Hello Fishes
I have yoe - 2 years 9 months post my mba and work in the risk advisory service line with EY India.

Deloitte India - 16.5 fixed DM1 no joining bonus
PwC SDC - 17 fixed SA1 with 2.5 lakh joining bonus
Please help me decide.

Also i am in talks with Deloitte USI for an offer, but i mentioned that i have an offer from Deloitte India to them will it affect my candidature? Any suggestions would help. Thanks in advance.

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Tech - AWS and .NET

Also an indicative range of CTC I should ask for will be helpful. Currently I'm underpaid at 20.1L as I worked in the same company for 12 years.


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I got to know that PwC is hiring very aggressively for cloud roles.
Can anyone refer me please?

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Thoughts on Director of Software Engineering at a small firm $165k base + 10% annual bonus. No stock options, no RRSP match. YOE 12, experience in current role 3 yrs.
Current compensation $140k, no stock options or RRSP match, but love the organization.

me signing petitions with different emails

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Hi fishes ,

I am having a total experience of 7.8 years in my current organization , joined here as a fresher.

skill set - Data Analytics with Power BI , Python and SQL

Current CTC - 8.6

I am looking for a job change , how much CTC should i expect ?

Any feedbacks will be appreciated

Hey fishes.

Is it mandatory to work during NP?


Hi Fishes,

Have 3 yoe | 5 lpa

Tech stack :
Devops + python development + aws stack ( development + devops )

Which position pays more SRE / Devops / aws developer for 3 yoe.

Please share some salary insights.



Has EY India called employees back to office? Onboarding is still happening online, right?


How will be year 2023 for IT? More resignations than 2022?


Pwc India 13.5 fixed and kpmg global 14.5 fixed? Which one to go for?


Partners are important for Mr. Memani.

Majdur logo ka kya h bc ... Aate jate rhenge 🙄


Hey fishes,
Need urgent information.
What could be the in hand salary for below compensation plan?

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Does EY provides joining bonus to associate technical lead ?. I don't see it in my OL.


I have interview with Thoughtworks for Application Developer - Consultant in Java Backend. Which are the topics i should focus on?(They gave 6 days to prepare)
Year of Experience;- 1.6

Thanks in Advance


Grant Thornton Bharat LLP is hiring for various positions (Trainee, Senior associates, Consultants, Assistant Managers, Associate Director and Director) at various locations.

Interested candidates can DM me your resume mentioning the position, expertise and location you are applying for.

Kindly don't reach out to me, if you have already applied or been referred by someone.


Hi All,

Tomorrow I have salary discussion with
Fractal, I want to know how much I can expect based on below parameter:

YOE: 4.4 years
Tech stack: Azure data factory, data lake, data bricks
LWD: 28 th Nov
CCTC: 5.84
Offer in-hand:
Accenture: 9.98 LPA (21% variable)
Mindtree 11 LPA
Pwc : 14.5 LPA but offer letter is not generated but all pending task were completed in Workday)

Which one should be considered to join in terms of stability, growth and wlb?
Accenture PwC Deloitte Fractal Mindtree


Hi Fishes,
Please guide me in terms of opportunities.
Have recently joined Crisil as Credit Research analyst in Financial services sector, was previously associated with one of big4s in Risk Advisory. Like, what lies ahead in terms of opportunities or scope?
Would also like to explore FDD in big4.


How is Zinnov consulting for S&O roles?


Hello Fishes,
Whoever of you got selected for a technical consulting job in US while staying in India and not having an US work visa , what is the process you followed ?

I have applied to several US jobs via LinkedIn where I met all the candidate skill requirements and I am currently working in a big 4 (Quote to cash area) having 3+ YOE. But still no luck.
On what basis the US firms select a profile for interviewing ? Please help !

Could you guys please help ?


Hello Fishes,

I got offers from Deloitte USI and Accenture. Both are offering 8.5LPA fixed. Which would be the best option? Need your quick suggestions pls.


What do you do when you get angry, mad at someone & can't convey.
I lash it out at Twitter& put my fingers in fishbowl.
What's your way to distress and relax in spite of fucking stressful culture.


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