Heading to Portugal (Lisbon & Algarve) mid-late April. Would appreciate any recommendations 😊

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-The Bifanas of Afonso

-Stroll Rue Augusta takes you to Arco da Rua Augusta & Parca do Comercio/Terreiro do Paco

-Carmo Convent-no roof (6 euros)

-elevator justia

-Rossio Square

-Pink Street

-Otrevo Bifana sandwich (cash only)

-Green Street

-Bellum (unesco neighborhood)

- Stroll Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

-Bakery called Pasteles de Belem R. de Belem 84 92

-Restaurant-O Prado -View from MAAT by water

-Tower of Bellin by river


Bairro Alto

-Principe Real-traditional streets

-LX Factory-hip place


Yes this. Are rooftop bars on the list? Amazing cafes with views too. Just walk around get lost eat well have fun


Pasteis de Belem for the egg custard, sounds gross but is quite yummy! There will be a long line, but it goes pretty quick (take the bus from Lisbon to Belem). Take shoes with good grip, the sidewalks are tile and a bit slippery, particularly when wet. Lots of cathedrals to stop in, also came across a few street markets, so look at those. Food and drink is very reasonably priced. Castelo de St George, the trolley (gets packed).


Thank you!! Any recs on said shoes? I usually wear my adidas ultra boost when traveling but was going to bring my on cloudsurfer instead


--Lisbon Cathedral

-Miradouro de Santa Luzia

-Castelo de S. Jorge (open till 6p, nice views at sunset)

Miradouro da Graça (nice views)

Lisbon Tu e Eu-grilled fish





Old town

Beaches: prai de luz (wavy), prai de estudantes (arch), praia de dona ana (hotels near it), praia de camilo-r(staircaset to beach, really nice beach), praia de canavial (nice but have to walk down a cliff to get to), praia do Burgau (seaside village like Greece)
Ponta de piedade-amazing rock formations-can do boat tours to access caves
Lagos restaurants-Arribale, don sebastião restaurante (aurhentic portugese), Scartuccio (pizza), Mullens-peri peri chicken
-Piscina de Caloura-outdoor swimming pool


You are going to love it!!! If you need hotel recs lmk. I also went to Madeira and it was amazing!

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