices work on US projects (mostly)? How do their salaries equate?


Are y’all safe after the tornadoes?


Additional Posts in PWC AC BLR

How much time will it take for background verification in PWC?

Hi, How is the 1) PwC Sdc WLB in bangalore 2) Average hike 3) Shift allowance Morning/Afternoon/Night allowance PwC India PwC India


Hello, i have offer from PWC SDC Banglore, I asked for salary revision based on counter offer, HR agreed but said revised offer letter will be shared next day after joining and mail confirmation will be given a week prior to joining date.

Is this the practice of compansation revision for new joiners at pwc SdC banglore?

Please help.

I have submitted needed docs to HR as per request. When can I expect salary discussion/ offer letter?

What is the difference between IFS and non IFS projects in pwc. Which will be better?


Anyone joining PwC AC Banglore on 6th September?
Have you got any mail for a laptop or any onboarding details?

Hi All, Offers in hand Accenture 24 Lpa fix + 27% var PwC 24 fix + 20% bonus Tech - GCP, devops, terraform, Kubernetes 6 yoe Which firm should I prefer in terms of good projects,wlb and growth.Accenture Tata Consultancy PwC


How many days/month/weeks does it take PWC AC to generate offer letter once they have collected all the documents? Would be very helpful information.

Pwc AC
I am an Software Engineer Analyst in my current organization yoe 2.8 years, and is offered an Associate L2 position in big4.
Is it correct position to go with according to my yoe or I should apply for senior associate?? Please suggest.

How much to expect from PWC ac Bangalore IN TERMS OF SALARY if I'm having 6 yoe, 17.62 lpa of FIXED CTC . Position applied for SA


Hi everyone, I was wondering if PwC AC sponsor’s exams like the CFA


Bhai ye Pwc(Us) , Pwc Bangalore alag alag hai kya


Hello Fishes,

How is the role -Project Support Specialist ( Learning Studio) in terms of work-life balance and CTC. What is the pay range being offered ? Also, is there scope for growth in this role?

Thanks in advance 🙂

How long will PWC take to complete personal independence clearance.?


What are the perks offers by PWC for SA roles other than monthly fixed salary

Which is best to join between PWC AC Bangalore with permanent wfh and NTT Data business solutions with hybrid work. Salary is almost same : NTT data - 24 LPA fixed and no variable. Where as PWC 21 LPA fixed with upto 20% variable. YOE is 7 years in SAP SD functional consultant.

Is HDFC bank account mandatory for pwc ac Bangalore as salary account? Currently I have icici as my salary account.


My joining in pwc got extended for a week and i haven't requested for the same.. is there any specific reason or should i need to look for some other offer. I am bit worried and confused