Great time to buy UMA before it 🚀🚀🚀

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D1 got stuck with a bag 😂


Why? Looks like it just took a dump.

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Anyone playing play-to-earn crypto games? Starting to get into this realm & looking to hear what people are playing. Right now I’m playing DeFi Kingdoms and DeFi Land


The alcohol line might be a little steeper…

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I don’t always eat watermelon, but when I do, I eat the whole thang 😂


Any movie/TV show recommendations when you’re pulling an all-nighter? Pretty miserable right now so really need some pick me ups 😭


Anyone watch super pumped? Makes me want to work in tech lol

Where are my uberites at


Spots with rhyming VOs are the worst.

What are some good sport bars in Arlington/DC? So many closures, losing track on where to go.

Any Londoner here? I’m planning a trip to the city in early April. Do you have a nice coffee bar to recommend?


Best Indian restaurants in Seattle / Bellevue / Redmond area?

One of the WFH perks. I planted my little culinary garden during my lunch hour. I’ve got English and Lemon Thyme, Oregano, French lavender, Basil, and rosemary. Thinking of getting more herbs to plant: Italian parsley, sage, mint, and chives.

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Hey all! Any prepared meal services you’re really into? I’ve been using Factor which I love but am curious about other ones.


So I am in a city where my ex lives (nothing major, just a few dates at some point). He tends to watch and ‘react’ to most of my stories on Instagram. I asked him last night via insta if he any restaurant recommendations as I am here with husband and friends and we wanted somewhere fun to go. He hasn’t read it or responded, but clearly watched every single story. Isn’t that sort of rude? I don’t know if I have done something to annoy him but I don’t know how!


This 2010 was to early to pop. After 3 hours it started to show the depth and complexity. True to form, this is an old world style of wine giving more gritty earthy notes.

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Indian friends in the peninsula-

I was told there might be a possibility to find a cook who can come once in a week for 1-2 hours to help prepare some base/curries/etc. any contacts?

Additional info- I live in foster city. Just moved and just moved in with my fiancé. We are vegetarian and need some help with cooking chores.

looking for someone once in a week to help me heavy lift and then we can manage on our own..


How do you stop Canadian bacon from curling in the pan ?

Post pics of your last meal for 2021 👇


Thanksgiving Thursday Wordle (grateful for all of you!)

Wordle 523 4/6



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Tanium vs automox? What’s the pros and cons of each ?


Anyone know clubs or places where people go to play pickleball? Really want to get into playing


I have $120k in cash to invest (don’t ask how or why). I already hold most of my savings in US equity ETFs. What should I do with this cash? Spider fund? Bonds?
Brokerage at Schwab if it matters


My building just sent me an unreadable move out statement - the leasing person clearly didn’t know what he was talking when I probed - after spending 20mins reading through the statement I realized they gave me a few hundreds for free(while the agent continued to make none-sense responses to me)
So I said thank you and kept the money, he still hasn’t figured out and probably thinks he won the argument 🙄

I guess what I am trying to say is leasing offices are just pretty useless 🤷🏻‍♀️


Hi guys
I am a front end developer with 5.7 years of experience. I have two offers in hand
1) cropin technologies prod based company in Bangalore offering 27lpa all fixed
2) ciklum service based but client I will work on is VMware and offering 30 lpa all fixed with joining bonus of 1 lpa
Kindly suggest which should I choose?

How remote/hybrid friendly is JnJ, specifically Janssen in NJ? Anyone with insight on their post covid plans or prior policy?


🌟What's happening Wednesday🌟
What's going on in Charlotte? Let's use this thread to share events, concerts, holiday festivities, and other fun things happening in the city this weekend!


Anyone here a Kirkland paralegal? Thinking about throwing my hat into the ring.


Always believe in yourself and trust the process 💡🌟😊

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I have an interview scheduled with Alcon for automation testing position . Anyone recently attended interview with Alcon ?

Could you please share your experiences and let me know about difficulty level.Alcon

Hi Fishes,

Iam looking for a job

YOE 3.6
UFT automation, VB script, Azure Devops, SQL queries,
Manual testing

Please suggest me a job...
Please give me likes to enable messaging. Thankyou all......


Hi! Anyone Hinge Health willing to provide a referral? Looking to apply to Program Manager roles.

Thank you!

Can anyone help me with a referral for McKinsey & Company? Thanks in advance!


Anyone has options of EROS? I have a few and wondering if someone has suggestions based on the merger announcement on Friday.


I just love this outdoor communication board. Anyone else have enhancements or tools that have been a game changer for your outdoor spaces?

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I left IBM almost one year ago. My 401k is in Fidelity. Do I have to do anything? Does it just chill there?


Hi 🐠, in welchen Sektoren sind eure Kunden primär? Alle hier mit Automobil/FS Fokus oder gibts auch Ressources/Products Leute?


Anyone develop buyer personas for a digital agency before? Custom software, digital transformation, strategy consulting, creative, etc. What resources did you leverage?

Hi Fishes . I have joined In the month on June and been a top performer/Rolemodel . How hike should I expect ?

Would you suggest someone pursuing an MBA if they want to get a role in HR or Project Management? And for those that want to pursue product management... are there still a decent amount of numbers similar to accounting? Thanks


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Charlie Lee has sold/donated his entire position in LTC...thoughts? What I want to know is:
1. Why couldn’t he have sold off everything when it was $55


How low will it go? 20s 😳


Accenture people - brave browser started telling me it wasn’t allowed as of today. Anyone else getting that?


Buy or wait?

New to investing in crypto. Any suggestions how to compare and understand basics of currencies? TIA

Ontology? Up 250+% it’s first month... ICO pump or legit? Team seems very capable

Should I bother with a hardware wallet for 5k USD worth of coin? What is a secure wallet good for beginners? I've read that coinbase is not a true wallet. Forgive my newb questions


Does anyone here work in the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry? How did you get in? Is it reasonably possible to enter from a consulting background? Any tips/advice for those interested?


Please may I have a Celsius and Voyager referral


As we head into the weekend, are there any limit sell recommendations for BTC. Bought in the dip this morning. Multiple TA predicting this as a bull trap. 3600$ sounds about right?



Any miners in the house? If so, what are your stats? Here are mine:

8x Antminer L3+
2x Antminer S9
3x Antminer D3
3x Baikal Giant Plus
1x Antminer S7
1x Baikal X10
1x GPU miner with 3x GTX 1080s


Whats the deal with ripple? Dead? Any chance it hits $5 ?

REMME- I’m in this space and this is very very promising. Research and post your feedback here.. in short it is utilizing the blockchain for PKI infra

Anybody out there have any tron (TRX) coins? If so, what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!


We buying Bitcoin on the weakness? 🤔


Has anyone staked coins with binance? When do you typically get paid the rewards?


Lol tried buying Kin and price shot up between opening the trading portal and clicking “buy”. Still at a great price though!

Would it be advisable to buy now?

Coinbase disabled ability to purchase claiming it’s due to the credit card chargeback and double charging when I made the purchase 3 weeks ago. But I used my direct bank acct and no chargeback.

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