Early in my career but looking to leave consulting for a startup. Anyone know of any startups that are hiring right now or could use an extra hand? I have experience in product and digital strategy

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I’m currently based in Dallas. Open to any opportunities

I joined as a solutions engineer for a unicorn startup. Doubled my salary at the same time (OTE). 500k to 500 employees. I recommend getting to understand the startups in your space, then finding a referral. Angel list, LinkedIn for cold job apps if you choose that route, but understand the product and what you can do for them.

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Hi Fishes,

Are there any openings for mulesoft developer in Salesforce india (gurgaon location ) ?

Made a wrong call moving to my current place after 5y/e in consulting. Was basically mislead about the position I’d be going in at.

Interested to get the thoughts of fishes who have been in a similar position. What is a respectable amount of time to stay before handing in my notice to not create a CV issue to explain away in the future?


🍂November JOB THREAD!

Do you know of an opening or opportunity?

Share it in the comments below! Help another Fish. 🤝


Hey guys ,I am looking for a job change . Currently working with EY GDS Hyderabad as statutory Auditor with an exp of 2.3 years .Do let me know in case you are aware of any openings and help me with the reference.Currentlt serving my notice period.

Thanks in advance .


Any openings for SAP PM Consultant?
Yoe- 4-5

Hi Folks
I have been offered a position of Senior Developer- Senior Associate 1 in PwC AC Bangalore with 19LPA fixed.
I would like to understand what this role is. I am currently a Consultant in EY with 5.8 YoE. Am I being lowballed by PwC? Or is this fair?
Also HR said that I can work from Anywhere so it means I need not relocate. Is this true?
Any clarity would be appreciated!


Hi All,
I have around 10 years experience in IT industry, mainly on QA automation. I have experience with
PwC and Deloitte in the USA.
My I797 expired, however I have 10 months remaining on initial 6 year period. I’m looking for opportunities in US for getting H1B/L1. I’m open for positions in India initially as well. I’m well versed with Salesforce too. Any suggestions are really appreciated Accenture PwC EY KPMG Capgemini Salesforce

Has anyone interviewed with CVS for the analytics consultant position? I have final rounds next week


Hey folks, anybody willing to refer me for consulting position at MBB, Kearney, OW, EYP, S&.

I have more than 2 years of experience in market research firm and have worked in a startup in UK and Germany.

I had passed the CV screening at Bain, LEK and S& London offices last year. I will share the SS for credibility :)

I am happy to have quick chat.


Anyone exit or know of anyone who have exited to Palo Alto Networks? In the process now and curious to get some insight.


Is Mckinsey still hiring or is there a hiring freeze for generalist Associate roles not out of campus?


Hi! I’m a Senior designer (8+years XP) with also a short experience (<2years) in Product management and Team Management.
I’m in a recruitment process for a Product manager position that seems very exciting to me, but the company didn’t give me their salary budget yet. My question is: do you think I can pretend to a senior-level salary given my profile, like I’d do if the position was Product designer? Or should I think of potentially having to downgrade from my current salary?
Thank you all!


Hi all, I got an interview for a Corporate Banking Analyst one position at Wells Fargo. Any ideas/tips on how to prepare? Coming from a commercial banking credit analyst background. I’ve been preparing as if it were an investment banking interview. Any insights on the technical/behavioral questions I should expect? Thanks! Wells Fargo JPMorgan Chase Bank of America


Anyone work at Booz Allen Hamilton in public health consulting? I am interested in joining at the junior level as I make a career pivot. Would be great to chat and possibly get a referral!

Does anyone at Atlassian (or who knows someone at Atlassian) have news on the hiring slowdown? Any updates on which business units / orgs / positions the company will continue hiring for? Or if it is actually going to be a hiring *freeze*? I did a final round interview with Atlassian that went well and I'm hoping to hear back soon...


What are exit opportunities for Technology Strategy and Transformation besides consulting companies?

I feel like there are very few roles and companies that would find value in the strategy work I do, especially for non executive level roles.


Hello folks,
Can any refer me in BCG for Finance Associate role.
Thanks in advance


Anybody working for Genpact? Need a referral and also have some questions related to R2R field.


Hi all,
Wanted to know the range of salary for consultant specialist role? Yoe 10+

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Is Barclay's a good bank for to work for? I want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly!


What was your approximate pay every year from graduating college to now??
I’ll start
2013-$65k base, $3k bonus
2014-$68k base, $4k bonus
2015-$72k base, $4k bonus
2016-$76k base, $5k bonus
2017-$80k base, $5k bonus
2018-$85k base, $6k bonus
2019-$145k base, $8k bonus
2020-$165k base, $20k bonus
2021-$170k base, $45k bonus
2022- $180k base, $100k bonus


Looking to gain an understanding of Demand Gen Manager (marketing) roles and typical salaries. I have 7+ years of experience but also have a very nontraditional background so it seems hard to be considered for director level roles and above.

If anyone has insight into standard salaries for this type of role I’d appreciate the insight. Currently making 100k with stellar benefits.


Hey there -

Off the cuff -

My kidlet is a frosh in HS - she has wanted to be a surgeon since she was 3 - the last year or so, she's started specifying trauma surgery.

So... what's a good med school to track into a strong trauma residency? My second dad talks about Presbyterian in NYC as awesome.. but am trying to get an understanding of options to help degap her own research.

What matters?

Thanks a bunch!


Why do people think Java is dead when a lot of companies still uses it?


Does anyone have any benchmarks on how to estimate the actual reach on organic tweets? Any insight would be super helpful!

What are some of your favorite historical fiction books you've incorporated into your lessons? I love The Book Thief!

I've applied for more than 200 positions for Software Engineer and Software Developer roles. I'm a Master's student in CS at TAMU. I see many of my peers getting offers from very good companies but never share their process of applying. Can someone help me what's wrong in my application?


Hey folks,

I have Decision Scientist offer from
Fractal (15+2JB)
And Senior Analyst (Data Science) from Tiger Analytics (15.5+1JB)

Which shall be a better choice in terms of Data Science learning?

I suspect Decision Scientist shall be more towards consulting and less towards development.
Anybody has any inputs that can help?


Art directors, what level of mastery do you have graphic design wise, how long did it take to get there and do you have any courses you’ve taken that you swear by?

I’m looking to switch to art direction and want to continue growing my skills in Adobe but there’s so many different courses out there. Any suggestions are very appreciated!


Anyone go from big four tax (especially international tax) to FAANG? How was the process?


What is the cringiest office moment you ever witnessed happen?


Considering a move to Denver from Austin, TX. Pretty tired of the heat and regressive politics of Texas. Curious to know if anyone in the Denver bowl moved from Austin, how they feel about it, and what they’d say to someone who was considering the move.


So, if your previous passport was issued in the US, you can’t renew it under Tatkal in India because they ‘don’t have the data’. I can’t understand how they don’t have a centralized database for this


Hi Fishes,
Can anyone please refer me
Deloitte USI for analyst position for job id 123534


Does Capgemini has office in Kochi. I got client work location as Kochi.


Received a job offer from Grassi. Thoughts on the firm? I’ve read some mix reviews.


Need to activate my DM feature to be able to network. Would appreciate some likes on this post.

Looking for Summer 2022 Full time roles once I finish MS in Business Analytics ~ 5YOE in risk and data. Would appreciate any guidance/tips/referrals.


Have an interview for a product manager role that has a focus on cyber and threats. What kind of questions should I prepare for? Really want to nail this call.


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Kind of a random question I know, and it makes me laugh a little, but here it is.

Would you buy whole potatoes 🥔🥔 on the internet?

Where do you normally buy potatoes? And can you see a situation where you would buy potatoes online.


Folks who used a promissory note in the past, how secure are they? The intent is avoid litigation and recover money using a security instead.

Under the security section, do you enter the property full address? If the security is a vehicle instead what should be captured?

Finally, is it required to notarize the document to make it valid? Thanks!


Looking to learn more about the trucking industry, specifically semi trucks. I’m looking into buying one in sometime in 2023 for another source of income but not sure where to start getting reliable information.



Hey guys I thought it might be useful to start a thread on returns to side hustle investment.
I will start
1)franchisee of popular clothing brand (store + online in area)
Initial investment:usd 200k (stock plus fitout plus rent for 12 months)
Run rate revenue: ~2m
Run rate profit: 40k annually (20%)
Years to reach runrate: 2 years
Major costs: labour, marketing and rent


How could one make the decision on winding down their startup or not?

We're in backend architecture targeting the defi market. We've got a few clients, ~50k revenue after starting a year ago w/ low overhead. Can't seem to get an investment to scale the team and am having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I value my team and I want to make sure they're learning and spending their time wisely, (continued)

We've had ~30 pitches with large to small microfunds in


Recommendations on the best podcast, book, or other medium to learn more about “entrepreneurship through acquisition”?


What are the key things to look for when interviewing at a series C startup?


Happy to help or partner with fellow consultants who are starting up. Excellent at technology product development Web & Mobile Apps. UI/UX & Wireframes.


Anyone that started with a small e-commerce business and small budget (under $5k), what were some of the key factors in growing your business and increasing revenue?


My husband and I just started a side business not related to our day jobs. I’m looking for advice on adding a position on my LinkedIn profile. Is it a bad idea to list while we’re still financially dependent on our day jobs? Is getting the business name and info out to my network worth the risk? All opinions are welcome!


I launched a small business last year. DTC dog product. We just received notice that our TM has been rejected. The advice received from an IP attorney from UpWork was less than ideal 😑. Is there anyone with Trademark experience that would be willing to chat for 15 minutes? Thank you!!


I’m wondering if anyone with experience pitching for funding would be down to chat with me about how you’d reimagine your pitch process and materials around a music industry startup, to tailor the startup funding concept to music



I’m developing a budding non-profit that deals with music and art here in Brooklyn, New York. I would love to meet a few people who are in the non-profit space to be a guide while I transition into this new world. Any advice will be beautiful!


Hello fish, need help. I recently lost $16k in a startup company and now looking to make up for the losses. Can you recommend any freelance sort of work that I can do to recover this money over a period of 6 months? TIA!


Any good recommended books on how to build a scalable product and team? I'm looking for recommendations for two areas: 1) in general laying the groundwork in a startup to have the tools and especially processes in place to scale, and 2) tactical focus on building a SaaS project. I've been promoted into a management role from Dev roots, so need to learn more PM processes to be an effective manager in day job, plus would like to start building my own SaaS solution.


How good of an indicator is having funding led by a Tier 1 VC? Ex. Tiger or Sequoia