Hello friends

Joined in IBM 10 months ago and I would like to get certified in SAP . What is the procedure to be followed. How I can do

Seeking your valuable advice.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Check with your pme to nominate you for sap certification then they will guide you further on this


Any suggestions please

SAP certifications are now available to be self nominated.. You can once check with pem

They will send you the link once the request is approved.. You will be directly able to schedule ur exam

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Hello everyone! I am looking for advice. I am a C&B Team lead ( about 15 years of experience) but all my experience was in Russia. Now I got married and moved to UK , plus we have got a baby in 2019 so now I am looking for a job in UK having 3 years of career break. Although, I am getting CIPD lvl 7 diploma this year. I am not ready for team leader's role now . So my question is about HR area, where could I find a job with my only Russian experience? HR generalist, C&B analyst, HR BP, recruiter?


I have 7 plus experience in c++. I am trying new job within Chennai location but I am getting 1 or 2 interview calls for a month. I know c++ is old language and openings are very less and competitor people also less.
Shall learn new courses like AWS... its totally different from my experience I am not sure it will help to my career.

Could you please suggest shall I continue with c++ or shall I go with other platforms. Since I am getting very low package.


Evaluating an offer from doordash (finally an exit!) Flat TC move, individual contributor, special projects. At current firm, I’m a top performer, and am on target for promotion to PM in 1 year.

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Hi all,
Please help me understand if I should accept this position or not?
I was working as a regular staff therapist for 2 years at an assisted living when just 2 weeks back the HR approached me with an offer to work at a newly opened senior living, so basically I will helping them set up that location from scratch, open it and get it running. For doing all this they have not even clearly offered me a promotion, raise or a change in position. What should I do?

Please help🙏🏻


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Hi Fishes,

Please help me decide from the below offers -

Atlassian - 54 lpa base + 10% variable + stocks
Suse - 58 lpa + 5 lpa jb + stocks
Instabase - 60 lpa base + stocks
Mongodb - 55 lpa base + stocks

cctc - 42 lpa base + 11% variable
yoe - 4
Tech stack - DevOps/SRE

My priority is career growth and wlb both


Hii Sharks,
I'm a year old in this corporate world and I'm working in a non tech field.
I heard the rumours that growth is not a function of time in this field. You wont be paid much as compared to the techies.

Should i switch to tech and start learning coding?

Please help...

Hi Fishes, I need help in understanding hierarchy structure in Wells Fargo
What is BSC 3? What is it equivalent to in other companies in general?


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Dear friends,
if there is any job in marketing and branding profile please let me know

I have 6.6 years of experience and have handled more then 14 brands , content strategy, branding, SEO and all online and offline marketing and communications.

please help 🙏

open for all the locations in India

I will be thankful to you all🙏


Ocean kumar


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Hey everyone. Unfortunately, I was laid off this week. I was in corporate operations for a healthcare company. My job entailed negotiating contracts and other things with stakeholders and lots of data analysis for tracking ITP . If anyone could help me out that would be really appreciated. Thank you.


Have you enjoyed working in UI/UX/Product design for a startup? Why or why not?


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Experience - 1.5 Years
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American Express


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If someone tells me to make my headlines punchier, after three rounds with no additional insight, that gives me permission to punch them, right?


Hello everyone! I am looking for advice. I am a C&B Team lead ( about 15 years of experience) but all my experience was in Russia. Now I got married and moved to UK , plus we have got a baby in 2019 so now I am looking for a job in UK having 3 years of career break. Although, I am getting CIPD lvl 7 diploma this year. I am not ready for team leader's role now . So my question is about HR area, where could I find a job with my only Russian experience? HR generalist, C&B analyst, HR BP, recruiter?


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Additional Posts in IBM GBS

I am paying rent 5500 per month in flat. Can we declare 8000/ month for HRA. Since it is adding pan card of owner is mandatory.Not aware of the process. Over here. Do we need to add original details in hra declaration?

Is it mandatory to return IBM badge. I have been only asked to return the laptop. There is no info about badge submission.


Does anyone know if 4th and 5th November are holidays in IBM Bangalore?

8 year android. current 16 ctc.
ibm offer 7b and 20. is it low? can i negotiate without counter offer?


I have offer letter from IBM. IBM HR is continuously calling and asking to join 'Know your IBM' session. Is it a compulsion to join the session before joining the company? If i join the 'Know your IBM' session, would it be compulsory to join IBM further?

*Urgent* IBM HR has shared the mcq questions link powered by hackerank for angular developer. Please help me on this.

Will the screen be monitored?
What kind of questions were there.
From where to prepare? IBM


Guys what could be my in hand salary.

Post Photo

I have got an email from IBM regarding Compensation Discussion Documents after completing technical discussion. I've competed PDM discussion as well. Does this mail mean I'm shortlisted?

Hello All, I am business analyst having about 5 plus years of experience in retail banking- payments and cards I have an offer with Luxoft as a consultant for 15 LPA and IBM as a advisory cosultant for 17.67 LPA both of them are fixed pay. Can someone help me the pros and cons of both the organization and also which organisation to choose so that my career growth would be steady
Please clarify what is the role and responsibilities of Advisory cosultant 7A band

Got ibm offer but it's a different location from my city and they said its banking project so have to report to office soon. Any options to get role / project in my city itself without losing this offer ?


Anyone appeared for IBM devops interview recently?


May i know whether in IBM We have any master health checkup claims for parents


Hi Sharks,

Please tell me in the in-hand salary for below. It's ugent , plz guys.


Post Photo

current ctc 16.0
yeo 8
how much can ibm offer? can i get 7b?



Ibm has offered 25lpa. I have a counter offer from epam systems of 27lpa with 50k joining bonus.

Can ibm revise my offer letter to match? Ni joining bonus by ibm

I will also need relocation assistance or bonus as I will be moving to diff state. Nothing is mentioned in offer letter.

Yoe 6.8
Cctc 16.7


What is the max package offered for lead level role and my technology stack is oracle apps dba with 9yoe?


How's ROBERT BOSCH for SAP Senior functional consultant role ?
YOE 6.