Hello all, anyone please suggest .... I have received the offer letter from HSBC for Feb 22 and now HR is asking to negotiate with current organization to relieve early and join them atleast a month before as per hiring manager...what does that mean will they cancel my offer letter if not joined... please suggest

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Which department & position is this for ?


Band 6 , I am not sure of department but it's for operations

Nothing to worry if the offer letter has already been released. You can stick to your dates.


Yes, band six starts at 9


By departmemt I mean the job role.

Operations manager

In order to help this community, can you please share your number of yoe, job location & the CTC offered for this position ?

Hi they offered 12 lpa, 6 yoe in Hyderabad...as per HR not more than 30% hike can be given

Is that the average salary for said position

Hi, can you confirm how is job security in HSBC gsc

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I've a HR discussion today evening. Inputs required please!!


We are looking for who can fit a position of online receptionist/administrative clerk we prefer someone from USA


Cleared L1 and L2 round.. After that HR send client interview round..then hr completely disappeared.. What is hiring process in persistent.. I was told earlier that only L1 and L2 and then offer..


LTI (L&T Infotech) is hiring Abinitio Developer for US (Irving, Texas / Tampa & Florida)

•Abinitio Developer
Certification: Abinitio Exercises
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ETL Tool - Abinitio with 5+ YOE
Strong knowledge in UNIX, Shell script & SQL

•Abinitio Architect
6 - 10 YOE as Abinitio Developer with strong analytical & technical ability.
Mandatory certificate - Abinitio exercise

Dm to apply

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Hi Fishes,

I will be joining Cognizant in January as a Sr Associate.
Yoe -7.4
Tech stack- Oracle Apps DBA

How are the projects here and will I get project allocation once I join ?
As I dont want to be in PDP.
Also even after getting offer I got many calls from different HR teams for the same openings, so I assume there are many projects.
So kindly need ur guidance please.

DM for referral in TCS

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Hello Fishes, can somebody help me understand the pay range for Senior manager. In discussion with HR for SAP role. HR is not disclosing the pay range and giving only 10 percent hike.

I’m an HR Manager for a small (41 employee) company in Chicago. I make $70,000 a year no bonuses. I’m SHRM-CP and PHR certified with four years experience and a masters in HR. Am I underpaid?


Any firms or companies hiring now that don’t take forever with their green card process? My H1B ends in September 2024 and EY is not making meaningful progress on my perm process. Looking for roles that require really strong financial modeling and analytics skills.


Hi, I'm a software engineer at Socar Trading. Looking for a new position in a non financial industry. Can anyone please refer to their company? I am actively looking for a new position. My tech skills are : React/Redux, VueJS, Next.js, Javascript. I can send my resume over if there is any offer. Thanks everyone!


Second round of referrals: LINKEDIN 🚀

Hi everyone!

Today I woke up to the news that one of them has been hired 🤩, and I want to celebrate it by coming back to the app (I’ve been off for a while) and offering more referrals for anyone interested in a specific position at LinkedIn.

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Hi guys, I need to prepare case study for portfolio strategy for a strategy based role. Can anybody provide some help as I have very short time.
Thanks alot in advance.


Sainsbury's Has anyone interviewed at Sainsbury's DTD? I have a Tech + Behavioural Competency Interview scheduled for a Cloud Engineer role and would like to know how it would be?

Any employees who are currently working in DTD?

Could you please shed some light on how the general work culture is and how's the hybrid working flexibility?

Thanks in advance!

I want to pivot into healthcare consulting after seven years in the hospital space. In particular, am looking at Manatt; anyone willing to provide a referral for the Summer Analyst position?

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For those at MBB, do recruiters from T2 firms reach out to you about opportunities? Has anyone jumped to a T2 strategy firm and what was your experience?


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Hi All,

Hope you are doing good!!
I am looking for job change my current profile is in Accounts Payable (P2P) with over all 5+ year of experience in same, Currently I am working with DNV and Prior experience with Vodafone Shared Service and Maersk Global Service.

Key areas- Payments, Purchase order creation, Reconciliation, MIS, Invoice posting.

If you able to help me with any lead will be very helpful.



My brother is looking to start investing his money in low risk investments but ones that would generate some passive income, and I don't really know the best way to steer him long term without basically managing his funds for him. What are the best resources for beginners who are just beginning to explore investing their money? He needs a bit more than just a finance for dummies book but I don't think he'd need something too extensive.


Hey all. Paid search strat here. What would the salary expectations be for a senior strategist in nyc for paid search be? I started 06/2021 as a assistant then promoted to a strategist 05/2022. I’m at 65k.. so I wanted to see what I should ask for especially if I am being considered.

Hey everyone,

I'm currently looking for entry level opportunities in advisory. I'm fully licensed (SIE/7/63/65) and ready to start my CFP as soon as it's affordable or sponsored. I'm struggling to find opportunities that don't have a large emphasis on insurance sales. Anyone have any recommendations or opportunities?


How easily can I move from non-profit / government background to corporate in Learning and Development?

8 years experience as a teacher (UK gov)
3 years in local and central government roles
1/2 years in Canadian non-profit employment organizations (as a training manager)!
BA and MSC (both first class/distinction)

Current salary $72 CAD. What can I expect at corporate level and is it possible to move into at this point?

Anyone start a new career/pivoted recently and getting hit with tax season? Feeling extremely depressed and hopeless on this steep learning curve 😞


Hi fishes,

I have accepted offer from Nagarro and also some offers are in way but before I join Nagarro they had sent me the laptop. I don't know what to do.
Anyone can help me here??


Please help me, which company is better to join as a Full Stack Developer with 7.6 years of experience for Noida location.

1. Cognizant
2. Coforge
3. Iris Software

in pipeline:
4. Collebra
5. MindTree

package is more or less the same.


Thoughts on Blue State Digital in Oakland?


im determined to make this bowl 🔥🔥🔥

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What’s the salary range for a VP in Market Risk roles in JPMC if the person is already a VP for 4+ years? Does 160K sounds okay, looks low to me. Also, what’s the percentage bonus is like in these roles?

Are people still live on here? I was diagnosed last year with ADD and I’ve tried two stimulants so far. I know they aren’t meant to be a magic pill but I’m still struggling with general tasks and feel like I’m doing the bare minimum. The Nurse has suggested I try non stimulants. What are peoples experiences with meds ? Did they work or not?


Does CGI provide welcome kit apart from laptop to laterals? CGI


Resume advice: AP / Director level. Been at McKinsey 6 yrs. haven’t updated resume in long time. What’s appropriate/ best practice to put first on the resume? Education or go straight to work? In education (regardless of where it goes) is it worth giving a line or two beyond just school / program? (Eg university government, captain of a sports team etc) or is that just silly bc it’s so long ago? Looking at Director / Sr Director / VP exits in F500 fwiw. Any and all resume advice appreciated


Is unlimited PTO a red flag? Firm said you can take time off whenever as long as you make up the hours before or after.


Accenture peeps - I think I mistimed maxing out my 401k this year. Does our next pay period count towards this year's contributions or next year's? It's for 12/15-12/31 but we're paid 1/5ish. Help!


Hi EY folks I was said to take WFH initially during the screening but after joining they are asking me to work from client office atleast from Jan 2023 how do I handle this ? I can’t really work from office due to my family constraints rather I would resign 😨

Please suggest


I'm an idiot for being overly insecure in my relationship and keep pushing my amazing bf away. I feel like we should break up b/c it's a problem with me and it's unfair to him. We talk extensively about our feelings and he does his best to reassure me but I just can't get over it and I'm sure he'll grow tired of my attitude quickly 😴


Additional Posts in HSBC-India

I'm being interviewed for Senior Analyst in hsbc. Can anyone help me with the tax saving options available with HSBC? Like self education, communication, meal vouchers etc.


I'm currently working in one of the big4s(I am a 2022 passout). My college's HoD forwarded a mail for on campus placement of hsbc for batch of 23, she knew that I am very interested in jobs in financial institutions(like banks etc). I spoke with her, she told me, "fill up toh karde, fir HSBC ke haath meh". So, I filled it up and applied for hsbc.
Will HSBC consider a 2022 passout in the oncampus round of 2023 batch?


How much time did hsbc will take to release offer letter after 2 rounds of technical discussion?


Hi Fishes, Anyone please confirm if HSBC shares first conditional offer letter and after completion of back ground verification do they share final offer letter again ??


I have an offer for Consultant Specialist GCB5. Not sure what the role is..is it a team lead role or is it a junior role? I have 10 yoe .. is it apt? Pls help Thanks

I need some information... My joining date is on 21st September.. So when i can get the onboarding joining mail

If anyone help me for this


Hi.can anyone help me with the interview/assessment rounds for AVP position. I have received an email for an online assessment.What is after that? What exactly is this round?

Hi guys!

What do they ask in 2nd round of techno-management interview?? Any tips would be greatly helpful...


Hi All,

Please confirm HSBC salary deduction it only shows basic salary+flexi + pf+ gratuity but no other things like professional tax etc are mentioned in offer letter...will it be revised while joining or just the same

Anyone who have this knowledge please confirm


Any thoughts if Virtusa would be better or HSBC India for life insurance domain as business analyst.

Applied for associate Product Manager role in HSBC GSC. Round one completed. it's been 3 weeks after that,i didn't recieve rejection mail either. Should I wait or move on


What happens in managerial round of interview at HSBC? I cleared first round. For second round, HR informed me that managerial round will be done. Any help is appreciated. HSBC HSBC India

Hi Fishes. I have an upcoming Compensation negotiation with HR for HSBC GSC, GCB 6. Can some one let me know upto what salary they can offer?? Expecting around 22LPA fixed.