Hello Everyone,

I got an offer from
AirAsia Super app for the front-end role and my YOE is 3.7 years. Is it worth joining ?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

CCTC and offered ctc



How was the interview experience?
Did they ask any leet code type questions? How many rounds of interview? What kind of questions do they ask?

Interview difficulty was above medium. First Technical round was based on React Native and a coding question followed by the time complexity for the coding question and different ways to solve it. 2nd Technical round was with the Engineering manager it was all about present technology and what the new architecture, roles and responsibility in previous organization, performance optimization and Technical questions. 3rd Technical round was with the country head and it was again technical+managerial+behavioral.

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For those of you who got your MBA, did you see a salary jump after you received it? Were there other benefits that people don’t really think about that should be considered? And lastly, do you think an MBA is necessary to eventually land a VP level position?


Is it worth it to leave a current FTE perm role to work for Google as an freelancing executive producer, 6+ contract with possible extensions pending budget, performance etc? Debating the massive brand name and experience but leaving job security etc. for it


How about work pressure in GEP, preferably on the role Senior Sourcing Analyst ?

Would mostly extension of time happens..?

Hello Fishes,
What kind of role does a Deputy Manager in the risk consulting service line perform. I am currently a senior consultant at EY India is it a similar kind of role?

I am thinking of moving from a sales role to consulting role. Currently I am supporting a large consulting company as a client executive at IBM. I have realized that I really enjoy project based problem solving vs sales and thinking of moving into consulting role. Have an MBA and now a solid tech background. How difficult do folks think it would be to transition? Any thoughts on staying within IBM and doing GBS va looking outside?


What are the best consulting firms to work at if I want to exit to Big tech in few years (after reaching manager)?

Does anyone know any gigs hiring this weekend? I’m in desperate need of work.


HSBC India Hi Fishes,

Require referral at HSBC India , Pune. HSBC

Job Id - 0000H9DZ

Thank you.


If I take an entry level position at a pr firm in art direction, will it be harder for me to eventually get into advertising as an Art Director or do most people consider the skills transferable?


LTI opening...

NP : 0-60 days

DM if interested... #HelpingHands

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Need a referral for a data science/analytics position in Pune/Remote.
Total yoe - 4 yrs (All into analytics)
Tech Stack - Python, Tableau, SQL, Advance Excel, Github, Data Science, AI, ML, etc.

What’s the difference between a corporate financial analyst versus a financial analyst at BAH? I’m assuming the corporate position is an internal role; is that generally viewed as a tier below anyone client facing in terms of salary and career progression?


Hi, any reference for SAP SD functional hiring in PWC Ac, looking for opportunity...any reference would be great help....


I have 5 yoe with frontend and 7.5 total yoe .
What can be demanded for Staff engineering position ?


Does PwC allow new hires to visit and get a tour of the office before their start date? I'll be joining later this year but I'm currently in London on vacation and would like to see my new workplace


i’m an LNA/CNA making 16.50/hr, where i live that’s a lot for my position. i just started at this new job about 2 months ago and still barely making enough to afford all my bills. i’ve been thinking of doing travel/ contract with MAS medical staffing. does anyone have an opinion on them or any other travel agency?


Hello! I have an interview with Stripe for a PMM role on Friday. Anyone able to share some tips/ pointers? Also, how open are they to less years of experience? Thanks in advance!


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Is now the right time to switch to the MedTech / Pharma industry?


Can anyone tell what's the order of Google onsite rounds? Is it:
1. GCA
2. Leadership
3. RRK
4. Googleyness


Did passing/studying for REG help you better understand Tax job and day to day tax technicals? Feeling like I don’t know much tax and have not studied for REG

I have always been baffled by the GOP biggotry. Their hate basically have them shooting themselves in the foot, Puerto Rico would more than likely vote conservative, but because they are brown the GOP just hates them.

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What advice do you have for a new attorney’s first appearance in court? I’ve been licensed for one month and didn’t have any prior experience in civil litigation so I have virtually no exposure and am not really sure what to expect—I’m going solo to cover for another attorney kind of last minute, its a pretrial conference in small claims court


Can you share your H1B transfer success story and timelines?

Hey fishes, I've an upcoming salary discussion with Barclays next week, how much should I ask for, I'm currently placed at 20 lpa at 7 years of Exp
Also how is Barclays in terms of onsite opportunities.
Also what's the designation I'll be getting?


Best BI Analytics tools in terms of branding and visual experience?


Background checks: do you list your current employer, even though they might be called? What do you do if you haven’t told them you’ve accepted another job yet? Do you just choose the option to not have them called or tell them before submitting the background check?


I started a new job recently, and they are very excited for me to start (it was a 3-month time from offer acceptance to start date). I haven’t had much input in the calls, just been observing and listening, but I feel like I’m not putting myself out there enough. Should I be asking more questions even though I’m still just observing? I really want to excel in this role and don’t want to come off like I’m not doing enough.


🙄 😂 I’m sure the customer ordered it on the spot haha

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I’ve been trying to go to a good creative in-house agency (Facebook, LinkedIn, Snap Inc, etc.) for a couple of years now with absolutely no luck. I’ve got awards, recognizable campaigns, and interesting side projects. Am I doing something wrong? Am I just not talking to the right people?


Anyone aware of any SFE opportunities? 3 yrs relevant work ex. Which position should we apply to ?

I’m interviewing for a Director of Solutions Engineering role at Salesforce. I was wondering what the OTE looks like for that role? Any help would be appreciated


Looking for ideas, conferences, classes, etc. to enhance my skillset in the learning and development space. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


At what age in your life did you decide that you couldn’t do the consulting 60-70 hour burnout lifestyle anymore?

The work I do is great, people are great but hours kill me every week. How long did you push yourself till you decided it wasn’t worth it?


Thank you to those of you who shared their perspective on the Panerai I’ve been thinking about. Got it for 15% off MSRP. They are adding a third strap for free. Picking it up next month. 🙆‍♂️

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Interviewer told me we will be in touch. It’s been 3 days I guess it’s all over


Additional Posts in Frontend Developers

Hey Fishes,
Looking for a change,
Any reference will help to make a first jump successful.

YOE: 2.9
Technology Stack: NodeJs , MySQL/Mongodb, JavaScript jQuery.
Secondary Stack :- Angular, VueJs, Kafka, Docker and Kubernetes using ISTIO.


I am currently looking for job change. I have total 8+ years working experience developing web applications using Angular, JavaScript etc. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.


Hey Guys ,

I have a interview with Citi for a front end react role . My total experience is 8 years . Can anyone throw some light what kind of questions are asked in technical round ( coding as a well as theory )

Thank you !


Hi fishes, my previous employer has not given me the money for Earned Leaves, they are saying it's not in their policy.. I have a variable bonus of 100000. Out of this they have given only 19,000 in the month of December after 6 months of joining...But they are not giving me any bonus after completing 1 year and 2 months.. They have stopped my appraisal as well...

So in total, I lost my appraisal money, bonus and Earned Leaves money... I feel betrayed and cheated...

What should I do ??

Hi everyone, I have 2 years of experience as a front-end developer and am planning to switch, I am targeting only product based companies, I would appreciate the referral or any advice


Hi Fishes,

I need your help in understanding the offers and taking a better decision

Meanstack developer

I got offer from
Delivery solutions - 23 fixed + 2 year end PWFH
Biofourmis- 29.5 Fixed - Bangalore
Byjus - 30 fixed : Bangalore

My current CTC is 16- Hyderabad

Please help me in this


I am looking for a change. I have total 4 years of experience in Frontend Development (React Js). Please refer me if companies are having such openings.

MetLife Hi Fishes,

I have 7 years of experience as a UI Developer with current package of 22 lpa in India.

What would be my salary at metlife in kuala lampur malaysia as i am switching.


I am having 4 YOE as a frontend developer
2yrs as a pure asp dot net- jQuery Frontend developer
2yrs as a React,Angular UI developer (means my current role doesn't have api integration and in-depth frontend activities)
What to expect in basics of salary and skills to up-skill my career as a frontend developer.
I feel like I'm underpaid for the work I have been giving


What is the interview process for Front end Developer experienced ?Do they ask DSA too ?


Hey fishes,
Could anyone explain me the frontend interview process at big FAANG like companies and how much DSA is important? I am a React developer with around 2 years of experience in product based startups. I want to switch to a big product based company or an unicorn.


Can any help with the salary i can ask after one year experience and any referrals please

Hello fellow members of the Fishbowl community,

I am thrilled to have joined this vibrant and supportive group of professionals. As a new member, I am looking forward to learning from and connecting with others who share my interests and expertise.

I have been in the freelance web development industry for two years and have build a solid foundation of skills and knowledge. However, I know that there is always more to learn, and I am excited to tap into the collective wisdom of this community.


Looking for a Frontend developer role(ReactJs) -Entry level.
Any leads would be appreciated.