{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "Feeling a little bummed that I’m at work today and not at the climate strike. \n\nHow much do you think abt climate change? Do you take steps to lower your impact? \n\nShld we refuse fossil fuel business?", "post_id": "5d84deb6ffcd06002474914f", "reply_count": 195, "vote_count": 96, "bowl_id": "552d1d24dc1c586b09d2d051", "bowl_name": "Consulting", "feed_type": "crowd" }

Feeling a little bummed that I’m at work today and not at the climate strike.

How much do you think abt climate change? Do you take steps to lower your impact?

Shld we refuse fossil fuel business?

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The truth about energy is that... the humans desperately need it and producing it requires sacrifices.

The 2018 BP Energy Outlook, demonstrates that:
1. By 2040 the world will need ~40% more energy than in 2010
2. The rich OECD countries will curb their energy hunger. Well, now that they are rich, they can afford to...
3. The not-so-rich counties will double their energy requirements, compared to 2010... As countries grow richer, they need more transportation, housing, clothing, heat, air conditioning, medicine, healthy food. They will eventually become so rich that they will start paying attention to how they produce energy... (see Environmental Kuznetz Curve... for those inclined to theory)
4. Now comes the really difficult part (for some): over 75% of energy in 2040 will be produced from coal, oil and gas.

I’m not sure if anti fossil activists realize how much our lives rely on products made of fossil fuels? Transport, Roads, Clothing, Heating, A/C - and would be willing to give up all ( or even small part) of that. I’m not for the complete overhaul of one energy source for another but rather a better distribution of various sources of energy. Hence before you start shouting from the top of the mountain about how bad fuel is - think about the benefits that it brings you.


definitely laughed at our Californian and that definitely false 100% daytime solar. great laugh there. not a chance that's accurate.


This entire thread makes me realize why fighting climate change is going to be such a huge problem. Basic ignorance (CO2 is not pollution), let them do it first (China and India pollute more), or just general indifference.

While I’m not a big fan of one day protests and back to same lifestyle for the rest of the year (happy to hear other opinions), I think making small but effective lifestyle changes to gradually reduce carbon is the way to go. Simple examples:

1. Eat one extra vegetarian meal a week.
2. Stop drinking bottled water. I can assure you that 99% of us live with 50ft feet of a clean source of drinking water at any given point of time.
3. Combine trips/car pool where possible.

I personally don’t believe in the extreme idea of ‘dur hur, stop supporting fossil fuel companies’ cos our lives still very much depend on it. The key is to make gradual changes, as opposed to one day protests or sweeping statements.

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Yes, please refuse any business that uses fossil fuels. That will remove one more bid competitor for me.


Changing what you choose to eat is a great first step to lower your impact every day. Less meat, more locally grown.


when it is naturally grown beef and is humanely practiced. still. we eat much more meat than we need. reducing consumption and waste with all of the products we use will help. moderation is key.


Let's just implement a carbon tax and be done with it. Too much CO2 still? Higher carbon tax.

Gratz to Canada on getting one.


Stop flying then and go work for a climate change lobbyist or non-profit. Nobody is forcing you to make these choices.


To expand on D3 - we are all on a journey learning how serious the climate emergency is. It’s not possible to instantly change your job. Having said that, I moved from a consulting role in oil and gas at another firm specifically because of climate change. The firm was so concerned I cited that reason that I had 3 exit interviews with increasingly senior HR directors right up to the Global HRD for the industry group.


Next time remember this feeling and take the time out to join the protests. I promise you nothing feels better than taking action. This is a longer-term war. Don't worry that you missed this battle, but remember this feeling so you don't miss it again! Activism is a more important first step than personal action, tho of course one follows the other.


Childish pwc7 & D10. That fact 30x less people have responded to your comment shows you’re both thankfully a tiny ignorant minority. Go read about Ghandi, Mandela and the suffragettes and then try and tell us that protest doesn’t work.

as long as Americans keep buying larger cars, bigger homes, more stuff that has to be shipped (including bottled water) and shunning public transit it's just a marketing campaign and a political slogan.

people favor action until it comes for them and their part.


A2, outsourcing your CO2 production is not exactly making the world a better place... Considering that a ton of stuff is produced in India and China and then imported into the US.... Consumption on a per capita basis would be a better indicator


Carbon dioxide is not pollution tho. But if it was, you guys realize china and india create insanely larger amounts of it than the US. But it’s US culture to blame ourselves for everything


I certainly support anyone who feels we are on a path to man made climate catastrophe to stop having children.


At least these are digital posts and not paper ones


think about the electricity used by the AWS servers. then you're living and loving that oil-itarian lifestyle

A1 really nailed it. You can’t fly regularly and then feel bad about missing the protest.


I think a lot and worry about it, but I feel guilty that I am not doing much about it. We need to drastically make changes in how we live and operate to save the planet


Texas here... ummm no


The organization behind this particular climate change strike is anti-science. This is not a climate change denial post—if you look at their demands, they explicitly rule out all of the economic and technological solutions for climate change. They even refuse to consider nuclear power, which is the only real path forward.

I would not want to be associated with this group.



totally agree with you on nuclear. Don't understand why so many people detest it when it's one of the only real stopgap solutions we have when it comes to transitioning our power grid to spewing out less CO2.

What if I told you the US has made more progress on reducing CO2 emissions than any other advanced nation over the last decade? And don’t tell me a China is making progress - they’re a coal fired economy. Full. Stop. The US is quickly moving off coal thanks to fracking and increased nat gas production. And despite a lot of progress on the economics for renewables the world has gone from 13% of energy coming from them to 14% in 25 years - and most that is hydro

Climate change is an issue with real world consequences, but the idea that every living thing is in peril is anti-science. Humans need to make adjustments for our own quality of life, but the 450 scenarios are unachievable without massive tech breakthroughs in the next 5 years and not needed to protect our way of life.


If you told them that, they wouldn’t listen because they have already been sold on the idea what all of us are the problem.

I’m proud of OW for committing to go carbon neutral and countering our impact of flying. It’s a step in the right direction and makes me feel better knowing that if I will be asked to fly, they are willing to offset those emissions


Everyone offsets but it’s basically a scam. You can’t make up for injecting your CO2 directly into the atmosphere by planting a sapling that may or may not survive and will take decades to suck it back down. Also paying others to reduce their emissions so you can carry on regardless is essentially a new form of colonialism. We need to open the eyes of our leaders that we’re not happy with just offsetting and need to actually bend our curve and start reducing actual emissions.


You guys are top-of-the line professionals who have a range of useful experiences and skills that could be an asset to low carbon industries. Apply yourselves there to help them succeed. That’ll be far more effective than striking.


PwC did not disband. It is in Risk Assurance

Extremely unpopular opinion with the new younger crowd. I never think about the environment and really don't care. Waiting for it all to come crashing down and collapsing!

Humans are destroying the planet and we are destroying each other. The faster this happens, the sooner it can all reset.


EY7 I thought that “refusing to have kids” “protest” was very funny. If we stop having kids that would help the environment a lot. Less humans mean less emissions and less energy consumption on a daily basis.

It’s going to take collective action. Individual choices don’t really matter. We need a carbon tax, regulation, and massive government investment. And probably a green Marshall plan for the poor countries.


You are on drugs if you think India and Chin will ever pay a carbon tax.


If you "feel bad about it" you're not really a hypocrite right? LOL...consulting is literally terrible for the earth and brings almost zero social utility.

But, I plan to vote for Elizabeth Warren and I did make a green choice last week, so i feel better about myself.


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