Fellow SAP consultants...having a hard time finding the difference between BBD and SLED. How would you explain the difference to a client based on your experiences between the two? TIA

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What I know is there are two options when it comes to SLED. Expiration date and Shelf life expiration date. One will ask for the expiry date when you receive a product, the other will ask for date of manufacturing and calculate expiry date based on shelf life maintained in material master.


What is BBD ?

Best Before Date

SLED is usually State, Local and Education market segment, not sure if that’s what you are asking based on context of what BBD means to you

USDA FSIS (safety and inspection service) sets rules for this, check their website

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I have 32k miles with THY that are about to expire. Normally I'd go ahead and book a flight, but I can't project which countries might be locked down again 5-6 months from now (haven't accrued enough PTO to travel in near future). The only other way to keep the miles is to pay $10 per 1000 miles, as far as I know. Are there other strategies?


After how many years of IT experience normally become a project manager??


4 YoE as a systems analyst/business analyst for a fintech based out of NC. Got promoted twice, base pay went from 62k to 93k, bonus went from 8% to 20%. Got experience with agile, jira, rest Api’s, ssdlc, basically can handle my own as a project manager/product owner. Wanting to know what’s out there, looking to get at least 175k TC, what do i need to do next.


The situation: New CPG client is running media on social and digital for the first time and needs to answer to higher ups, “Is it working?”

However, there are no historical or category benchmarks and we are in the brand awareness/audience building phase; they understand that we will do retargeting later. They do not want to drive online conversions on their website. We will have some sponsored product advertising (ex. Instacart) later on.

What am I missing??


Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to check what is the difference between Associate Consultant and Senior Project Engineer in Wipro. B2 band


I worked for one big 4 in audit as a senior, and then I joined another big4 in tax as a senior. The tax group is pitching the client I worked on in the first firm. Am I breaking rules if I help on the proposal and get staffed on this?


Interviewing for a Sales Engineer role at a digital document security company. Part of the interview process is to give a 20 minute presentation on anything just has to be tech focused, it could be a past product I have sold or a side project I did. There was no further instruction. Their job requirements include knowledge of REST, Android, Java, C programming languages but they did not say these had to be included. Have others done this type of presentation and what was your topic?


Just for fun: what's the most interesting science project you worked on in grade school?


What kind of fully remote exit opportunities are out there for someone with a project management background in the Financial Services IT/Data Risk space?

Due to family, I need to move to the middle of nowhere next summer and am at a loss on how to approach this job search.


Was there any affect on your project due to Melbourne shutdown..........I see another potential lay-offs wave coming for Deloitte😬


Hi Fishes,

I am not satisfy with the project tech stack and project itself in
FIS Global . I recently joined in mid February and thinking to resign now.

If I give resign and serve notice period of 1 month as per the mentioned in appointment letter then FIS Global will give me the Relieving letter or not ???

I am so worried to take relieving letter that FIS will give or not as I didn't start actual work and since 1.5 months only just getting KT trainings on product.

Kindly suggest

Any agencies that have coordinated or pioneered a partnership between a client on their roster and an esports organization or competition? I’m loving the innovation and Wild West feel of the space.


Any comments on Seimens Energy project in LTI?
How is work life balance and general wprk culture there


I’m currently nurse looking to pivot to tech through tech sales. I am currently in an SDR learning program. My main goal is to work as a project manager in the future but I want to get experience in the tech field first. I applied to many project manager roles and didn’t hear back. Does anyone have advice for me? Thank you in advance.


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Hi Folks,

I am currently working as Junior Analyst and primarily support Incentive Compensation workstream for big pharma client. It's been more than 2 years since I joined and recently asked my manager for stream change. He told me that next year is critical for business and stream change is currently not possible. New hires are being offered core workstreams which I am interested in.

How should I proceed further given the current situation?

Hello Everybody.
I really need leave for two weeks. My project does not have long leave policy but it has strict target policy. The last best leave I took was for 4 days only. I really need a long leave so I can have a vacation atleast once. it's been 3 years I worked in my current project. Never taken a long leave. Plz suggest me good ideas. I'm not sick but getting depressed day by day.

Hello All,
Need to know how is the Citibank project in Larsen & Toubro Infotech in terms of work life balance, work culture, technology used


Hello Fishes,

I feel I'm taking too much load about my work and my manager is pushing every second admin task to me. I'm not a person who easily says no but taking up admin work alone with my demanding client work is killing my mental health, I'm looking for some moral support from anyone here on how can I sustain my mental health


Hey fishes, how is the project allotment done in coforge..
It's been a month since I have joined still no tasks allocated not even induction is it a common in coforge?

Are there any other Project Managers who have ADHD ? What type of PM work do you do? Outside of it just not being what I want for a career path if I advance / I don’t find it rewarding anymore, I have greatly struggled as I’ve moved up and now with the simplest things. I’m turning in my notice this week because of how badly it affects my well being especially the last year and a half. I plan to take a long time off and look for something once I have resigned. Any insight is appreciated.


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Is there any allowance in persistent systems for the internet bill Or mobile bill since we are wfh so...


What's the average salary for a VP of tech in NYC/surrounding areas?

Anyone in need of a data engineer with experience on both backend and frontend of data centric development?

Power BI (data modelling, data cleansing, ETL)3yoe

Azure Data Factory(pipelines, data flows)1yoe

Pentaho (ETL) 2yoe

BI in general 10yoe

10yoe overall

145k-200k target compensation
125k-145k current compensation

Hi All,
There are various interesting opportunities in .NET/Azure and Power BI space at KPMG Global Services along with multiple other roles at multiple locations. DM for referral


Do you think Tiger is a good pay master? The analytics market is hot . All those who got promoted /annual increments in December cycle - is there any market correction happening? How are the increments this time around?


Heya folks,

Was curious if there were any ad/marketing orgs for South Asian American professionals in the NYC area. Saw some activity in some national bowls + groups, but was curious.

Also happy to chat!


Background check and screening - who can update you on the status? Do you get contacted when it's finished? It's all gone silent


Does anyone have any leads to an I/O or OD Internship/entry level position? I’m currently pursuing my masters in I/O Psychology and looking for new opportunities. 🤞🏻

Hi There,

I am confused whether should look for a change now or not. Seeing the Recession coming.
Expertise - Functional / Manual Testing with 7 Years experience.
Would like to hear suggestion or advices please.

Hi guys.
I'm from South Africa
I have 3 years experience in Blue prism development, solution design, control room, etc.
Can someone please help look for a job in the Blue Prism RPA field. Willing to relocate

Thanks guys


KPMG Cyber is looking for qualified candidates across virtually all levels (e.g. associate, senior, manager, etc.). If you or someone that you know is interested in joining our fast growing Cyber team, please reach out. Will happily submit resumes on your behalf (assuming you are the right fit)!


Does Google health or Amazon health have a Canadian arm? Would love to have a chat with someone if they are involved in that area or a similar segment


How is the Gift city office? I've heard it's a newly opened place. How are the facilities there? How is the cafeteria, and anything other than that? On what routes are the cabs plying on?


Has anyone received offer from
DBS Bank through DBS Develop{h}er Recruitment

I haven't really been paying attention. Can somebody let me know what the covid vaccine actually does? Does it just surpress the symptoms for myself, or does it actually stop the spread?


Opposing counsel was barred before my parents were born (my parents were born in the mid 60s). He uses a sbc global net email address. I really think his dentures aren’t properly fit because I think I hear them moving around when we speak on the phone or he is just moving them around just because. Thanks for listening, that’s all, folks!


I've been working with deloitte since 2 yrs with a wide range of experience in RPA,.NET Tech,SQL and worked at clients location for various projects,Looking for new roles, Would appreciate any leads.

Is supply chain consulting in the commercial space similar to that of the government space? Any major differences?


What’s the difference between Deloitte accounting and reporting advisory (ARA) and Deloitte controllership advisory services? Any insight is appreciated! Thank you!


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Krypt doesn't mention variable pay in the offer letter?


Accenture Consulting’s SAP practice or PwC’s SAP practice? I’m F, mid 40’s, functional supply chain with S/4 experience. Looking for inclusive teams, folks who know how to estimate & run projects.

PwC 🐠 - how's your SAP practice, e-procurement, supply chain? Recruiters have been reaching out, is there real growth there?


Anyone working with SAP Cloud Platform?


Hi is there anything left in SAP that pays decently from a contractor’s perspective? Seems like the margins have been sucked out of this business.


Hello, I am looking for Sr.SAP FICO consultant role at Big IT services company. Can I get some referrals please ?

Anyone know of any contract Sr SAP PM roles? I need something for the next year or so before I get into a longer term position.

Is it a lateral move to go from Manager at Accenture to principal consultant at SAP?
Where does a principal consultant sits in Professional service hierarchy of SAP North America?


Anybody using SAP EnableNow to make SAP demos?
I've rarely seen such a non-agile software, plus it's so slow and it shuts down by itself a lot. Is it really a relevant tool to use?


I want to start a podcast which focuses on sap/ Erp implementations and the future of enterprise tech. I have a background in sap security for several several years and want to do this for fun/sidegig


Been 2.5 years in sap and I feel that I don’t know how to do anything. My team tells me to test and investigate and issue and I have no idea what to do or get stuck. I find myself looking at forums all day to fund an answer and get frustrated for being so incompetent. My teams helps, but they are busy doing other things and can’t answer my questions all the time. How do I get up to speed or should I just leave?


Any feedback about choice between Windows and Mac for SAP GUI, Eclipse, Hana Studio?


What are good ways to learn SAP quickly?


It do be like that sometimes

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I'm currently in germany working as an MM Consultant for NTT Data. Is it possible to get a working permission in the US? Like joining PWC and working inside the US?


SAP PPM, any one have experience with this? Impossible making it talk to other systems, or automating data entry from excel

How much time EY GDS takes to release offer letter after 2 interviews ?