Hello Fishes
Any interview experience for the post of associate manager/manager at MiQ digital ?
What to expect in a case study interview

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Is there a way to start searching for lateral and in house positions without sharing your name and firm and contact? Want to start seeing what’s out there without talking to recruiters just yet. LinkedIn jobs don’t seem accurate. 6th year home grown corporate NYC associate. Never lateraled and never explored the market, so all advice is welcome!


If I've only had one job so far in my career how do I fill up my resume?


I work at HCL as a Pre sales consultant which involves technical understanding and being in touch with latest technologies, I have got an offer from Genpact Bid Management team which I heard offer BPO services, should I join or stay in a techno functional role and how is the bid Management department in Genpact Genpact HCL Technologies

Bid Management Pre Sales

Getting my first interview at an entry level job. Besides doing my DD on the company, is there anything else I should be doing to prep?


How is Deloitte's Digital practice like.. especially all of the Salesforce work? Thinking of making a switch..! No troll 🐳 pls.. seeking honest opinion


How is FSO Advisory Data Team in New York for EY?

Hi everyone

Anyone waiting for an Offer letter from S&P Global?



Hi Folks, How is Deloitte India in terms of job security and long term career ? I've got a offer from them. My YOE - 9.5.


Does EY India sponsors FRM/CFA fees, if someone wants to appear for the same.


I interviewed for a job a month ago. A few weeks after the interview, I was told my feedback was good, but the company was evaluating all positions at the company at this time. Today, I saw the job is no longer posted, but my application is still "active" in the workday system. Anyone have any idea what this would mean? I don't want to continuously bother the recruiter.


I have started my interview process for Data Engineer. Need some help. Is there anyone who can guide me?


I am currently pursuing my B.tech in IT. I wish to work as an intern at Paypal Singapore. Can anyone tell me what's the criteria for selection and whether paypal sponsors visa?
Any help would be highly appreciated!

Does your resume bullet points matter at all if you just have public accounting experience. Like if you say you are tax in Big 4 and you do Federal does anything else really matter to employers?

Does anyone know anything about Camden Kelly Corporation? I am interested in a tech recruiting position they have open but don’t know much about them


Hi All, have my first interview for my first VP Sales role with an early stage startup. Any idea of salary banding? Im based in Australia


Gonna join BNY ops chennai.Can someone telme what is the d/b bny tech and bny operations. 25LPA(2.5 Jb) , Grade I
YoE -10.2
Tech - Devops,Cloud


What is the usual hike % for a finance role in salesforce india ?

Barclay's providing Free Food ??

I heard from my friend they are providing in Noida.

Is it applicable for chennai !!!


Evaluate my offers please. Which one would you choose?

Google - Cloud Security Specialist (GCP, L5) - 54 fixed+ 8 bonus + 47k USD stocks over four years ( 33-33-22-12 vesting)
Series D startup - Security Architect - 55 fixed + 5.5 bonus + 45k USD stock options (ESOPs) over four years (equal vesting?
Goldman Sachs - VP, Cloud Security - 50 fixed + 12-14 bonus + No stocks

Yoe - 10. Thanks!


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Is it wrong for a company to encourage working back in the office with covid still here?


Hello Bowl Members,

We are looking for daddies in my kink group chat. We are most women who love lively ones.

Hit me up for details. Chao 💅🏾


Hi All,

How good is Accenture in matching counter offers for existing employees.

Here’s my short background, my current ctc is 13.5 fixed (7 YOE, level 10) in Accenture and got an offer from cts for 23fixed.

Im a crucial resource in Accenture, can i hope Accenture matches the counter offer for my yoe? Also, can I consider my manager word if they say that they will revise in next 3 or 6 mnths?

Thank you!


Hi Fishes, need your help.
I was cleared one service based company interview and get offer letter my current company is A but before it I was worked in company B for only 10 days and left the company B due to personal reason but according to them I have to served 3 months NP which is non payable. So during this I got an offer from company A and joined. In this case during BGV is there any complication occurs??

My dog ate a quarter of a paper towel.. he’s a 35lb doodle. Seems to be okay - will he be fine? Just worried


On pace to bill 2250 for the second year in a row at my amlaw 50 firm. But the firm is not paying market salaries (10%-20% below), and the bonuses are below market. The people are nice, I feel like there are good growth opportunities and a legitimate shot to make partner, but is that enough reason to stay here? Feeling like I should just move to a market comp firm if I’m going to be working this much consistently (4/5 year).


Can we ask for bonus after joining tcs? Is there any possibility to receive it?

Before joining I have already informed HR that they have incorrectly calculated my experience but they asked me to ignore it and said after joining tcs it will be calculated later on


The Serpent!! ❤️
A must watch.


Guys I keep telling you DIVX. Up another 30%. Time to get your masternodes now!


Hey fishes,

Please post your current company and official Notice Period here - Good information to everyone.


Speaking of side hustles, any recommendations? $$


About to pull up a creative brief on my screen, put my hands on either side my head in a “serious concentration “ pose, close my eyes, and take a 7 min nap. 😴


Referral at INFOSYS.

DM me if u r interested in any of these positions.

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After how long can an alumn join back ?


Hey guys I got an interview call for salesforce developer at pwc. How’s pwc for Salesforce @ / ncino also how much can I expect for a 2.5 years of experience currently at 9.4 ctc.

My facility want us to run Bipap on Med-surg floors. I don't think that is safe. It's one RT in the entire hospital.


Poll: which has better toilet paper? Your clients office or your home office?

Need referral in Google , Edward Jones T-Mobile Capital One Moody's Corporation. Identified roles in vendor management space in each of these companies n looking for referrals (preferably from employees working in same space).10+ YOE


Additional Posts in Interview Experience

What is the best answer to Why are you leaving your current organization ?

How much would Microsoft offer for 3.5 years experienced, SE2 position?


How much can I expect in hand from Accenture as 9.5lpa fixed ?


Sometime I feel, orgs like Infosys Tata Consultancy Accenture and similar service based paying peanuts to employees and giving Fat paychecks to CEO's,, should be absconded by every other new joiner, So that they would stop giving 3-4 lpa and instead come in the range of 5-6lpa.

I also want to urge to all employees that its high time to go for bigger number and switch, why should only ceo, and top leadership have all the fun, each and everyone of us deserve better lifestyle


Can anyone suggest interview questions for angular developer exp 2 years

I need 11 likes to DM, Kindly help.


Hi All,

Could you please suggest any good course to prepare for DP 203 azure data engineering exam?

Thanks in advance.


Have you appeared for Nagarro Apti test?
How is it actually?

I thought I did fairly well and got rejection mail straight after 🤨


Hi Folks,

For my interview for Data science, some interviewer asked me how Togo through a data frame with million of data without using loop. But the question was such that according to my knowledge, I'll have to use loop, cause I have to go through row values and check stuff. Any idea what could be the answer they were looking for?


Can I have 11 likes to enable chat option

Thanks in advance


How many rounds in total for E&Y ?


Hey folks,

I am 6.10 YoE as ETL developer/ data engineer.
I am having 2 offers, confused between them. I am considering WLF, location flexibility and good technologies in scope
Saama technologies, pune : 20 LPA
IBM : 20.1 with 1.87 JB

Please suggest and still have 1 week to join


HR: Can you walk me through your career journey so far?

Me: Sure 😜🤣

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I had l1 interview with Capgemini on Saturday, I think it went well, so when can I expect response from their end.


Has anyone attended an interview through FloCareer - a technical evaluation partner for MNCs. Please share your feedback .


Hi Folks... how to prepare for Hirevue Deloitte interview.... and what are the basis for selection.
Any suggestions highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

LTI-Larsen and Toubro Infotech is Hiring!!
Share EmailID along with JobName to Apply
Candidates who can join in 30 Days will be given preference

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Hello fishes, need some help. I work for a
company which pays me 10|pa. But I also
have a client who pays me 28 Ipa. This is
my side gig and I want to keep helping
my client but I need to put in 4hrs at least
But now I have 2 offers
Walmart: 25.5 fix + 4.8 var + 3.5
rsu(vested 4 yr)
Zomato: 30 fix + 7.5 ESOP(vested
4 yoe in iOS
What to do?


Does anyone know what kind of questions asked in communication round at MS.
Is it elimination round?


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