Given offer for Solution Architect role at CitiusTech with 9 YOE.
Can anyone confirm if this will be a good match.

Also will there be client interviews after joining/training.

Offer: 23.5lpa

Posting as :
works at
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Hi all, I feel i am not getting the best experience at an SC level and wanted to see if it is the norm or an anomaly. I am new to consulting and usually feel that’s the reason but I am starting to question my team’s methods because I don’t think I am developing much. My team includes 1 of each - Sc ( me) , manager and Director. I am not included in client meetings and rather get a recording to watch later to bring out insights and get those feedback incorporated. There is0 client connect for me


I’m a tech recruiter for a F100…I have noticed throughout the industry people who have accepted an offer back out maybe a day or two before they are supposed to start (sometimes they don’t even show up on first day) I’m just curious, what leads someone to decide to decline or change their mind after acceptance?


Just got my visa rejected that I have to leave the States and find a new job. How would you position yourself if you have only worked for 4months in change management?


Hello fellow fishes, I am contemplating an offer from UBS. I am not too excited by the compensation so wondering if i should join for the hike and bonuses. Any experienced fish can talk about the general hike trends and bonus payout at UBS India


Hi All,, Has anyone joined UST - PTEC (equifax) company recently for pune or other locations? Can someone please provide review of the same. Thinking to join the same on 30th dec.

Please respond.


I recieved the CPA bonus a couple weeks ago and now about to turn in my 2 weeks. Do you think they will ask for the bonus back? Might be a stupid question lol.


Hi fishes,

How much hike relaince jio gives to employees every year?


How is Synopsys Noida ?
Synopsys Inc.
Can someone please list out all the pros and cons.
How is the work pressure.
What are the future opportunities after spending time here
Ps I am from CSE background. Having an experience of around 2.4 years


Hi all you lovely souls!

Here to beg for some help and referrals in this job search— I’m currently a Senior Consultant in an industry Supply Chain Strategy role. ~3.5 YOE and looking for a similar role at a consulting firm.

Thank you in advance!


Guys what could be my in hand salary.

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Anyone know any decent web developers that can quote for a project?

What does it mean when you apply to a bunch of jobs for which I am a good fit and you hear nothing back for these jobs? For some applications, I'm approaching two weeks since submission. I did get a call back to the first position I applied to; however, after the lab manager saw how much experience I had he said to release me, far too overqualified, tell him he should be applying to Senior Research Associate positions. I have ten years lab experience.


Anyone from Walmart? Want to discuss about the team.


How’s the compensation package in Saudi comparing to the UAE is schools and housing paid for in Saudi?


Has anyone successfully launched an NFT project? I am currently in the process of attempting to execute one, and would like to learn from anyone else that has been able to do so.


Anyone have insight into what VC firms are paying in-house attorneys with 4-5 years of relevant experience? I’m a big law corporate associate contemplating a potential move to either a PE or VC firm but having some trouble finding data points for VC comp.


A bit uncertain about what I should do with my career. I am in a commercial role, doing some derivatives trading (mostly hedging, but getting to take some basis risk). My firm is small, and I am getting to do a lot of new things, but I’m not getting to “learn from the best”.

What should I be considering longer term? 5-10 YOE, only recently actively trading.


Does Bosch Global software Ltd - India employees get onsite opportunities in US/Europe/Canada/Aus/Gulf countries.

Just asking if the onsite opportunities if any, would it be similar to other Mncs like Infy/Tcs.


Freelance brand director day rates?


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Leather belts? Where do people get them from?


For the background check do I need to enter dates and phone numbers into a system? Or do they pull the dates from my application?


I always hear so much about W&K from creatives and strategists. But what are their data capabilities like?


When you get a "tx"


Dear Men of India,

Please try NoFap or NoPMO or Brahmacharya if possible.

It is Must for teenagers, and young single man.

Loosing out that seed/semen for temporary pleasure is really bad, try to retain it. It will help you to maintain your testosterone levels, have good stamina, have strong mental strength too (increase in well being and intelligence).

If you don't go to gym, try working out at home, don't just sit infront of laptop - try to stand and work for few hours, burn few calories.


What should be the average salary of a person with 6m internship exp and 1y work experience in software development?


How many PTO/Vacation days do you usually take off a year if your employer offers unlimited PTO/Vacation days?

I just started a new job and this is the first time I’ve ran into this. It sounds nice but at the same time I hate the lack of direction. Help!


My biggest mistake was accepting a promotion to manager, it made me realize that I'm not very good at managing people. Should I ask if I can go back to my old role?


Guys ,

I have an offer from Berlin at EUR 80k. Should I go for it ?
My Profile - 10 Years Exp in Model Development (Python, SQL, Tableau, ML)
Managing 20 people at present
CCTC: 48 lpa


What sort of questions are asked in an interview for Senior Analyst(Data science role) I have an econ background. And experience in analytics not in data science.
Examples would really help. Thanks!


I am craving some really tasty Chinese food in Northern Virginia. Prefer Szechuan style. Suggestions?

Hi Sharks, what should be the ask for 11 YOE joining IBM at band 8 or 9.


Hello Fishes,

I am Currently working in Genpact under AR domain and Actively looking for a job change for better growth. Locations preferred are Kolkata, Bangalore, Noida and Pune. If I send you my CV, could you please have a look and let me know if I am eligible or send it the respective HR or Manager where any recruitment is going.
Thank You


Does anyone have tips for the structured interview process? I’ve done my research but am not getting past the first round. My credentials must be acceptable if I’m being invited to interview at all. Since post-interview feedback isn’t provided, I’m sort of grasping at straws here!

Friends and foes, stop hating on my sundress. I will wear it in -5C coz I am Canadian and I can. 💅🏾

It's also the only thing which fits my pandenic body 🤦🏾‍♀️



Is anyone has completed BGC filling in DXC onboarding under iBridge portal?

Need help!


Made a series of terrible mistakes. Recently took a job at ACN, 2 weeks later I posted the cringiest humblebragy post on LinkedIn and fast forward 2 weeks and I realize that I was bamboozled into taking this job which was horrible mistake to accept.
I look at my LI post with 100s of likes and feel totally ashamed.


I’ve been in PA for 10+ years, started in tax and audit then moved to forensics. Looking for opportunities in private/industry, but lost on which direction to look. The PA hours and client demands are taking a toll on my family life and health. My main focus is finding a position with a consistent schedule (9-5ish) or just busy season/deadline that are set. Any suggestions?


Additional Posts in CitiusTech | Healthcare Technology Solutions - India

Hi Fishes
What is the concept of retention pay? Do we become liable to repay the retention pay if we quit before 2 years??

My joining in Citiustech is 30 dec 2022 as mentioned in the offer letter, when can i expect to get the joining letter ?


How much is the pay for technical lead I and II?
And how many years of experience is required for these levels.

Salary range for Technical Lead I QA in Citiustech??


What are HMT-3 Clients & Project?
What does HMT means in CitiusTech?

How much annual salary increment is there in citiustech?
And if someone is getting promotion then what is the scenario?


Pls suggest
Deloitte: 15 lpa +2 lacs (jb)
Citiustech: 18 lpa (including 7 percentage retention pay)

YOE: 4
TechStack : MERN Looking for wlb and brand value. Deloitte CitiusTech


Hey sharks

I got offer on
Citiustech Healthcare Technologies
May I know how WLB in this company, I see in glassdoor and ambitions contains positive and negative. Is it worth to join? Is it useful for me to enhance my career for long run? How about the retention pay? If we leave the company we need to pay entire retention pay?I have other wipro and CTS, which company is better to join?

Can anyone make me clear on the retention pay policy at Citius Tech.
In my offer it was 2 years and 59k as retention pay.
What are the advantages we will be having with this policy ?
Can we get proper training for ETL Testing domain, if we like to have ?


What is the %hike in Citiustech if you get a rating of 3.75 out of 5? Citiustech Healthcare Technologies


Is here anyone from GE client project at Citiustech?
Which client laptop do they provide?

Janhit mein jaari. Folks, while retaining, don't fall for onsite trap which they'll try to lure you with. One of our mates has learnt this the hard way. Go ahead with with your job switch, don't fall for this.

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Since Citiustech is shifting to wfo from august, Is anyone being allowed to continue wfh?

Anybody is in CitiusTech Chennai location? I want to know the exact office address...

Any hr from citiustech here ?


Friends, anybody from CitiusTech Chennai location. Need your help..


I've completed technical and managerial round at citiustech. It went well.
I'll have my HR round probably on Monday.
On their application they've said they're accepting only upto 60 days notice period candidates. But I'm having 90 days notice period, if I tell them about this 90 days notice period now in HR round will they understand my situation and select me?
Please guide me I really want to get selected in this company and switch from my current employer.

YOE-2. 2 ,Angular


What all we get along with laptop for new joiners from citiustech?

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