Hello Folks,

I currently have experience of 9+ years and CTC of around 19LPA. How much should I ask for Consulting Engineer ( CX ) role at Grade 8?

Thanks in advance!

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works at
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Grade 8 does not have much wriggle room for you. You should ask for Grade 10 and not settle for anything less than 30LPA.

Okay. Thank you for responding.

Did you get the offer?

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I’m an SM and I’m currently exploring other opportunities. I’m in a very dynamic albeit ambiguous role where I oversee a team of 20, regularly facilitate internal and external strategic conversations with C-Suite, and get assigned to lead high-vis projects. The roles that I’m being offered are Director level and many seem to be lateral at best. Is this an age thing(32F)? Or am I doing a poor job of articulating my abilities?


psst..Any R/GAers that were laid off yesterday, PM me. We're hiring...


Aite-Novarica Group - Novarica historically didn’t have a sales force and has now merged with Aite. Both research and advisory firms.

Question - does anyone have experience in their newly developed sales role as a new business executive? They say it’s fully remote with maybe 25-30% travel to conferences, client on-sites, etc. Would love perspective! 110k base/80k variable offer 🤷🏻‍♂️


HELP - so I’m moving towards a more manager type role and I’m really struggling with some key project management things, like file organization, tracking multiple project timelines that I’m not working on, and sending out follow up emails in a timely manner. Does anyone have tips on how they navigated these types of things and were successful while also having ADHD?


How much is fair to ask for a Sn HR Generalist position in Alabama? I have a Master’s degree in Business law and legal careers, and PHR. I have 7 years of experience and will be the only HR personnel for about 150 employees.



I have been working in IT Audit (Internal and Third Party) for the last few years and have recently made a move to a cyber security role at almost entry level in a growing product based firm. While I am really happy about the future prospects here, I don’t want to look lost when I actually begin working. Since I have been in an audit role my entire life, what all resources can I refer to for continuous upskilling? I’d like to have sky as the limit here and would appreciate any help!


Can anyone please refer me for SAP Basis role.
Relevant Experience: 3 yrs 5 months
Current CTC: 8 lpa
I will attach my resume in inbox.
Thank you in advance 😊


Anyone have any insight into accounting advisory at GT? Got contacted for an interview and was curious what people had to say about the firm and position


Hey! I’m a Corporate Banking Analyst covering primarily TMT and eventually want to make a switch to a Media / Tech company in a Strategy role (GTM, DTC, etc.). Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck finding any resources regarding compensation at these types of firms. I was wondering if it would be a better idea if I stay in my current position until I get promoted to associate before I make the switch (if it helps getting more comp) or should I make the move after one year mark?


Hello everyone,

I am currently a HR Generalist for a small aerospace company, located in CA. I have been in a generalist role for a little over 4 years now and before that, I did recruiting/safety for about 3 years. I am now looking into getting my HR Certification, but am stuck in between the PHR-CA or the SHRM-CP. Does anyone have any recommendations they can give me?


What does it even mean now to work “in tech”. I feel like people are over romanticizing the “in tech” part to mean working any job in a tech company or the IT department of a company, when I think it should be more towards people in product, design, engineering, and maybe corporate strategy, etc. I’m not trying to gatekeep anyone, but I feel like this is problematic because it bleeds into stuff like “the prestige working in FAANG” but one is in a non-tech role or lower requirement role.


Hey all, new to this bowl. Currently a Tech Recruiter and eventually want to make the transition into a HRBP or HR Generalist role. Would love to hear from anyone who started in recruiting then transitioned into another area of HR. Have been thinking of either working on PHR certification or MBA with focus in HR mgt. Thanks!


Hey guys,

Looking for a referral at
Amdocs for .Net Developer Role (Microsoft stack).

Serving Notice period and in Last month of NP.

Thanks in advance.


Hi - new to fishbowl. Was recently laid off and wondering if there are recruiters in NYC that people have used for finding a new CRM position? Thx in advance!

Does anyone find it annoying in an elevator where the men wait until you leave first? Like 3 men and i all get off at the same stop but they all wait for me to exit first. Am i being dramatic?


EY Hiring alert

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No job at the moment
Kindly refer me 🙏🏼
Role: Project Manager
Domain: Software/Finance
Yoe: 7


Starting interview process with home depot, canada for Sr SAP ABAP developer role. Any experience, guidance or tips to share on how to prepare folks?


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Why is MSFT down when it has massively beat expectations?


It’s not a Maserati or a 911, but just bought my first car entirely on my own (24yo). 2018 Passat R-Line. Let’s hear it for all the mid level car owners here

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Hi Fatalities,

Has anyone given Fractal certified Data analyst(power -bi).
I have recently joined Fractal. Just wanted to know how is the test?
Thanks in advance.


Does Adobe provides travel allowances for daily commute?


Hi what is the salary slab for Senior Associate 2 in PWC SDC?


Would it be good to have a candid conversation with my coach about whether I should stay at GT or leave?

Basically I'm a S3 who is hoping to be promoted to manager in six months.

I have my CPA and have gotten positive feedback but I still worry that I'm going to be held back.

It's simple. If I'll be a manager, I'll stay. Otherwise, it's time for me to move on.

I feel like I'm more in the dark especially with our firm cutting mid year roundtables.


What credit card offers the best points?

null Can anyone let me know how long it takes to receive Fnf from EXL? My last working day was 9 September but I haven't received it yet. EXL Exl Pvt Ltd

Carnivorous lunar activities

Has anyone tried l-theanine supplements for stress/anxiety/focus? Did it work?


Hi Everyone, I have recently received my PR and am planning to land in Canada by September end. Please let me know if there are any job vacancies available for .net full stack developer that you can refer me too. Thanks in advance


How are people networking in the entertainment law space during covid? Mainly curious about the music industry.


How much of in hand per month should I expect with:
Base - 17.4LPA
PF - 83K
Gratuity - 33K payable after 4 yrs



Hi Fishes,
I have been selected in IBM ISL. How much I can ask for 7 years experienced ?
CCTC - 14.3 LPA
Tech - EDI Implementation specialist


Is anyone else having a hard time finding an entry/mid level marketing position? Does anyone have any recommendations?


Has anyone seen Liberty Mutual’s Q2 Net Loss of $343 Million? Do you think it’s related to their CEO retiring this year? Thoughts?? Just curious to hear what’s your take on this.

What’s the easiest Oracle cert? I have experience as a PTP lead and RTR lead


Anyone going to Whistler this weekend?

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Hi folks, I've been offered for the role of devsecops engineer at cisco. I have put my resignation last day is on October and my current company is asking if i could consult for them on hourly basis if possible. I thought of asking my cisco HR but thought I could ask here. Is there any constraints which stops us from consulting? Will it conflict with the cisco contractual policies? Any leads would be appreciated.


Can anyone give me review of appdynamics?

What is the average pay offered by Cisco for the role software engineer with 4.5yrs of experience.. and how is the learning curve and the growth opportunities
#testautomation skillset

I am having client round with Cisco as a angular developer.

Please suggest what type of questions they will ask.

Hi, I'll soon be joining Cisco. Is Cisco Bangalore currently providing reimbursement for WFH setup? Also is transport facility active now?
BU is devx.

Thanks in advance. Cisco


Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me with the referral for Front end developer role at
Cisco .

There is a Job opening available in the carrer portal.

How is Customer experience BU in Cisco?


Hi, can anyone provide me a referal, for frontend developer position

Currently on np and i am really interested to join Cisco

Could anyone please provide me a referral for the ServiceNow developer role at Cisco? Total IT Experience: approx 8 years, Relevant Experience: 7 years.

About to join Cisco in some time, can someone please share which laptop & what goodies will they provide? Also, do I have to go to office to collect the same as I am in same location.

I have interview scheduled for senior software engineer role(exp- ~8years) at cisco. What should I expect in the interview, dsa algo is also asked, how many rounds?
skill - java, aws, microservices


Hi, fishes,
I am currently planning to switch from TCS to CiSCO , will directly applying in the career page is enough to bag a test or interview call, or referral is must,

How good your resume has to be to get a call from cisco after applying in career page. Thanks


How long it takes to hear back from Cisco after 1st technical round

Hello fishes!

Is Cisco India a good company to join? Especially for a Software Engineering role.

TIA :)


Got an email for CTC restructuring. updated letter is not shared yet, any idea what changes have been made to variable component?


Does cisco India have their own PF trust or is it EPFO..govt's only


Anyone from CISCO bangalore Finance team. Looking for an employee referral.