Fellow internal client services folks - HR, recruiting, OPs, RM - what's your current salary range? I'm pretty sure I'm painfully under paid.

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70K in NYC


Are you managing a broad range across HR and ops? How big is your company? Grass is always greener...



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How does relocation bonus work? I’m looking at an offer for a bank but since in listed my parents apartment as my mailing address on the application, do I get to negotiate for a relocation bonus so I can move back to the city?


RSM anyone with RSM technical accounting consulting have any insight into the projects, work life balance and salary for manager and senior managers?


I have an opportunity to be a Food and Beverage manager for a hotel I have been for 6 years. Currently I am overseeing all operations but want to focus more on the F&B world. Would anyone know how much salary I should be asking for this role?

Your suggestions please! 🔥
I have 6 years of experience in Higher Ed Recruitment (combo of running my own agency + in-house).
If I move into tech in-house recruitment now, how much salary I should be on? Location: Ireland (euro)


Hey fishes, how it works like working for MNCs like Microsoft /adobe but the payroll will be with different company! Is it okay to accept such offer ???


H1B is currently approved with LCA only listing my home office location and home address. If I start a new project where client is based in a different city but we’re all working from home anyway, do I still need amendment on h1b before I begin that project?


A salary sheet for IFS folks. Please add your IFS team, level, and comp details here. Ours looks different than the regular PwC sheet since no one knows all the various teams that could be in IFS..


Praying to the pumpking on mischief night that a carton of eggs is tossed and a roll of TP is strewn about my bosses residence. One carton and a roll for every comp I was asked to make on Friday to have ready for this Monday. I haven’t left my house since Friday.

Thank you pumpking.


Industry Research Help Needed - Employee Referral Program

Hi there. I'm doing research into how other companies reward employee referrals? My company currently rewards with a monetary bonus and we're interested in exploring how much other's reward as well as any unique ideas that may not be.

If you're comfortable with sharing, I'd love to learn more. Thanks!


I’m currently working on my first UX project for an online course and I like my topic but I don’t know if it’s too much or impractical. I don’t want to waste my time but I think it’s a solid idea🤷‍♀️. If anyone is willing to hear it out before I start that’d be nice.


Could someone please advise what an average salary for licensed personal lines broker is in North America? Licensed with 5+ years experience with degree


Hi Fishes,

Need genuine advice for below:

Which one to choose

1. Accenture - (5.9 fixed + 60K Variable)
2. KPMG - (6.5 fixed + 72K Variable)
3. Capgemini ( 7 LPA fixed only)

Capgemini KPMG Accenture


Need an expert in Salesforce (Marketing Cloud x data onboarding). Our agency ♥️s LiveRamp, but have a client needing some Advertising Studio expertise. Freelance/contract opportunity here!
DM me please!


What happens when your agency pitch an idea and the client use another agency to execute it and call it theirs?


Hi All,

I have over 5 years of experience in Project Management, Digital Marketing and CMS. I'm looking for referrals in organisations. Any leads would be highly appreciated. I'm an immediate joiner and in dire need of opportunities.

TIA :)


London/UK fishes, what’s your annual salary (and YOE in life sciences consulting)?


Is it normal for a 1st year to have nearly 300 hours written off in a year? Having a yearly comp/bonus meeting in January, but don’t know if I’d be overstepping by inquiring into this.


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What are the typical responsibilities of a controller at an agency? I’m moving to a smaller agency and curious as to if those roles typically exist at smaller companies.

Hi everyone, I’m an architectural designer (from Europe) with 1.5 yrs experience. I’m working for a practice in San Francisco, full-time from the office, getting 25 an hour. It is so expensive to live here, I am struggling to make things work. Is this a normal salary for someone of my experience or should I ask for a raise? I don’t want to be greedy but it’s so expensive out here… Thank you 🌈


Looking for full stack developers to join!!


Can I get some likes? I would love to DM people. Thanks in advance.


I was in a store in midtown shopping when this lady who stood next to me started chitchatting. After a while she pulled out her card and asked me to call her (she was a psychic) 😂
She told me someone was going to hurt me.
It was so weird. Has this happened with someone else? 😂😂😂


Anybody waiting for TCS offer letter in this month


I can finally order guac without flinching. New job, big pay bump, great creative opportunity. It happened and it can for you too.


I went through two rounds of interviews for
a job that the posting stated $36.66 per
hour (FP&A Analyst)…the company
recruiter had told me in the initial call the
pay could be 32-36 because of the other
benefits. If I do get a job offer what range
should I try for? I was really hoping to get
around the 36-40 but now I feel like they
may try to offer lower than what was
posted. Also there was no range but the
average for this position is upper 70s-90k.
Thanks for any help!


Hope everyone shd try out this to get better package.🤣🤣

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Chicago Senior art directors, what are you guys making?


Best marketing books/videos for a brand new advisor that is building their book from scratch?


My manager is not ready to release me earlier he wants me to work for 90 days, how to release earlier ,I don't want tobehave like a normal notice period dude
Any suggestions here?

Epam is firing EPAM Systems EPAM Anywhere

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Hey Guys, post any doubts or topics you want to understand will surely try to respond :)

Hi all,

I have 2 offers.. yoe-7 relevant -5

Pwc AC- senior analyst guidewire- 22l fixed
S&P global market intelligence- senior product manager- 23-24 l fixed

What is a better opportunity wrt growth, brand, role etc?

Please help !


I have a few Untuckit shirts that I really like. Lately though, they never have the shirts I want in stock. Any recommendations for similar shirts?

How to decline cognizant offer after accepting it.Will they become angry?


I am a rising junior looking for internships in consulting. I would really appreciate if someone can refer me and help me with the process of getting internship

Is someone from Hansa Research Group here? I need to ask about work life balance there?

Anybody hiring consultants with no German language knowledge whatsoever?

Would be a junior hire (<1 year experience in sales) with high performer CV and excellent english and italian language skills


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What is the Salary range for a group account supervisor in pharma?


Program Director in Chicago? Salary?

GCD salary range for mid-size agency in Los Angeles? RealAgencySalaries has some info, but looking for additional information and perspectives. Thanks!


26/F/55K w/ OT

(They gave me the littlest raise & I kept my OT)


If you have a job offer and have a feeling your current employer would counter —— do you put in your 2 weeks (or just have a convo with your manager) before officially accepting the new job in case they counter?


F / 21 / Chi / 48k
Are there other marketing/content specialists out there?

Hi! I have a big move coming soon and would like to know what is the average salary for a creative lead in a big agceny in NY.


Salary difference in PR agency and Ad agency?
ACD role in NYC


Hey you all!! Do you guys know what the pay would be for a Senior Analytics Manager in our field?

Currently, I am an analytics manager, and I have 6 years of data science/analytics experience and a masters in business analytics.
Thanks in advance!


Starting $$$ for a mid-level copywriter in LA?

Curious what bonus structures at places that offer them look like?


I am an AD at a WPP agency. I work 12 hours everyday and I’m handling one of the agency’s biggest clients. I have worldwide experience of 12 yrs, I get 100K. Is it because I’m not American?


ACD salaries in Seattle?


How much a Director or Head of Data/Insights working in a Creative agency makes?

I’m in a process for this position in an agency but it’s the first time an negotiating a salary in the US. I moved here a year ago, I’ve been working remotely for a Latin American company… and of course my salary is not enough and I’m trying to make the ends meet at the end of the month with a 4K salary. I don’t want to look to pretentious and obviously not too way cheap too.

Any advice? How much would be ok?


Social Strategist, 3 yrs experience in NYC?

How much do proofreaders make at ad agencies? (In an HCOL city.)


What’s your per diem for company travel?

Help, what is the salary range for an intern being hired as an AAE (at same agency). Chicago.

Is about €85 average for a Senior Creative in Amsterdam?


LA mid level AD salary range please?🙏 I have 4years experience.

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