Has anyone been to a detox program or rehab/treatment centers? My husband needs help but unsure where to start. Weed/drinking addiction and he’s tried to stop but goes back to one or the other. He is in between jobs and has about 3 weeks off so need some insight on what I can do to help him.

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My husband did just shy of 30 days at a rehab program. It was the only that would work given his history. It was intense and expensive but our insurance covered almost 100% of it. He’ll be sober 6 yrs in October. It doesn’t always work but he had a small piece of him that wanted to be better and do better, so he committed and did the work.


PwC1, I'm so happy for you and your husband! Was his rehab program AA-based? And does he still currently attend AA meetings? Or did he do the 30 days and after that has managed to remain sober?

It's impossible to quote "success percentages", but they are low, painfully low. Before Covid, I used to visit a local Rehab center with my AA home group to talk with the rehabbers, and I can only confirm less than 5 (out of the 100+ people I saw) who are still sober.

From my experience and understanding, your husband is the exception, not the rule.

Look up an intensive out patient program. Group therapy. Can be helpful. Also maybe have him try an AA meeting? They are free and work for many. Good for him for being willing to get the help.


Done both, 5 detoxes, 2 rehabs, and many ER visits. Sober over a year now. The important question is does he want to stop? If that answer isn't a full yes, there's nothing you can do to help. No one gets sober until they want to. Feel free to ask me anything, addiction is a truly terrible thing.


Those guys irritated the hell out of me. In denial about their problems, telling war stories all the time, taking the experience for granted when there's tons of people wishing they had insurance or could pay to go. I avoided them.


Can i also make a group for like wives of alcoholics/addicts?! Going through a rough time and would love the support.


Hi KPMG1, I started this Bowl with the hope that it'd be inclusive for everyone. It's actually really helpful for me, as an alcoholic, to read what it's like from the opposite perspective.

You're of course free to start a new bowl but I encourage you to use this venue to keep Addiction & Recovery in one place. :)

I just got out of one a few weeks back. Probably the best decision I’ve ever made


One thing you can look into is chemical counter-conditioning. The program I went through was only ten days, and I haven’t had a drink in close to seven years now. The process is brutal but it works.


My goodness. That sounds awful. I'm so sorry you had to go through that and glad it worked for you.
Will definitely look into this more. Thank you for such a detailed helpful explanation..


My husband started one today. Where are you located

I’m in TX. He’s going to Cypress Lakes here. I like that it’s a short drive away, feels comforting to me. The team there is phenomenal, they’re not out to make money and most of them are recovered alcoholics as well so they’ve actually been there. They have a much smaller group and with someone like my husband who has difficulty opening up, it’s a perfect setting for him.

You mentioned your husband doesn’t have insurance. Our out of pocket cost with Aetna is abt $2-3000. We have a very comprehensive plan. Some other rehabs I’ve called are usually $30000 and upwards out of pocket. Please do your research (reviews, references!) before picking one because a lot of them are just money guzzling machines


Any thoughts on Smart Recovery?

I believe there are a couple folks on here who've gotten sober through Smart Recovery. I found sobriety through AA.

There are a couple key differences between the two programs, as I understand them:

1. AA - Designed to help the alcoholic find a Higher Power (in a non-religious way), which becomes a replacement for "will power" (which, as we all know, is useless when it comes to alcohol).

SMART - Designed to bolster the internal strengths of the individual, and focuses on a unique recovery plan for each sufferer.

2. AA - Everyone follows the same 12 Steps that have been in existence since the late 1930's, with the goal being absolute abstinence, which is achieved "one day at a time", from the disease of Alcoholism.

SMART - The individual decides their goals, they do not need to identify as an alcoholic, moderation can be the goal, and it's up to the participant if they want to view Alcoholism as a disease.

3. AA - Spiritual based.

SMART - Scientific based.

In the end, if something, anything, works, then it's a miracle. Recovery is not guaranteed, and I know of at least 3 people, 2 of which were in their 20s or 30s, who've died of this disease in the last couple weeks.

I would not trade my AA recovery for anything in the world. I can never know if SMART would have also worked for me, but I'm just glad I'm sober today.


I did a 9O day IOP. I wanted to quit and went on my own accord. I don’t subscribe to the idea that you have to stay in a structured AA program for life in order to stay sober. I meditate, exercise, reiki, color and do Wim Hof breathing. I’m happier than I’ve ever been and as time goes on I’m more resolute that I will never drink again. I like myself this way a lot more. I’m not saying this is right for everyone but I am saying there are many paths to get and stay well.

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Let’s breathe some life into this bowl.

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Additional Posts in Addiction & Sobriety

I told myself I wasn’t going to do it. Re-assured myself I wasn’t going to do it. Told myself you’d know what would happen and still ended up gambling away a bunch of money I know I couldn’t blow. I don’t understand.


Group therapy this week brought so much shit to the surface this week I’m tired from crying. I know it gets worse before it gets better and this is a good sign. I have a pattern of taking all of my historical coping skills to an explosively unhealthy place. Ex I became a distance runner to deal with being disowned as a teenager. Well that triggered a degenerative spinal issue that has given me major issues for the last 20 years. Replaced running w cpa and now I’m a mean workaholic. Ugh I suck


Do you tell your friends and family every time you try to get sober? This is my third try, and at this point I'm not telling anyone because I'm afraid of either disappointing them, or seeing that they don't believe in my ability to do it on their face. Just in an emotionally fragile place right now and would rather try and move in silence this time. Good idea, bad idea? Trying not to look at it is as shame, more just wanting my privacy.


273 days: one day at a time. The ninth month was brutal, but good preparation for the holidays.

Also got to see someone celebrate 3 years today, so that was pretty cool.

Let’s keep going!


What's one really positive things that's come from your sobriety journey? Healed relationships? Steps forward?


Anyone know of an alternative 12-step/ AA program for people who don’t believe in god or simply don’t want to do steps have anything to do with religion/spirituality?


Please provide some advice if you have any!

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Has recovery brought anyone else back to their faith? Finding that prayer is helping me a lot.


Feeling so frustrated and scared. I am trying my hardest to be loving to my brother who is addicted to many things. My family has been encouraging him for years to get real help. He’s finally semi-agreed to go to a detox facility and then rehab. However, those are far away from where we all live now. My 70+ dad wants to fly with my brother there to make sure he goes. I understand, but also...there’s a freaking pandemic going on with a virus targeting older people. Cont’d...


So I wanted to share my experience and see if it helps anyone else out there. I was not an alcoholic, but I was definitely alcohol abusive. I would go out and drink and then be completely blacked out and not remember anything. I would also do and say stupid things that just made no sense and I even got in trouble with the law a few times.

One day, my friend and I after a few day bender decided to take some LSD because we were hung over and just wanted to not drink and chill. (Cont.)


Here we go! Traveling on vacation for the next week and didn’t bring my Adderall (which I’ve been abusing for the past year). Hoping to wean myself off of it during the vacation. Wish me luck


Does anyone have any advice on being a sponser? I have a sponsee that has clinical depression, and is saying their depression and mental health issues are making it hard for them to do our ‘aa step work…they are on medication and see a therapist. I believe them that it’s incredibly hard to do anything. But I’m not sure what my role is right now? Or how to support them?


Anyone else into findom?

I am, and I found out tonight (through my dom) that I’ve sent him well over $30k in the last 5 years or so. He also has sole access to my bank account. And, I’ve been serving for a lot longer than that, and not to just him. And tonight, I got a little drunk and sent a couple thousand. I’ve known this guy for a decade, so don’t really worry that it’s a scam, but it seems unsustainable, especially since I’m in a relationship.

Thoughts? How can I quit?

Recommendations to best approach family member who has an obvious problem with alcohol? My siblings and I have been talking about it for a while about how bad the problem has gotten with our dad but know it is a sensitive topic and could backfire.


My grandfather is now in hospice. It had been a horrible week and I want to find a way to a fix.


I’ve already had cervical cancer (last year) and have been cancer free. Now have a hormone replacement specialist I have to see annually. Yesterday was the visit and she randomly decided to do a breast exam and found a lump. Couldn’t get me in for a diagnostic mammogram until next week. Came home and relapsed - it was not a full-on bender but I drank. How do I not beat myself up and just get up and keep going? Alcohol is the WORST thing for any cancer esp breast cancer. WTF is wrong with me!?


I had a background check when I was hired years ago. I told my supervisor at the time that it would not have great results. We have had a lot of management turnover since then. I'm curious if anyone has access to the records now? Does anyone know if that info is kept in my HR file somewhere? Also who is able to view it?


13 years, 3months and 21 days! Its not been easy, but definately can be accomplished! Hard work, GOD a a desire to change, and not in that order!


Facing a tricky situation and never dealt with this stuff before 🙃 - I generally dont smoke/drink, its seen as taboo in our culture and our household. I have a younger sibling who just finished college this week. I know he ocassionally consumes alcohol which tbh not too surprised/worried abt. Recently heard from one of his friends that they are worried about his smoking habit and was totally blind sided. Apparently its been going on for 2 months and he recently upped it to twice a day..(cont)


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