Hello FinTech community!
Currently looking to fill 3 headcount in my team at a London based Series D Unicorn FinTech startup.

Specifically I’m looking for experienced Application Security Engineers.

The team, including these roles are 100% remote, although you must be based in the UK.

If working in an office is more your style, we have the option to book desks on an ad-hoc basis.
We’re currently moving to our brand new office, near London Bridge.

Hope to hear from you!

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Hello fishes! One of my friend is looking for referral for business analyst role. Currently working as BA in a start called Aline together based out of bhopal.
Total corporate experience 2years.
It would be a great help.
Preferred location pune but can be flexible.


Is anyone hiring?


If anyone is looking for a new opportunity in federal internal audit or enterprise risk, please feel free to leave a comment. We’re hiring!


Is there any sign that some firms might be open to 100% WFH after the pandemic? Really don't want to go back to the office.


Hi! I need someone to refer me for a job opening at Accenture. Please DM/comment if you can help.


Hi Guys! I am looking for a change incase any body has openings in the forensics and disputes department it would be great if you can share the same.


*For anyone interested*
My team is looking for technical project managers to manage our pen testing engagements for our Threat Advisory services. Our company is positioned for high growth over the next half-decade and has been named one of the top 10 cyber companies to watch for by CRN.

The role is remote and requires 5+ years of experience in IT security and project management. Salary and equity compensation is competitive. Feel free to DM to learn more.


Any consulting internships for fall 2022 remote?


Hi all,

I'm almost a year into a manager of analytics position at a large pharma company (15K+ employees, $10B revenue). When taking the position, I did a poor job of researching/negotiating salary ($115K). After researching similar positions/companies on glassdoor, it appears I could be under paid.

What do you all think the average salary for a manager of analytics working hybrid remote/on site? I have 5 years of people management experience and 2 years of bi developer/analyst experience.


Looking for hybrid or remote work. Employment law or civil litigation. Does anyone know of any in CA? Bay Area.


Hello everyone I am looking for a referral for the below mentioned opening.

Post Photo

Does anyone work at Compass Pathways? I am super interested in moving to psychedelic research and want to apply for a coordinator role at their company. Would love a referral!

Let me know if anyone is interested in working at Infosys .

I would be happy to help.

Mail your resume at - refermeadarsh@gmail.com along with job role.


Thought I’d post here hoping for a referral. I’m looking for a Director of Product Design position at a tech startup. Anyone know of anything? Happy to send my resume/portfolio if you want to see some of my work before referring.


Hi, would anyone be willing to provide a referral for Google? I came across a couple of intersting DS roles within Google's Finance vertical. About me: Engg. Masters Degree, 6 yrs experience in Data Science and Analytics, Finance Certifications. Google


Hi guys,
DM me if you want referral for below openings at Infosys

Post Photo

We are hiring for Pre-Sales Engineers (Technical) and Customer Success Managers (Strategic). DM if interested. US Permanent Residents and Citizens only.


Hello All,
I have a total of 2.6 years of experience and 1.6 years relevant with the java and spring boot framework. Currently I am looking for a java backend developer positions. Any referral/suggestion would really be appreciated. I am available to join immediately.
Thanks in advance 👍🏻

Below is my tech stack:

Core Java
Advance Java
Spring MVC
SpringBoot Framework
Hibernate Framework
Collection Framework
REST api


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Is it common to work from your home office for months. Joined 9 months ago and been doing short term projects from the office for the last 6 months. Am I missing out on the experience of being onsite?


HSBC project ending??

Directors, whats your base? How much was bonus?


How does everyone feel about their Health Coverage?

Does it seem too expensive when you barely use your coverage?
Do you have a hard time finding facilities that accept your coverage?
Do you find it hard to trust Insurance Agents?

Let's talk!


Hello fishes,

In new to EY GDS,
I have 3 years and 2 months of experience
I joined couple of weeks ago as staff-3,
Is staff-3 the correct position they gave?
Am I on the right track?

Hi Fishes,

If anyone is interested for Referral at Oracle.
Kindly DM me, would be happy to give you a Referral.


Are innovation/design thinking skills in demand for strategy roles? Interested in seeing what opportunities are out there


Have you changed careers or pivoted because your previous career was detrimental to your mental health? How was that career change process for you? How are things now? Much love to you all!


Pls Fix ! Tks!

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Anyone with insight into the salary/WLB at BD (med tech). Applying for a Global Clinical Solutions Director position.

Referrals/insight appreciated!


KPMG folks, do you have a real pension or is it just a cash value like at EY? What is the vesting period for it?


Anyone done a Corp to Corp contract job from Canada for a US company?


Hi, I have cleared an interview and now my status shows as Offer. Kindly confirm what it means

Hi all! Fresh joiner in here! I get clients from UpWork. Any tips on where to find $35/hr contracts? Or what industry to specialize? Thanks!


37m SF Bay Area, looking to meet people around here !


Has anyone tried using an AI writing tool? I often have trouble focusing and formulating coherent content.


Any tips for interviewing at IQVIA for lead position. Please help


//Sorry for the heavier post//

Eyes heavy today
No motivation found here
Maybe some sun ay?
But I don't want to get dressed
What do I do huh?
I am so tired
Of the fake support
Of feeling alone
It's all just a lie
Why are we even living?
You say you're here for me
But really you're not
Empty words false promises
Stuck in a moment
Scared to trust and love again
Idk how to be free
Of these heavy scars
I'm scared I'll never be found
Ever again this lifetime


Additional Posts in Fintech

I got an offer from Consulting firm that provides businesses & technology consultancy and managed services to tier 1 banks and other finance companies.
In the offer letter they mentioned-
"-Non compete Restrictive period- 12 Months
-Restricted period- 12 Months "

What does mean? And what are the things to keep in mind before signing the offer letter with this condition?
Can I negotiate on this?

Hi Fishes.. i am a QA/Test Lead based in London

I will be starting my job search. I have never worked in Fintech and would like to land a jib in either Fintech start up or a bank. Please suggest companies I should target which are good paymasters for QA roles. I have 15+ years experience with some exposed to automation.


Anyone familiar with Flex (getflex.com)? Trying to find info on them via Glassdoor and having 0 luck. Appreciate it!


Any companies looking to hire GRC positions ?

Hi All, I’m new to the app and could use some likes to unlock more features thx!


Anyone have any color on OTC crypto Sales Trader analyst/associate compensation packages? Thank you


I got selected in a big fintech farm. Now I am serving notice period in my current company. Just wondering do I have to stay connected with my new employer by sending some emails periodically or in some way or is it okay to just responsive to their communication and no need to establish proactive communication. Looking for suggestion.


Anyone have any experience with the interview process at Enova, more specifically for an Account Manager position?

What’s the average salary for a manger in FinTech. My wife is a Manager in FinTech and earns 95k base with a 10% bonus. Is that competitive? I hear that this field is getting hot and curious to know if she’s potentially leaving money on the table by not moving elsewhere.


Anyone have connections at Affirm


Does anyone know what the interview process is like at hedge funds like two sigma? Is it just initial interview, case study, second interview, and then offer? Also, do you know what I can expect during second interviews or how harshly I'll be graded on the case study?


I currently work at a senior level in product management, I have around 4 years of experience in the field. I'm severely underpaid and feel quite undervalued by the company. I've also been supporting my wife who's been doing her Masters for the past 2.5 years, and being in NYC my savings are absolutely minimal. My PERM is processing so I can't even make a move for another 6-8 months and I'm scared of doing so in light of thr current job market. I'm struggling to deal with my situation. Help?

I was in a very hostile work environment at Citigroup so I decided to leave the company to join JPMorgan Chase. But after over a year I decided to apply for an opening with a different team, went through all of the interview and the hiring manager wanted to onboard me. However, the recruiter was not able to get approval from the rehire team to process the offer so that didn’t go through. Does anyone know how to find out if I’m permanently ineligible for rehire at @citigroup


Senior engineering manager role at bofa (manage 40+ Headcount) or take a Sr PM offer at a pre-ipo , late stage fintech?

FinTech firm is offering 340k including rsu. I guess bofa would top out at 230k cash + stock.

What do I decide 🤦‍♂️


Any idea what is the salary for Senior Software engineer or Senior platform engineer with 18 YOE in ClearStreet?
Looks like ClearStreet designates most professionals as Senior Software Engineer. Current position is Director of Technology in another Fintech with 18YOE


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