Hello Everyone, I have total 7 years of experience in Power BI and MSBI and currently getting 13 LPA. I got interviewed at Birlasoft Pune for Expert Developer/Technical lead role. How much CTC I can ask as a m immediate joiner and got a mail for background check. Thanks!

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If the ultimate goal is to move in pharma/biotech (bd / strategy type role), does prestige of consulting firm matter? Or would it be better to work for less known firm that may have more client facing opportunities?


Hi Guys,

Can you help me out with the expected in hand salary per month.

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Yeh CSB kya Bala hai... Koi saral tareeke se bata sakta hai kya like it's benefits and all...Impetus technologies inc

Can anyone tell me what the utilization targets are for each level within Federal Advisory and Federal Consulting at Deloitte? How different than Commercial?


Which role would you take? Account Executive with a Series A French company with a bright future according to my research, 160KOTE 50/50 split. Second offer comes from Salesforce, 120 OTE 50/50 split + other benefits.

Anyone know the role of Research Analyst in S&P Global?
And work environment??

I am having 4.2 LPA with 1.6 years of experience in my current organization and now I got offer letter of 6 LPA from TCS. Is 6LPA very less? As my friends are saying. Please let me know because I was the one who asked the expected salary only 6LPA and also I accepted the salary breakup.

What fields/position can I go to that will see the most increase, post consulting, in pay regardless of the work I do?

I enjoy my job, but due to some personal family circumstances, I need to increase my salary as much as possible to take on some debt 😔

I am currently a 2nd year senior analyst in Chicago with most of my experience in tech. My base salary is currently ~82k.


I work in a mail order/specialty pharmacy at Optum and am aware that Humana (Centerwell) is opening a similar site closer to my home. Any pharmacists or techs with experience at one of their sites? I’d be interested in transitioning for a better work-life balance and opportunity for advancement. Thank you.


Hi All ,Multiple SAP openings in Accenture for all locations.Minimum required exp is 2.5 yrs. Interested candidates can dm me.


I am an personal lines account manager/client manager (property and casualty) going on 6 years experience and I am being paid $53k a year. I am living in CA and work for a large corporation (about 1500 employees). Do you think that $53k is low or seems like adequate pay?


Please, what type of behavioral questions are asked in a SWE internship interview? I am a PMM but my sister has an interview with Apple and I am helping her out.

Is it any different from what one would expect in a Full Time role interview? Please, I would appreciate every advise I can get. Thanks.


Experience hire applied via referral 10 days ago. How much time does it take to hear back after the pymetrics at BCG?


Hey! Got an invite for a PM role Mastercard No idea if I should consider moving forward and I’m scared because all I’ve known is the legal world. Any advice would be appreciated


Hi guys, I have two offers, one from IBM offering 21 fixed with 1 l joining bonus and the other one from Lnt with 24lpa with 10 percent variable,please suggest which is better


My company is looking for a new CFO (my would be boss) and I may have an opportunity to interview him/her. What questions should I ask ?

LTI - Larsen & Toubro Infotech is hiring for below mentioned skill sets. Interested candidates please inbox.

Need immediate joiners preferred within 0-30 days..!!

SAP MEGA Weekend Drive on 12th November 2022

#sapjobs #sapjobsindia #sapcareers

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Folks Please help me calculate my inhand salary

My 80c deductions are 1.14 lakh

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1st company - marketplace technologies (21 months)
2nd company - questec consultancy (8 months)
2 years break -full time MBa from tier 3 (alliance university)
3rd company - trimax IT infrastructure (17months) left due to late salaries
4th company - accenture ( 4.2 years )
5th company - wipro ( joined on feb 28th-2022)
Currently 8.4 YOE , 26.5 CTC.

With above switches When should i make next switch?


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Any creatives working directly in AEM?


Have been inspired by all the messages on here , so here goes - I am 5’8” 215 pounds, and desperate to lose weight. My eating habits are decent ... but am still not losing any weight. HELP!


Is there any mandatory leaves in December?


Which is the best source to master SQL? Confused with the amount of material available online.


What things did you find helpful to help reduce effects from ADD/ADHD?

Looking to move from West coast Big 4 to Toronto Big 4; M2 position. Assuming that the salary ranges between $120-130k, what’s the typical rental and daily expense that one can expect?

Is 16 LPA a good salary for a Lean Six Sigma Black belt certified person with 6.5 Years of experiance in Process excellence & Consulting role ?


What is the base pay scale range for Product Manager in Product based company vs Service companies


Examples of infamous or vile scientists in history? We always hear about the greats but what about those who brought a bad name to our field?


You were told you were getting a raise of x amount but then you get your raise letter to sign and it says the raise is 10k higher… what do you do. Do you tell anyone?


Hey all, my salary is 100k base, rent is 1900 and this past month I spent 1000 dollars on groceries, and fun activities. Is that too much?


Can anyone tell me which will better a better company to join between L&T Technology Services, GEP Consulting and KPMG India in terms of Brand Value, annual hikes, WLB, Peer to peer learning, etc? I am into Risk Management and internal controls domain. Please suggest . KPMG GEP Worldwide Ltts


Harbinger Group 28 LPA (Permenent WFH)
LTI (l&t infotech 28 LPA ) relocate to mumbai.

Which i need to choose?

Any idea about harbinger company??


I was today years old when I realized a rapidash is literally a giant flaming unicorn.


I have an offer from Deutsche Bank Deloitte and KPMG . Please share your inputs on which one is better in terms of hikes, employee benefits, learning etc? Deutsche Bank Deloitte Deloitte USI KPMG KPMG India


I forgot I drank 3 shots of espresso at 5pm and now I’m still awake


Going to Vegas the first week of November with girlfriend and another couple. Any tips on things to do? Lots of shows aren't running, a few have come back (piff the magic dragon).

Planning on gambling a little, heard there are 2-deck $5/hand blackjack tables at the Main Station casino. I'm decent at counting cards but not at tables using 8 decks.

Other than that I believe the games with best odds are craps and pai gow?

Staying at the Waldorf Astoria. And recs on food?


Please help in getting 9 likes. Thanks in advance!!


Any advice for someone wanting / needing to move out of accounting and into finance? How can I demonstrate the transferability of skills when I have no "true" finance experience?


Hi All,

I have been an automation engineer for around 6 years and wanted to switch my career from QA to a management post or a Business analysist post.
What should I do for it to have this career change


Additional Posts in BirlaSoft

When do we get hike letters in birlasoft?

If anyone absconded from a company what legal action company can take?

Am a new joinee, have submitted the signed mandatory docs 3 days back. How long should wait for HR approval and to get myworld access ? Pls advise


Howz job security in Birlasoft? Please suggest

Is it an idle Bowl with no posts whatsoever or do I lack any rights to see them?

Hi Fishies , Need one help. I have 2 offers from Birlasoft and Genpact where Genpact is paying 2LPA more than Birlasoft . But profile is better in Birlasoft. I want to join Birlasoft but not sure if they will give me same profile because IT Companies after joining change projects sometimes. Any suggestions from Birlasoft or Genpact employees. My domain is in Oracle Apps Technical (Genpact ). Birlasoft it is PDH( MDM) cloud version. CTC offered :- 16.5 + 1.85 + 50k(Birlasoft )
Genpact :- 21 LPA.


Hi Fishes,

What is the probability of a Birlasoft employee becoming client employee(fte for the client)

Will I be getting the joining bonus with the first month salary or will I get that after 3 months ? Ps: I joined on 16th august and my first salary is due on 30th September.

Hi folks, Recently joined birlasoft. When salary get credited in birlasoft? Day of month and approx time?

How much appraisal can I expect, I joined recently as a front-end developer (Angular)? I have been assigned project immediately.

YOE: 1

Hi folks, recently got an offer from birlasoft. Wanted to know how’s work culture and what clients available in chennai location?? Any feedback would really help, thank you. Pls advise

I m getting offer from birlasoft is it safe


I Got 22 lakhs CTC on Birlasoft, how much I get in hand salary?


Newly joined in Birlasoft, I could not find IFSC code in personal details and other details are missing in myworld.
Please advise what should I do ? Should I reach out to Hr Or raise a service now request?

Newly joined birlasoft, how can I know the policies and workarround of the my world portal. Any idea who can help me on this..??


Can someone please confirm if i submit my papers in probation period how much notice period i have to serve in Birlasoft. Thanks in advance.


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