Hello Geeks, please help me choose.

HP Enterprise: 30 LPA Fixed, 3 L Joining Bonus, Bangalore. Work with Go Scala, Apache Spark

Synechron: 33 LPA, Hyderabad, work with Java, Spring Boot, MongoDB

Last CTC: 21 LPA
YOE: 11 years

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Congratulations on getting these offers.
I had seen one post where someone was praising HPE for its employee friendly environment. So check Glassdoor , AmbitionBox reviews and see how the situation in the company.
Compensation wise I think these both are average as there are plenty of product company who provide 40+ package for your YOE .

Hpe stack is better and also cpany

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Hi Fishes,
My YOE is 11.5 and I am Cloud Architect.
I have 2 offers
Siemens- 34LPA
Deloitte- 35 LPA.
Both joining projects are similar to Research to department.
What factor should I consider in choosing the company.

PS: Deloitte is near to my home.


Salary interview question. Been talking to recruiters and they always ask me about salary (what I'm making/what I would like to be paid). Currently making $76k as a SA1. 2 questions
(1) Should I be rounding & say I make $80k or be transparent at exactly what I'm making
(2) How do you know what to ask for? For ex, been seeing posts on Siegfried Group with ppl saying they make $100k. Should I be asking for that initially? I don't want to seem like a gold digger but also don't want to aim low


What is EY senior manager salary? EY


Hi All,

How is Nagarro in terms of job security & long term?


So I’m getting checked because I possibly have an ulcer. It has been a crazy stressful week... can I claim worker’s compensation??


What level is an Analyst role and what is the pay band at this level?

Can anyone give some insights on this


Hi Fishes,
I have an offer with
Accenture and Capgemini. In Accenture it's a pool hire (team lead position with 6year experience) whereas in Capgemini it's for a project(senior consultant). Is it safe to join Accenture without project at this time? Will I get a project matching to my skill set in Accenture? AccentureAccenture India


Any thoughts on THE BROOKLYN BROTHERS? What’s their NY office like?


Anybody here working at BCIT?

Consequences of not completing Mandatory e-learn trainings in PwC


Can anyone tell what package Accenture can offer for the role of Linux administrator with 2 years of experience?


Hello all,

Just curious to know does Uber hire recruiters on their payroll or on third party payroll?

Is it okay to take up an opportunity with Uber of it is third party payroll on Quess Corp.?

Role: Technical Recruiter


How good is KPMG India in M&A Post merger integration

Does TCS renegotiate salary after initial offer was accepted?
I got 17.5 LPA offer from TCS and 26 LPA from Intellect Design Arena.
Will TCS negotiate to 27 LPA or more?


How important is hitting your utilization at Salesforce? Been waiting five weeks for a SOW to sign and my útil is now below target... will I be let go at the end of the year?


Hi fishes,

I have offer from IBM & Accenture with same package 12lpa with 3+ yoe. And band/level are as below.

IBM - 6B
Accenture -10

Which is better to choose for SAP functional for better WLB and career growth.


As a SAP functional consultant, which company is better to join considering Work life balance and projects (s/4 HANA implementation)? PwC India or Accenture
I have offer in both the organization where pwc offers 1L more than Accenture.


Did Saxo Bank in Gurgaon offered 21 LPA to fresher Business Analyst MBA in 2021. Saxo Bank? What is the break-up of 21 LPA?


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Is it true that Accenture allows work from any of the 8 office location ?


I have a new job offer closer to home and higher salary. The new employer wants me to start asap. I will not be able to provide a full 2 weeks notice. What should I do. I feel really bad leaving my current employer with only 1 week notice. Any suggestions?


For new joiners, is it onsite onboarding already in India?


Are innovation/design thinking skills in demand for strategy roles? Interested in seeing what opportunities are out there


മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ മക്കളെ


Should I renege offer from MBB?

An MBA recent grad. I signed with MBB last year. However, I have always wanted to do tech PM. I couldn’t find PM job in Fall and just signed MBB offer I have. I recently got an FAANG offer. It’s PM function, hard to break in with consulting experience. I declined the new offer during interview stage and again after they gave me initial offer, but it is coming back with 80k more in annual compensation. It made me so torn!! Should I renege MBB offer?


How is EY GDS for long term? At a Manager level and beyond. Genuine responses.
Aware that hikes and bonuses are superb.


Best bar to watch USA soccer?


Engineers, have you ever regretted accepting a promotion to management? What should I consider before saying yes?


ICP ACC April Batch

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Can someone give me a referral? I have the job ID


I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately but been feeling really down about myself. I had a rough start to the year and went through therapy for a few months. The emotions aren’t as (con’t)


Question of the week (pick 1 or both)

What was your path into the entertainment industry?

What did you start as and what do you do now?

Trying to make an =if formula (but open to other ideas) where a "point" is given for every criteria met.
as an example
if the account spent +1000 in Q2 it'd gain one "point"
then if it spent +1000 in Q3 it'd be another "point"
If it met both of those criteria, the cell would = 2. If it only met one, then it'd = 1

Ideally I'd like to have 7-8 criteria points

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks !


God help us🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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Last week I have done with 2nd technical round (after 1st technical) with capgemini followed by HR discussion on same day and HR discussed about salary and notice period everything asked me to keep all documents ready. .. But it's been 1 week still didn't get any call or email from CG for documents requiment Or confirmation. HR saying that its still under approval.. What does it mean?

What can I assume? And usually how many days it takes after HR discussion? If anyone guide


Can you make the switch to another company’s legal team if you have been working in house but on an employee relations team? Almost Everyone on the ER team is an attorney and it’s more legal than HR based.


Does Bain and BCG have the same Business Analyst —> Engagement Manager direct promote in 3 years for top performers?


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Anyone from OpenText? What technologies are used in OpenText Cloud Fax Product? I'm in offer discussion phase for Sr. QA...@OpenText


Referral alert!

MakeMyTrip is hiring for various roles:

Job roles(skills)

- Java
- Python
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- Data Engineering
- Data Science
- Golang
- Android
- QA
- UX
- React
- DevOps
dm/email ->

Minimum experience required: 3+ years

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I interviewed at Walmart for in4 position, I cleared 3 technical rounds on Friday, and my managerial round happened on Monday, my interview was average for the managerial round. From that day onwards I am trying to get my feedback for the managerial round but the HR keeps telling me that they have not received it yet from the manager. It has been more than 5 working days. Should, I assume that I got rejected??

Hi folks,

I am having 5 yrs experience
Cituis =16lpa
Congnizant 15lpa

Job title :team lead android

Please help how to deal with infosis HR
She is saying we have 12.7lpa budget .if agree ok other wise i drop your profile. NO JOINING bonus avaiable .

My preference is infosis due to location.

Need help !!

Hi Fishes,

I have offers from below companies.
Which is best in terms of growth, job security and wlb.



Greetings to all.
I have three proposals.
The first is a 40lpa in Citibank,pune,india, while the second is an 80000 Euro in ,berlin,Germany and third one is at my home location ,ahmedabad 45 lpa in Capgemini.
I need your guidance on which option I should choose.


Hi Guys,
Which company is good between Honeywell, Jio, Miel, Motorola solutions?

Please let me know your valuable inputs.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Fishes,
Got offer from below companies. Please suggest me to choose between them in terms of work life balance
1. Renault nissan(RNTBCI) -9.5LPA ( 5% variable )
2. Tata elxsi - 9.6 LPA fixed
3. Johnson Electric - 10 LPA fixed

Tech stack - Automotive software development
YOE - 4.2

Thanks in advance


What are the perks or benefits we get in ADP ?


Is there any other company that checks bgv only for the last 3 jobs? Like IBM.

I have Infosys offer 17 lpa and 15 % variable pay and Mphasis 20 lpa 5%=variable pay for which one is good for job security and bench policy good. Where I should be join plz help me


Hello, how is osttra in terms of work culture and job security. I am aware that its a Joint venture of two good companies(SP Global and CME group) but still aa its a newly formed separate company so any suggestion about job security and work env.


I got selected in a product base company, i have 5+ years of experience as a software developer and my current CTC is 14 LPA in Hyderabad,
the point is selected company was located in Bangalore and my friend told me that cost of living is High in Bangalore and I was not sure about how much I can ask for raise salary discussion?? I don't wanna be lowbailed.. Can you guys pls help!!!


For a 10 yoe , azure data engineer role which is best LTI or xebia or HCL ?

HCL Technologies LTI Information Technology Xebia


Please help me decide between below 2 offers in VLSI domain.

I am working as a Design verification engineer and 4 years experienced.

1) Nvidia 25l base + 7 sign on bonus + 60l of stock bonus(vesting 1/4 per year)

2) Marvell 30l base + 14l sign on bonus + 30l of stock bonus (1/4 per year)

Both companies are good in WLB and projects.

Comparatively NVIDIA is top in industry and projects will be better than Marvell. And Marvell is seems to be better in WLB than Nvidia.

Please help me to decide


Hi Fishes,

Please help me decide from the below offers -

Atlassian - 54 lpa base + 10% variable + stocks
Suse - 58 lpa + 5 lpa jb + stocks
Instabase - 60 lpa base + stocks
Mongodb - 55 lpa base + stocks

cctc - 42 lpa base + 11% variable
yoe - 4
Tech stack - DevOps/SRE

My priority is career growth and wlb both