Guys should i resign and start looking for opportunities? My NP is 90 days. not getting the interview calls

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Are you updating your Naukri profile daily?
If not, do that. It'll dramatically improve the chances of getting calls.

Meanwhile, keep applying for relevant positions & make sure the keywords in job descriptions are mostly included in your resume.

Also, keep connecting with HR, Recruiters & senior professionals in your specific domain/tech at your target organisations.


Nothing works of you have 3 months notice

They're is only one solution

Naukri Tweaks:

1. Update Naukri profile 2-3 times in a week, just uploading resume again would work.

2. Have relevant keywords related to profile mentioned in your Naukri profile(to get the keywords just go through any JD of any job related to profile)

3. Mention all the tools, tech in the profile

4. In Profile summary mention YOE and also which position you are looking for.

For LinkedIn
-only apply to jobs which have easy apply on them
-get referrals for the ones redirecting to company website

#Note- Dont apply through company websites directly for Indian companies, ATS software filters out most of the resumes if certain keywords are not matched from your profile, Always create a simple resume, dont use any kind of tables, since ATS softwares wont be able to read correctly from them and hence your chances of shortlisting get very lesser.
You can apply directly on website for onsite companies.
Avoid grammatical, indentation and text sizing mistakes, Try to use one fontt throughout resume to nake it look elegant.

In Cutshort, I liked the feature that recruiter reaches to us and chats with us prior to interview and then we get interview call, many startups hire via this platform, also saw Amazon hiring through here.

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Last month of notice period is critical for more offers

Make sure last 2 weeks are not falling around Diwali period

So either resign now or resign in August mid


I'm really depressed because of the work here.

And in addition to that I'm not getting even a single call for an interview from the past 35 days .

I login to Naukri and LinkedIn everyday and apply but no luck


@manybrains where do you upload your video profile

IBM, Cognizant, LTI, Thoughtworks, Infosys, Capgemini, Apisero, Mindtree, TCS, Hcl , hire for 90 Days NP. Try to get referral or apply via LinkedIn EasyApply for the above.


Have an offer letter then only lookout for resigning prior to it dont resign. I understand anyone can fetch but its a safe measure to have an offer prior to resigning. Wont recommend resigning prior to having any offer letter in hand


Yes , sure I'm talking about the situation where you are having a lot of EMIS and family expenses to think of . If someone id financially sound then probably there could be less issues.. I quit my job because of the stress..needed some time off to think what I was doing..took me three months to land an offer speaking from my perspective n experience that's all


Never resign without an offer in hand. Update your profile on naukri, monster, hirist, indeed and linkedin every single day. Be persistent with this and sooner or later you wouldn't get time to attend interview calls, as there would be so many for you. Also brush up on technical front and create a really crisp cv. Best of luck.


Do not put papers unless you've atleast one offer. Keep trying. Don't be selective when applying. Suppose you're a Java developer, Search for java developer in naukari, apply experience filter and apply blindly.
Apart from this, Update your profile regularly, add dot at the end of your profile and remove it.
It will take some time to work, but it will work. Work on your resume and technical skills.


Bro /sis i also faced same problem due to 90 days no one scheduling calls. Even CTS/hcl preferring 45-60 days. I dropped paper and started searching.

My suggestion is prepare well for 1 month then from 2nd month starting giving interview irrespective of company names. When ur notice period is less than 60 days u will get lot of calls


Be patient TCS , Infosys are hiring people with 90 days notice period, get offer from them and then resign from current organization then search for better opportunities

Keep pushing not give up and resign .unless you have offer in hand as suggested by most of us here . many of us are in same position like you but leaving job and searching job will be tough .

What is your skillset?

Ohkay, if its java I would have taken myself into my project

Bhai skills btao apne phir btata hu resign karna chaiye ya nhi

Arey aram se dalo yar resign koi dikkat ni.. Maine khud dala hua resign aur abhi tak offer nhi aaya mere but july end tak aa jayega for sure


Yoe and Tech?

It is recommended to resign only after u have an offer letter. 90 days notice period is acceptable industry wide. Moreover u also loose bargaining power with the new org

update as 2 months notice period attend interview then on final round if you impress your recruiter you can get job .

I tried this thing also bro but now days many companies are aware of notice period policy. They are firmly saying that it is not negotiable in your company we already interviewed one candidate

I would suggest to do some research first, if you meet 80% of the skills required for the new role, you can resign and look for the job. Try networking in linkdin or fishbowl, 90 days are enough to find a new job. And have some financial savings as well..just in case if you don't find the job in the expected time period, for the backup...Hope this helps....Best of luck😇

Do not Loose hope. I have been facing same. Try exploring some other Job Boards as well, lie Glassdoor. You cannot play that bet safe.

Badi duvidha hai yaar. I can understand your feeling. Even I don't get response however updating skills and resume will definitely help

If you put in your papers, you will still have to wait for a month to regularly get calls as you will only be 60 days away from your relieving date. You can take this option if you're confident enough of handling a few days without work in the worst case.

I did this 5 years back. Got an offer right at the end of notice period. It's risky and I can see why everyone advises against it but I can also understand that sometimes you're just stuck in a rut.

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