Hello fishes,
Please help me with my in-hand salary calculation.

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It's a service based company.

And what chocie pay includes, based on that we can say

If you declare HRA and 1.5lpa in 80c you will get somewhere around 125000

You ll get something in the range of 125k-140k depending on what bills you show.

LTA is offered 2 times in 4 yrs that too you have to travel with bills, the next that you can claim travelling in India is 60-70k for 5-6 people in a family. So assuming 70k tax exemption.

HRA: suppose you are paying rent of 20k per month, total comes 2.4 lakhs, 40% of Basic salary = you'll get 1.5-1.6 lakhs exemption

Show bills of Attire allowance:50k exemption

So total exemption: 2.7 lakhs
0-3 lakhs-0
3-5 lakhs-12500
5-10 lakhs- 1 lakhs
10-22 lakhs =12 lakhs-2.7 lakhs= 9.3 lakhs
30% of 9.3 lakhs= 2.8 lakhs

Total tax= 2.8 lakhs+1 lakhs+12500=3.9 lakhs-4 lakhs

So 22-4= 18 lakhs including PF+Gratuity
In hand 16.5 lakhs (1.5 pf+gratuity)
16.5/12=1.37 lakhs in hand for first year
Next year this amount will be 1.3 lakhs bco LTA won't be thr to claim.

All th best

What is choice pay?

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Hi Fishes

How much EXL provides for the Senior Consultant role.

Some information for which i was offered -
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Hi LTIMindtree fishes,

In how much time LTIMindtree releases offer letter after final HR discussion round?
Do they give joining bonus for early joiners?


Deloitte USI or KPMG ?
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I'm having 2.6 years of experience in development (java, spring boot).

Milbank matched DPW scale. Plus/minus 50% for associates with above 110% or below 80% “utilization” through 9/6 (including pro bono and legal work for firm). To be paid by Oct 30. December bonus expected to be no less than last year. Good for management and consistent with (imho) strong leadership during COVID.


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Hi Folks,

What is the salary range we can expect to work in Abudhabi.

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Thanks in Advance...!


Ignoring COVID for a second and how it'll impact firm's financial capability to even give bonuses, do firms with billable reqs usually still give bonuses to first years even if they don't make the threshold?

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Hello friends,
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Can anyone please help me with expected salary under loan management current exp-3 years


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Hello fishes,
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Additional Posts in In Hand Salary Calculation👍

Ba with 2.5yrs of experience, current salary 11LPA. how much should i ask for when switching to some other company?


Is ther any website that can help calculate the exact in hand figure after tax saving and HRA ?
I am confused as to why so much tax is being deducted from my salary even after tax saving
I tried cleartax but its not giving correct value


Hi Fishes,

Hope you all are doing well.
Can someone please shed a light on inhand salary as per below structure.

Thanks in advance !

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Hi Guys,

Can you help me out with the expected in hand salary per month.

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Hey Guys ,
Can you help me find my on hand for below breakup:

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Hi fishes,

Can someone let me know the in hand salary for the below compensation.


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Folks Please help me calculate my inhand salary

My 80c deductions are 1.14 lakh

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Hi Fishes,
I will be joining KPMG global services and first time coming under tax slab.
Can anyone please share monthly payslip as I wanted to plan my rent according to HRA?
Also please share the Annual basic so that I can calculate my HRA accordingly.
Attaching my compensation plan.
Pleaaaaassssse helppppppppp.

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What's the Inhand salary? details below

Total = 12.44 LPA

Basic + Allowance = Rs. 11.65 LPA
Employer PF(12% of basic) = Rs. 56.7k
Gratuity : Rs. 22k


In hand for 13 LPA ?


Is getting hike on fixed pay good than getting hike on total ctc?


Hey everyone !

Need help to understand this.

Basic: 10,00,000
HRA: 6,00,000

HRA excemption Calc:
1. Provided by Company: 6,00,000
2. 40% of Basic: 4,00,000
3. Rent - 10% of Basic: Rent- 1,00,000

For tax exception, min of these will be considered.

Ques: Can I claim my entire HRA exemption of 4,00,000 (as per option 2) by showing annual rent of 5,00,000 ?
P.S.- I am staying at home with my parents and I can transfer the rent to my parents.

Thanks in advance.


Hi sharks and fishes.. Institutional Shareholder Services has given me the below offer.. Can you guys plss tell how much will be inhand.. My yearly tax investment is around 175000 .. Thanks in advance guys..

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Hello All
What will be inhand salary?

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Is HSBC is a good company?