Hello Fishes,

Need suggestions in selecting my next role.

Optum - 38.8L (Sr. Product Analyst, Product Management - Strategy)

JPMC - 37L (AVP, Product Management - Tech)

GE Power - 34L (Sr. Tech Product Manager, Product Management - Tech)

Above are the total compensation offered.

YOE - 8 years. Role - Product Manager

JPMorgan Chase GE Optum Optum Global Solutions UHG

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Thank you for all the advice. I've joined JPMC.


JPMC for same salary or they have increased a bit?

GE power and JPMC are good


Optum is very chill but has office politics


Yes, I heard this about internal politics in Optum. But, to be honest, politics is everywhere.

Whats your current ctc ?


Adding my 2 cents
Work culture should be your first priority.
As it will impel you to excel in the organization otherwise again you have to lookout for a better work culture.
Rephrase or add in the question which has the best work culture

Thank you.
Yes, my bad. I should have added a few parameters.

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I’ve been struggling to be satisfied with my current job as an AE and interviewing else where, however, everywhere that I interview I keep getting the same feedback: “hiring managers had only positive things to say about you, but we have decided to move forward with candidates who whose skills are more closely aligned to the immediate needs of the team. Please consider us for the future”
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Hi JPMorgan Chase Hyd Fishes,
What do you like about Hyderabad campus?


How do you navigate when you've already accepted an offer, but you get a better one? I'm supposed to start a new role tomorrow but got an offer for the job I really wanted, and it pays 50k more. Is it horrible if I quit while having just started?


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Hi Fishes,

Can someone help me knowing the in-hand salary for 22lpa fixed (includes pf and gratuity). I need to inform the hr about acceptance of offer today.

Considering I have invested 1.50lakh in 80C


Thoughts on moving from audit to IT audit? Highly interested in tech and thinking it could be a good stepping stone into tech industry even if I had to start out as an A1. Any insights into salary for a HCOL area?


Need a clarification !

If I join
Shell on Aug 1,2022 …Will I be considered for Dec rating cycle ? and will I get Hike on Feb,2023?

Hiring manager told that I will be eligible for Dec rating and decreased my CTC saying your Pir will be high ..

Confusion is Will I be eligible for the rating as I will be in probation period in shell during Dec.

Please help!


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I have MI BOLC in January, which lasts for 4 months. I’m currently in the final phase of receiving my verbal offer from either Booz Allen Hamilton or Deloitte. Would they reconsider hiring me if they knew I would be away for that long? Should I be upfront and tell them I’ll be away? I don’t want to lose an opportunity that I worked hard for. Please help.


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Hi There,

I am confused whether should look for a change now or not. Seeing the Recession coming.
Expertise - Functional / Manual Testing with 7 Years experience.
Would like to hear suggestion or advices please.

Hi all, I’m gonna join pwc ac Bangalore next month. I need your help In knowing the holiday calendar or holidays available in last week of December I.e in between Dec 25th to Dec 31st. To plan my vacation. Please help

Hi fishes. I am having 4 years of experience in Rpa UiPath. Coforge is paying me 21 lpa and 1.05 lpa variable and Ey GDS is paying 17 lpa fixed. Which one is better?

Just received an internship offer for Oliver Wyman in Management Consulting.

Curious, what is the culture like in the southern offices (Atlanta, Dallas ,Houston)?

Also, I come from a First Gen. Low Income background and so any tips on how to prep for the experience would be appreciated (networking, hard skills, courses, attire etc).

Thank you in advance for your responses!


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“Does this shirt make me look naked?”


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Does HSBC HDPI reimburse monthly internet expenses?
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I have by mistake deleted my microsoft authentication app......... Now I am not able to go portal as it requires microsoft auth app to verify with some code after I login.


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Insane how many news outlets are out there and how so few of them are objective and unbiased.


Do I need to level down to get into tech? Currently SM in big healthcare analytics/ product. Want to pivot but struggling to get callbacks from strong companies with the exception of IC roles.


Thinking to move from ad world to research / innovation world - but looking at a 25% pay cut with less long term growth potential. But that’s the work I love most out of all the strat work. Thoughts?

What percent of yearly hike i can expect at Level 9 in Accenture?


Any suggestions on how to study For the OCI exams besides the learning paths on Oracle Learning site?


Hi All, I have 9.10 YOE in Investment Banking and Financial Services. I have switched 3 companies in my career - Societe Generale, Accenture, and London Stock Exchange Group but I am still at 15.00 LPA. 2022, I started looking for a new job & got interviews scheduled from HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, and JP Morgan but always got rejected. I did well in the interviews but still did not get selected. I am stuck, please guide me.


Base is 60k OTE 85k, but 120% commission cap. I support 10 AEs whose base is 55k. I have 13 years experience in my field, including 5 working in the position of my now prospects. Closed dozens of deals at trade shows, created/presented virtual and in-person seminars, create onboarding and scripts for the reps I support as a SE and am required to be on majority of demos across all time zones. I know I’m getting screwed, but how bad?


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Hi guys, What's the Inhand salary for below salary breakdown in Infosys after tax deductions. Can anyone please help me out. Thanks in Advance 😊Infosys

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Hi Fishes, need your guidance. I am having below offers. Please help me to decide.

Publicis Sapient - 16LPA + PWFH
Valuelabs - 18LPA + PWFH

I want to know in terms of Brand value, WLB, career growth, learning opportunity & job security.

*Also is it safe to join service based company with such a high package in respect to my YOE?

My Info:
YOE - 2.3Yrs
CCTC - 7.25LPA
Techstack - Frontend Development (React) College - Tier-3


Hi everyone

My current CTC is 4.1L

My skills: Manual, API, Performance testing

Yoe: 3

Thinking of joining another company, How much should I expect in my next package jump?

Kindly help me with your suggestions!


Your suggestion needed 🙏

I have 4 offer

Delloite: 10.7 lpa ( 9.7 + 1)
Tavant: 14.5 lpa(14 + 0.5 )
Amadeus: 16.5 lpa ( 15+1.5)
Coforge: 18.5 lpa( 17+1.5)

I'm not really interested 1st 2 options as the difference in ctc is big

I'm confused btw amadeus and coforge
Coforge is paying me more but it's a service based company. While amadeus is product based.

Out of the 2 which company is better ( keeping aside the ctc) to join.

Please please share your thoughts


What is the max ctc for @CitiBank C12 avp position pune


Hello Everyone

Coforge- 21 LPA
Clarovoiant- 20.5 LPA
Zensar- 20 LPA
FIS Global- 17.6 LPA
Capgemini- 16LPA

Please help me to choose amoung the mentioned companies.
I am looking for job security and work life balance.

Thanks in advance.


I am about to get an offer from PayPal for mts1
How much should I expect ?
9+ yoe and java related technologies


Can I pay house rent to my parents and claim it in ITR?


What are some strong arguments to put in front of HR to negotiate salary ?

The company is giving 8.5 fixed.

I have offer from a better brand but of 8.

I need atleast 11-12.


Hi Fishes,

Which all companies provide stocks as part of salary.
How to know ,if they will give stocks as part of salary.

and finally how to ask for stocks apart from fixed pay. when discussing about salary.


Hi All

ServiceNow developer and i have got 2 offers

My current ctc is 4.35 LPA
YoE - 2.6 years

Accenture 8 fixed + variable
Cognizant - 8+

Please tell me whether it is a good package and which is the best place to work in..

Also i am bit concerned about the upcoming recession. Please provide your inputs..

Thank you


Hi fishes,

I am a java full stack developer with 5.5 YOE.
My package is 15.5lpa fixed.
Is my salary good in current market standards?


What level in Siemens is a Manager post ( PL what?)Siemens


Hi Fishes

How much salary should i expect for 8 years of experience in software asset management domain