Frontend Folks, need your experience here

After 2 years of slogging my ass in a service based organisation working in Perl, I finally worked my way around into a big Indian startup as a frontend developer in React.

Now, how to plan my career ahead in JavaScript tech? What all things should I be focusing on in the next 2-3 years.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Start preparing DSA will help in long run and side by side be updated about new tech stack in market like next.js / headless

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Is it worth going to a smaller firm like Crowe, Baker Tilly, etc in order to break into FDD? Or should I keep looking at Big 4? I'm coming from risk advisory (current S1 CPA), so the switch seems very difficult.

My rotation opportunity here is on hold indefinitely due to covid, and from the firm's side, they prefer external hires from audit (good experience, steal them from other B4, no transfer politics).


I got approached by recruiter to apply for BCG Gamma data science position. Curious to know what client sectors do you mostly work on. and what are the tech stack? @bcggamma


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It's odd how people think engineering is only math, of course that's part of it but there is no way you can make it as an engineer unless you have an insatiable curiosity. I've met some of the most interesting people in this field


Is IB worth the sacrifice of WLB? Obvious pay is really good but are the prestige and pay worth it if you’re planning on only doing it for a couple years?

Currently working at an IRA with great WLB. Honestly I love my job, the firm, and people I work with.

Also doing MBA part time at a T15 school. Thinking about switching to IB but I’ve done my research and I think I would burn out of IB in two years but I might be ok with that for the opportunities after.


Hi. Are there any consulting opportunities for media professionals? For the past 7 years - I have been working in mainstream media. Looking to transition to consulting roles.


Hi all,
I graduated during Covid with a double major in business administration and business management with a minor in marketing and magically ended up in sales because I needed a job. I’m about to take a data analytics course to make an attempt to break into that field. I’m currently looking for a mentor to help guide me during this time. Also, if anyone is willing to look over my resume and give me tips on how to make it more presentable for recruiters in DA that would be very helpful. Thanks


Is the SPHR or PHR license necessary to pivot into human capital? I have a MBA from a Top 15 school. Any thoughts?

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Career Question:
I am a project manager in the food manufacturing and would like to transition into an IT project manager role. Does anyone have any professional development recommendations to aid in the transition?


Hello fishes. I have been a project manager for four years and recently started working on digital projects. Which is best course/institute for product management? Do these courses actually lead to higher paying jobs?


Hi Fishes,
I'm currently working as ETL tester @ Infosys, 5Yoe, cctc: 6.5
Going for my first switch, and got offer from CTS with 11.5 ctc as etl tester.
My lwd is jan 2nd.
I got trained in Selenium in java and i think my selenium concepts/understandings are good, need some brush up on testng.
So is it advicable to kick start and brushup Selenium+ TestNG concepts in 1 month and go for automation role interviews as i dont have experience in realtime automation projects. Good or bad idea?


🐠s, Just based on title and type of work, which will offer the best exit opportunities and career / comp growth in 3 - 5 years. 1. VP of Implementation; 2. Sr. Prod Manager at Non-FAANG? Thanks!

Hello everyone, I'm early in my career 26yo and have been working as ML engineer for a year but mostly did analytics, BI and developed some algos for internal clients.
I have the opportunity to switch to a product owner role which could lead into a product management role further down the line.I'm afraid about leaving the technical side this early and I'm not sure which career path I'd like to follow.
Being this new in the job market, should I stay technical? Or break into product owner early?


I am international student with more than 8years experience and looking for internships or early career opportunities. I need advice on which i should be looking for. Am currently doing graduate program in Accounting and information systems and planning to graduate in December 2023.

Hi folks I have a quick question. I have a masters. Currently a SC in the US practice soon moving to the Toronto practice. To make Manager in Canada do we need PMP/Similar certifications? Thank you!!


Has anyone exited to a Series B company from consulting? How is it for you? I just recently made the switch and it’s been a huge adjustment to consulting where they’d work us like there’s no tomorrow. Things are much more slower paced. Curious to understand others’ perspectives!


This post is just a thread to evaluate the current industry standard.

To all those fishes, could you please list the below

Current Designation-
Tools known-
Job timing-
Higesh education qualification-


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Hi , need likes for DM Feature , Thank you.


Anyone from MBB willing to connect? i’m a manager in PwCs DDV practice trying to potentially make the move to MBB.


I just got into reading books, any suggestions to start with? Which could help to increase media/marketing knowledge.


Hello I am a college sophomore interested in PE or HF. I have an offer for Wealth Management at Bank of America Private Bank and Associate Consultant at EY- Parthenon, both for summer 2023. I cannot decide which one should I take. What do you all suggest?

Liveramp question for my Data Fish:
Say you’ve got an audience of 100k people your agency runs a campaign against. (Cont’d)


Whats the salary increase from senior 1 to senior 2in NYC? How about bonuses? Assurance

Thoughts on TDOC? Heard lvgo and tdoc May be looking to merge and there’s apparently 6 fool services that are recommending tdoc? What position will you enter?


Hi all anyone working in Accenture operations analytics is the projects it bpo job?Accenture


Hi, I'm an Asian student studying advertising. What has your experience been like as an Asian working in advertising agencies?


Apart from MAANG, which is the best paying company in India ?

Mention your CTC and YOE. Let’s find out who’s paying the best.


Gotta love snow covered mountains!

Post Photo

Is hiring is freezed,when the market will open again. Like previous


ZS is all about treating people right.

Removing ZSer from a particular geography wasn’t a very ZS thing to do.

So please feel empowered to discuss/collaborate freely on this bowl.

*Also, please use English as the medium*


This might be too ambiguous to answer, but I want to get better at taking iniative, but I don't know how. I can be pretty shy in work settings. I do things without being told, but I want to go beyond that like start projects etc. Provide more value.


Hi all,

FIS Global , can we reduce the default notice period of 75 days? I am serving my notice period now. If revising last work day is possible, please share the process for it.

Thank you.


What are SM2 base ranges in NYC and Seattle? SM2 here and just realized I may be underpaid in Seattle. Need to evaluate and also may have to move from Seattle to NYC due to personal reasons


What exactly is ECVC work?


Additional Posts in Frontend Developers

I joined one company can I abscond within 1 day. Please suggest flock.


Hi Fishes,

I need your help in understanding the offers and taking a better decision

Meanstack developer

I got offer from
Delivery solutions - 23 fixed + 2 year end PWFH
Biofourmis- 29.5 Fixed - Bangalore
Byjus - 30 fixed : Bangalore

My current CTC is 16- Hyderabad

Please help me in this



need your views on this.

I have 3 YOE in React and I am holding two offers.

Fynd: 14 Fix + 2 Joining bonus + 1 retaintion bonus Fynd
Wingman by Clari: 15 Fix + 1 joining + 1 annual Clari

which one should I go for?


Hi All,
Looking for ReactJS positions for 3 YOE. Let me know if you guys have any opportunities. Always eager and ready to learn new technologies too :)


How much a 4yrs exp FE developer package should be? Comment down below yours or someone's that you know!


Have anyone idea about 2nd round of 1mg for sd-2 role for frontend?


Any referrals for product development companies for 5+ years of exp in React and Next?


Is it worth to resign in this recession time ?


I have two offers - one from Intuit and another from Hotstar.

Intuit is giving me 33.3 lpa and Hotstar has 23.45 lpa. Hotstar is giving remote and Intuit is not. Which one should I take?

#intuit #hotstar


I am having 4 YOE as a frontend developer
2yrs as a pure asp dot net- jQuery Frontend developer
2yrs as a React,Angular UI developer (means my current role doesn't have api integration and in-depth frontend activities)
What to expect in basics of salary and skills to up-skill my career as a frontend developer.
I feel like I'm underpaid for the work I have been giving


I am a frontend developer and i am a fresher i got the offer from ANR software pvt ltd can anyone tell me about this company how it is???

I'm frontend developer with 8 years of experience. Have been trying to switch for past 6 months. Attended only one interview and waiting for response. Don't know why I'm not getting any interviews. Applied in naukri and uploaded resume in LinkedIn as well.
Skills Angular 13, HTML, CSS
Expectd is 100% hike
Notice is 3 months.
Can anyone pls suggest what to do for getting more interviews. This is my second company


Which company to choose? I have offers from Target and Paytm.

Hi fishes, my previous employer has not given me the money for Earned Leaves, they are saying it's not in their policy.. I have a variable bonus of 100000. Out of this they have given only 19,000 in the month of December after 6 months of joining...But they are not giving me any bonus after completing 1 year and 2 months.. They have stopped my appraisal as well...

So in total, I lost my appraisal money, bonus and Earned Leaves money... I feel betrayed and cheated...

What should I do ??

Dear all,

Currently I am working in mid-size mnc, there is bond of 2 year, Here I have 3.5ctc. 1year about to complete soon. I want to ask can i counter offer during bond period. In 3.5lpa i can't save money, currently doing WFO.

Can anyone tell what's is best possible to leave organization during bond or counter offer?

Need your kind suggestions Thank you


Hi All,

I have two final offers

TO THE NEW (Noida) - 19 LPA Fixed
Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. (Gurgaon) - 22.5 LPA Fixed + 0.5 variable

YOE - 3 years
Which one should I go for?


Has anyone switched to product based company after 8 years of working in service based companies?

Hello guys
Looking for Job switch
1.5 YOE
Skills : html,css , js and react js
If you guys have any referrals please share.


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