{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "Hello everyone, \n\nLet's post our CTC and take home of every month, it will help many. Having home loan, mine is 16L, 1.05L every month.", "post_id": "608b7fd17c491e002a5d8750", "reply_count": 1168, "vote_count": 156, "bowl_id": "5f0372b0eecc0b001af4c310", "bowl_name": "Consulting India", "feed_type": "crowd" }

Hello everyone,

Let's post our CTC and take home of every month, it will help many. Having home loan, mine is 16L, 1.05L every month.

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6.5 YOE, 9LPA, fixed. I guess it's the lowest here 😅

Switching next week to 24LPA with 5% variable, though!

Tier 3 college, CS, no MBA

Profile is microservices developer and cloud.

Second highest offer I had was 20LPA with 5% variable, but got the 24LPA at the last moment.

I didn't regret saying No to the company offering 20LPA on the last day.
Afterall, they mentioned "or we can drop your candidature" atleast 3-4 times during negotiations.


this how serve them!! love it!!

I am finally leaving TCS after 6.7 years and I have offers with 100+ percentage hike. But that's still coming to 14LPA since my current CTC is so less😅 Going through this thread is making me feel I could have done better. What's the market standard? Is it 15-16LPA? or more? I will be starting my notice period tomorrow and just wanted to know if I could ask for more in case I get more calls or is that too ambitious?


You can tell I am looking for better learning opportunities and your company is famous for the learning curve 😁😉

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This has got to be the most depressing thread ever 😥


Depends on your perspective. It can be motivational as well to buckle up!

75LPA as base, 10L bonus, Take home: 4L, YOE: 13


I am not surprised. @wipro6- You shouldn’t be surprised as I know 10 YOE Senior manager in Deloitte USI at 80 LPA fix and last year bonus was around 25 LPA


This thread depressed me so much that I started looking for a job and got 2 in less than 10 days time. Thanks for depressing me and making me question my current compensation 😂😂🙏


Exactly the reason to start the thread. And few people were complaining saying that this is another comparision post. This is what exactly i was looking for. People should know about what is the current market value.


Okay, I can understand why no one from TCS has not revealed their salary yet. 🥲
But I'll share. I hope sharing my pain with you all will help myself. 🥲

2 YOE, 3.52L CTC, 21.2K Take Home Per Month


13 years of experience - 9.5 LPA, Tcs..🙄🧨
Any comments? 😂😂


10 YOE, 42 lpa, 2.2 per month take home


Please refer me


Total Compensation- 61 LPA : 45 Base + 16 LPA in Stocks this year
In hand - 2.7 Lakhs P.M
June stocks payout will be 7 lakhs
December stocks payout will be 9 lakhs


You guys can PM me for refferal in Amazon. Do mention the job id you want to apply for after looking for a suitable opening in the amazon job portal though.


Don't ask us.. its like wages not salary 😂


T1- your comment made my day😂


A general rule of thumb is once you've crossed the 30% tax bracket, every 1 lakh increase in fixed income per annum will increase the take home per month by 5000


Exactly and that sucks big time when the tax money is not something that I can see being spent for the country or my state for that matter.


80 lakhs annual, 15 lakhs bonus, 10 lakhs RSUs; take home around 4.1 (‘cos I have taken car on company lease); 15 years of experience


I understand bro I saw he is in core legal , but what is stopping me form achieving it , I myself . More than 95% chances are I won't reach that spot but if there's even a .1% chance I am gonna get it I might fail but I won't be having regrets like I didn't have my best and I certainly don't believe in company loyalty , I won't be staying at a company for that much long which would again hamper my chances . Peace ,😊


Ruined my Sunday after reading thread.. Thanks everyone.. 😂


18LPA at 6 YOE. Is it too bad? 1 company 3.5lpa , 2 company 5.5lpa, 3rd company 9.9lpa and finally 4th with 18lpa.
How do you see this, good or bad?


Is it including VP ?

Gotta find 4 storey building to jump,


Deloitte 6- How mch time will it take for u?


Achi bhali zindagi chal rahi thi.. then I found this thread. Now evaluating my career and everything.


1st April ko naya job join Kiya tha...aur khud tha...5.5 LPA ka package dekh ke...but ab lagta h kuch jyada h underpaid hu. Thanks to this thread.


Just a small unrelated note. While we salaried people are discussing our packages and the humongous portions we give back as IT, there's another section of people(real-estate/self employed/business owners) who earn much more than all of us combined and pay peanuts(or zero) as taxes. What a shame!


Couldn't agree more. Especially those rich farmers.


#atmanirbhar #milestogo #gratitude

YOE- 8.5
Base- 42L
RSUs- 24L
Total comp- 66L
Take home ~2.6 L pm
Role- PM non tech

Education- IIT+Premier MBA


I don't have much tech skills except for basic coding and some data analytics.


Going to hit 1000 comments.
This post made many of them switch companies. Many are earning well🤩 My friends shared it with me to read the comments, they don't know it was created by me😅 All are earning now like IIT & IIM students👌💪


Many of the HR if present in this thread would be taking a note 🤭😂😂😂😂😂😂

12 LPA
Yes most of Deloitteans are underpaid here due to zero/limited hike and growth opportunities in last 3 years. Looking forward to put down paper by next week. Have HR round with Amazon. Holding offer from HSBC 25 LPA, Accenture 21 LPA. Will decide next week after HR round with Amazon. Learning and work pressure in Deloitte is high, but growth is zero since last few years. Immigration support is also very limited. Waited for long eyeing on false promises for onsite by my SM. Can't hold anymore.


So u r a CA or possess any other qualification ?

This is confusing! People say work on your skills and don't run behind money in your early career but here I can see most of the people who switched early or more switches in short time span are getting paid more or have higher salaries. Really want to understand ! Please advise and share your thoughts, suggestions on this !


I totally can relate to your journey and wow the numbers you mentioned are so similar to mine. Congrats on your hardwork paying off.

11.75 fixed, 90k take home, 3.75 YOE.
So many already replied and made me feel depressed 😹 still doing my part. Great job author 😂


11.8 fixed, 85K in hand 3.8 YOE lateral hire. Seems the pay scale has risen

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Has anyone left healthcare and is now really happy? I’m an MSN, RN with 12 years hospital experience. I’m burned out and tired of making crap pay. I have an opportunity outside of healthcare that would pay more and challenge me in new ways that I haven’t experienced before. It’s a total shift that would really heal my work-life balance, job satisfaction and budget. My only fear is that I would not be using the license and degree that I worked so hard for. I would appreciate any input!!!!


I desperately need insight regarding salaries in today’s market. I work in the Energy industry as an Engineer with 8YOE and a degree in Digital and Technology Solutions. If anyone is able to provide insight into what the average/fair salary is with regards to my experience and qualifications, it would be immensely appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Hi all,
After salary negotiation how long oracle generally take to release offer letter or send mails for further communication?

Heat SF is hiring an account director and Sr art director. I can pass on resumes/books.


What assets and gifts are we supposed to receive if we join Salesforce next month? Position - Datorama Support EngineerSalesforce


Anyone in a leadership position and have ADHD? How do you handle your day to day duties?


I think I just screwed up on a call with a recruiter. He asked what my salary expectations were and I wasn’t thinking. I threw out a number that is about what I’m making now including my bonus.

TCS Hr revised my ctc to 27.5lpa from 24lpa for C3A band & shared ctc break up. I negotiated asking him to revise the fixed comp to 26lpa & JB. He said that he would try for fixed comp of 26lpa but no JB. Later he came back saying he can't get an approval for 28lpa & asking me if I'm okay with 24lpa & he would try to get 24lpa also if possible. Is he trying to get the ctc down or does he can't get approval? How do I get him to give the 27.5lpa break up offer? YOE:9y6m Role:Infra ManagerTata Cons

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Working as functional architect on Salesforce/CPQ … making 190k base, 20% bonus , 40k rsu per year ….am I paid fairly …no certifications but more focused on process and functional


Anyone at Kearney or Deloitte Toronto up for a chat? Potentially looking for a referral if there’s a fit.

I’m primarily interested in the Strategic Operations practice at Kearney and Operations Transformation at Deloitte.


What is a good salary expectation for senior writer?


I work for a start up Airbnb Business and I’m the only employee but we have grown insanely fast! I’m a property manager, project manager, and director of guest relations. What kind of compensation are others getting for what I do?


Anyone willing to refer me to a role in Charlotte at Wells Fargo? Solid credentials, won't embarrass you :-) I have Resume, Cover letter, short blurb and req # ready to go. DM me please.

I have 18 years of experience in. Net, with end to end software development experience.
Please let me know if you come across job openings available.
Thank you


I started a job hunt reluctantly b/c my company might be in buyout negotiations. I don't want to wait around for the layoffs.

I've received a new offer, but it's completely lateral. Damn near the same title, same benefits, same salary. I've made several attempts to negotiate salary or other benefits, but (supposedly) the hiring manager's hands are tied due to FY21 budget commitments.

Everything else about the job sounds great. Good culture, good boss, upward mobility, etc. Do I go for it?


How much salary can i expect in my next switch if I am a mechanical design engineer with 5 yoe in a German based oem?


Long shot: Any McKinsey fish willing to chat about their experience & assess if I’d be a mutually good fit? Headed into another MBB/T2 final round (experienced hire, U.S. offices, 2YOE) & would love to still give McK a look in determining best fit 😅Yet to apply & have no referral - TIA any kind souls that are willing to chat!


Hi fishes,

I need referral

Tech stack-java,springboot, hibernate,angular,microservices



Besides networking, what skills do you gain from an MBA that you wouldn't get while on the job/from a cheap online course?


A google recruiter reached out to me for Head of Program Management role, it is a role where I lead a team of Program Managers. Is this an L7 role? Assuming that is is non-tech, what is the expected total comp range for such roles?


Additional Posts in Consulting India

Do you/any of your peers have a PhD in Human Resources/Org Behavior? Interested in specializing further into the human capital field, but I understand that PhDs are primarily for academia

I had received a mail for W2D CONSULTING accelerate virtual program. Is that one mandatory to register ? And is it mandatory to attend?


Any IPL fans who want to get together a couple of times a month, in NYC?


Question: am I super insecure or what?
My boyfriend tells me I’m the love of his life. Constantly buys me things, and hangs out w me all the time. Tells me he never felt this way about anyone else. Not even his gf of 6 yrs. yet I have trust issues. He talks to other girls and when I ask him about it he hides it. Like a girl he met before at the bar snapped him. I asked what she said and he didn’t show me. He says as long as I’m acquaintances with guys I hooked up w (not sex) then he is ok to 👇


What is salary band for AM at KGS (KPMG Global Services) KPMG


Has anyone in the forensic/investigations field moved to Qatar/lives in Qatar for work? How do you find it? What are the salaries like as a Head of Ethics in Oil and Gas?


Ek baar aur phirse, bhaiyo aur beheno, batao kya kia jaye ??
Pakka vala onsite lia jaye Germany ka ya switch kia jaye 27lpa pe ????


A friend sent this to me...sub plans gotta get ‘me done, no matter what.

Post Photo

Looking for a new pair of sunglasses. What are your recommendations ?


Small victories include stopping your agency contact from mansplaining to the client and yourself . Getting a word in and then taking control to show this is why you hired me.


Has a hotel whether in the us or not ever asked for your company id when booking through a company rate?


How do you politely push back on being designated to take meeting minutes? I'm not the most junior person but probably the most organized one. Our team is going through some transitions and the new MD just suggested that I can do the team meeting deck and minutes going forward.. I'm trying to get promoted and this seems like a step down.. He likes me and likes that I'm organized and probably suggested my name coz he trusts me.. So not sure how to push back without sounding rude or arrogant..


I want to acknowledge as a dad of 2, we just lost our third at 12 weeks due to a missed miscarriage. We were devastated, not only by the loss but by the week long process that followed. Yet - miscarriages are not seen as a bereavement and often minimised by the well intentioned with shallow words of encouragement. We need to talk about this more.... right?


23, $100k in cash sitting at about 3.5%, $250k NW. no debt, paid car, currently rent in a UHCOL. DCA $100k in or go for real estate?

I’m a Goddamn amazing cook. Brag over, thank you for coming to my Ted talk


My heart is still broken from that doctor in NY died by suicide. Nothing, not even a job, is worth your life.


To the moms juggling work and childcare - just wondering if there are others who feel like they have to make sure they're just as productive as their teammates. I'm not made to feel this way, I'm just so concerned about job security. My children end up having too much screen time, and I'm more sleep deprived than ever. Anyone relate?


Fish - looking for a good all-in-one PC for my home office. Any recommendations? I am eyeballing the Dell OptiPlex 7770 and the HP Envy Curve. Not sure the latter is great for PPT tho


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